Pre-Season Thread (EL Qualies + Friendlies)


Vamos!, get in!!




Better than I expected. Front 3 and Navas looking good. Mesa’s been kind of anonymous. Gomez has looked shaky. Kjaer cutting everything out.


Very happy with our 1st half performance! Was kicking every ball and praying we would get in 1-0 at half time. Bloody Messi again, I wish he’d leave La Liga lol. Grr!

However, we defended well and Look dangerous on the counter. We right in this, Barca are favourites but we not making it easy and we will have our chances to win this! Vamos!


I like the way we’re breaking forward. Muriel has looked decent with Sarabia up front. We sat deep for the most part which led to Barça dominating possession and creating several chances. I’m sure we’ll see more attacks from Sevilla with the score now tied 1-1.


We held Barca back fairly well defensively, though we were under pressure. We need to put Muriel upfield, even when Barca have a corner, this way they have to retain 2 defenders upfield and then they and can’t pressure Sevilla so much (tactic Mourinho).

When Sevilla get upfield they create more danger than Barca can with the intense pressure.

But all the crowd are for Barca so it’s like a home game.


We could win this.


Vaclik stunning double save


Ben Yedder picks a shitty time to finally miss a penalty.


Well Messi doesn’t score. it’s almost a victory. Sevilla can compete at his level, good.


You know if we had scored that penalty he would have come down and scored


I’m happy with our performance! It took 2 world class Barca goals to defeat us! We look much better under Machín. Better defensively, more organised and better pattern of play. We looked a threat on the counter and we attacked well. We still need another striker and midfielder but if we can perform like that we will go far! Vamos Sevilla!


Promising goalkeeper, promising defense and promising midfield. Unpromising attack.

Won’t comment on Andre Silva just yet (although it felt like he didn’t touch the ball at all for 30 mins), but I really think WBY can’t add anything to our game with this system - not only because he lost the penalty, that happens. He lacks the pace (which is a must for our play under Machin) and doesn’t have enough threat in the box (on crosses and such). I’d say keep Muriel and let WBY go if we’re going to sign another striker, or keep WBY as a third choice (sorry Edinho :stuck_out_tongue:)

Let’s pass Zalgiris on Thursday and then think of starting the season in a good foot (vs. Gijon).



Vaclik showing what a decent goalie can mean for a club. We haven’t had one since… not sure!


An encouraging display I thought.
Sarabia is on fire and playing in a more forward role seems to really suit him. (maybe we already have our target man?) Muriel looks far better as a provider rather than the receiver and the defence is looking solid with a good goalkeeper behind them .
My one criticism is what on earth was Banega thinking in making that tackle that led to the free kick from which Barca scored?

Glad that it didn’t go to extra time with our game coming up on Thursday and we finally stopped Messi from scoring.


EL 3rd Round Qualifying (2nd leg) vs Zalgiris :lithuania::

1st leg result: Sevilla 1 - 0 Zalgiris

Gómez - Carriço - Gnagnon
Aleix - Amadou - Banega - Escudero
Sarabia - Nolito
Ben Yedder

¡Vamos muchachos!


Poor Escudero can’t get a rest due to non-pacey Arana. We need a pacey LB ASAP!


Vamos Sevilla!


1-0 to us!! Sarabia the provider for nolito! Nice start!


Pay Sarabia before the plane even leaves Lithuania