Manchester United Away - Champions League Last 16 - 2nd Leg


Monchi’s Men trip to the quarters?? Holy shit we did it. This is amazing. VA-fucking-MOS!!


holy shit guys. Congratulations to every single one of you!


Unbelievable! Thank you Sevilla, congrats fellow Sevillistas!

This is what this club is made of… MAGIC!


Nunca se rinde.


Fantastic achievement to make history and reach the quarters! Did not expect that, WBY the hero! Nzonzi was immense! You just never know what Sevilla is gonna turn up.

What a strange season. We were lucky to qualify and compared to past seasons this looked the most unlikely that was we would get to the last 8. Other seasons we looked more likely and blew it! You just never know!


Roma would be nice for round of 8!


first post on here since 0-0


What a goal from Ben Yedder, MONTELLA you must start him!

What a glorious night for the club. History has been made. Montella I now believe in you (slightly more)


Ben Yed, Nzonzi, Lenglet en su salsa

where is Brian? Saludos a los monchis


Hhahahha! Don’t be greedy now :stuck_out_tongue:


This team makes no sense. What a fucking win. Ben Yedder is the best striker in the world in CL matches.


y por eso que hoy vengo verte










I’m here. Just got home from my local Sevilla Peña bar where I watched the game on TV, my voice is almost gone and I’m certain of a headache in the morning :grinning:

I started the game just hoping that we would not be humiliated,:pray: then after surviving the first 20 mins onslaught went to thinking that maybe we could do this, Manure didn’t look all that good , their fans were starting to moan a bit, 2,000 Sevillistas were alltogether far louder than the 74,000 “plastics” and we looked comfortable during the first half.

We were all crying out for Ben Yedder to make an appearance in the 2nd half and what a difference he made scoring after only 2 mins of entering the field. When he scored the 2nd goal we were home and dry and the party really started :balloon:
Looking forward to reading the English press online in the morning.
we get yet another night to enjoy CL football at the RSP.
What a night, Lenglet was a rock at the back, man of the match for me.


Well I think you have to give it to WBY for winning the game, but Lenglet was fucking massive!


Lenglet was huge… but for me it was NZonzi. His protecting of the back four was immense. Without him United would have had a lot more chances… credit to Montella he watched the game against Liverpool and how Lukaku flicked on and open up the game against them and stuck NZonzi in the perfectly to protect. Good management.

Of course WBY is the hero… i did think the defence in general played well and were well drilled into how to beat this United attack.

Our midfield won the battle easily… NZonzi 90 odd passes mainly forwards and Banega 80 odd also mainly forward pushing us constantly into their ground… Utd matic had 50 odd all sideways and fellaini less than 30!

MOM NZonzi for me
Hero WBY
Unsung Heros: the back four led by Lenglet
Montella out managed mourinho!


Anyone else having a great morning?



Great win everyone and another monumental occasion to win in the theatre of dreams. Looking forward to the next round! On our day we can more than match anyone.

Montella has made a difference, he has got certain players playing really well. We just need more belief and we can progress. We have an amazing squad with good depth. From now till the end of the season, there is so much to play for! A cup final, top 4 and the CL!

Great to see the enthusiam and top quality comments on the site as always! Dare we dream…