Pre-Season Thread (EL Qualies + Friendlies)


Hi Brian, agree about the Rico flaps, he’d gone back to punching now he’s reverted to flapping again.

Machin is big on diagonal balls that are often sailing over WBY. When they are in the box they are cutting out WBY and favouring the far post player. He’s just not getting the same possession now, well spotted.


One thing that I’ve missed since… can’t remember when (or if at all) is the note-keeping of Machin. I just hope that it’s not the typical note-keeping of Mourinho that doesn’t produce any results or not change anything. In overall so far, it seems that Machin is serious, compared to the likes of Berizzo, Montella etc.


Very true ShendM! The early signs are promising from Pablo! We are in a new era with new manager and new director and new signings.

It was great to see sarabia and Muriel play well and score. We need to old guard to step up and also the new signings to make an impact.

We have a busy schedule coming up but it can come with an advantage. Might help us be match hard for the start of La Liga. Bring on the next games! Vamos Sevilla!


Quite a turn of acceleration by Muriel, reminded me of Ronaldo (the bald fat one) but Muriel can’t finish like Ronaldo could. I’m still inclined to give him another chance but I’m a hopeless optimist at times.


We’re so starved for pace that he has to play.


The absence of pace from Navas was quite absent in the second leg. We seem to do better on the right flank now with Vidal and Navas, but the left is still not sorted.


Starting XI vs Extremadura:

Berrocal - Kjær - Gnagnon
Navas - RoqueMesa - Amadou - Arana
Nolito - Muriel

Friendly vs a side just promoted to the segunda. Streaming only on SFC TV.


EL 3rd Round Qualifying (1st leg) vs Zalgiris :lithuania::

Berrocal - Carriço - Gnagnon
Aleix - Amadou - Banega - Arana
Pejiño - Nolito
Ben Yedder


Nice goal from Banega. Arana… not sure why he’s still here?


only tuned in for 2nd half, not very impressed with what I am seeing… we must put this game beyond reach and whatever we do DON’T CONCEDE an away goal


Nolito offers nothing, he is a shadow of the player he once was


Not a bit convincing. A few players do not deserve the shirt for the 2018-19 season I’m afraid.


My thoughts for what they’re worth.

Berrocal did not convince me at all that he is nearly good enough for the first team,
Nolito is too eager to impress, if only he would take a second to look up before he shoots he could be a lot better.
I’m not impressed by Gnagnon so far.
It was a excellent free kick by Banega that Messi would have been proud of.
Man of the match for me was their goalkeeper he made 4 or 5 excellent saves.
Ganso showed touches as to why he should be in the starting 11 every week.

I’m not overly concerned re our progression next week, when you take into account the players we didn’t use such as Navas, Mercardo, Escudero, Roque Mesa and Kjær for example we should have few problems getting the result needed.
Oh and I wish I could slap that smile from Muriel every time he fails to shoot on target

It will be interesting to see the team selection against Barca on Sunday, hopefully we should see what Machin considers to be his best 11.


Best 11 right now is probably

Mercado Kjaer Amadou
Navas Nzonzi Banega Escudero
Sarabia Vidal
Ben Yedder

But Nolito probably has Vidal’s spot for now. Nzonzi will probably get sold so Mesa may take his place. And then that’s not a very good team.


Great goal by Banega yesterday. The rest of the highlights looked painfully similar to last year with lots of missed chances. Need a real forward


:es: SUPERCUP IN TANGIER :morocco:

Starting XI:

Mercado - Kjær - Sergi Gómez
Navas - Mesa - Banega - Escudero
Sarabia - Mudo


So much for Machin not seeing Muriel as a striker…

Bench is Soriano, Carrico, Amadou, Nolito, Andre Silva, WBY and Vidal

No Nzonzi, Gnangon, Corchia, Ganso, Arana, Pareja or Pejino


Vamos Sevilla! Let’s do this!


Don’t know anyone going to the final, normally 14-17 of the family. Plenty of Spanish going for the occasion. but not Biris.

Some very concerned comments from the Sevillistas, don’t think we are up to the job yet.

We’ll know soon enough.


WTF. That’s a clear goal.