Manchester United Away - Champions League Last 16 - 2nd Leg


Some quotes from the English press.

“On paper - United should be in the draw for the last eight.
On grass, they were nowhere near”

“Faced with a relatively kind draw, United’s players looked consumed by fear - all but devoid of ideas”.

“Mourinho is starting to look like a washed-up rock star, one of those guys that goes around holiday hotels for pensioners playing old hits on an organ with the base and the percussion playing on a tape recorder.”

It was almost like Jose Mourinho didn’t care.

Manchester United had just exited the Champions League in the meekest fashion and the team’s manager dealt with it with a shrug of the shoulders.

“It’s not the end of the world,” he said.

“I did my best, the players did their best. We tried, we lost,” . “That’s football.”

“United’s supporters did not have much to cheer about but the 2,200 travelling Sevilla fans kept up a barrage of sound throughout the game”

“The United fans sometimes get criticised for not getting behind their team but on Tuesday the team did not give them anything to get on their feet and cheer about and, other than the Sevilla fans, I have never known Old Trafford so quiet in my life”.

“United did not lay a glove on a team they should be beating”



This guy’s in pain :joy::joy::joy: (from 9 mins in it gets better.& better



Vamos mi Sevilla!