Summer 2023 - Sevilla FC Transfer Rumors

New Gnagnon.

Too skinny to be Gnagnon. :wink:

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Doesn’t look like Gnagnon even played this season.


Ok, now we’re talking! I haven’t seen Ellyes Skhiri recently, but from watching him play with the Tunisia NT, he’s an organizing DM that is good on the ball. The fact he’d be a free transfer is perfect. Just need to secure that CL spot and we’re a better looking landing spot for our targets.


It would be crowded with him, Fernando, Gudelj, and Gueye (if he returns). Unless we are just considering Gudelj to be a full time CB at this point.


Rumours about Koundé being on his way out of barça already. With one of the reasons being he’s right back more often than he likes. It keeps getting funnier. Seems like a life long dream to play there is worth nothing in the end huh?


Suppose I’m living in fantasy land to hope he may return to us?


There’s rumors that we have a pre-contract signed with Andoni Iraola to take over from next season.

However, this pre-contract was signed before we appointed Mendi and now things have changed. I would personally keep Mendi for at least 1 more season… the guy deserves a full season with the club, no matter what happens now. He has proved himself in a short period of time and shown football cleverness + desire to achieve a lot here.


That’s a tough one. Mendi deserves the chance, but Iraola is a highly touted young manager, we would probably kick ourselves to let him off the hook so to speak.


Difficult decision, up to the board, but I’d go with Iraola eventho Mendi deserves it. Unless Andoni wants to bring in too much Vallecano players (other rumour) which is just a wrong start and wrong signal for team balance in my opinion.

I don’t like breaking the pre agreement if that’s true. Also next year will be heavy rebuilding. Mendi seems to be to work really well with what’s a hand and is probably the easiest option.

Just the unspoken effect of age gap and authority figure is worth valueing eventho it shouldn’t matter much it’s definitely there.

Also a lot will depend on the result of the Roma game, of how our future perspective, transfer options and finances will be looking like for the near future.


Heard a hot take the other day that Monchi’s summer window (Isco, Januzaj, Dolberg) was worst than what he did at Roma.

Is there a case to be made?

Considering Isco, Januzaj and Dolberg were all free transfers; Very low risk, we got no reward, it do be like that sometimes. Nobody would’ve batted an eye about these transfers if they did not have the ‘big names’. The only thing I would consider poor peformance is the fact he barely covered our dire defender need that summer.


I mean why not… right?

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Guy scores screamers but Oscar can probably do the same, also I’m not sure why he’s not a starter for Madrid, he can’t do 90 or isn’t up to it quality wise? Still another winger or attacking midfielder is not a priority right now.

On the manager situation, Mendi should get one more season and only heard about Iraola here, would the latter be a good shout if he can bring Fran Garcia? Diego Martinez is a free agent after being sacked by Espanyol but Sevilla probably won’t go for him right now.

Just wanted to give my view on Gueye, started brightly but has already got himself sent off 3 times, he can be rash at times and if Sevilla want him back next season he cannot be the only reinforcement in midfield, should try to lower his price in negotiations if possible.

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If Atleti want to loan us João Felix next season I won’t complain given Pocchetino has said he doesn’t want him at Chelsea. :sweat_smile:

Rumors are that guy is joining up with Emery.

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anyone else see this?ïc_badé_to_dof_monchi_please_buy/


Yeah someone shared it somewhere