Manchester United Away - Champions League Last 16 - 2nd Leg


At 40 mins, Sevilla losing a bit of control but it’s clear that Manure will push in these last 5 mins of first half


NZonzi playing well, Rico good save… our midfield is on top I feel but we struggle in around the 18 yard box to really test de gea. Muriel needs to make more of his chances… Vazquez losing the ball a lot.


Nzonzi’s best first half ever.

Chris, the ref is guaranteed Manure, still hasn’t played his cards.

0-0 halftime


I think the shots are made to avoid the risk of losing possession when they’re defending with 5 players. So you either hit or miss, but you won’t give them anything to build on. I’d say not a bad tactic if that’s truly the case.


I can’t see a lot wrong with our strategy, winning a lot of possession from failed attacks, it’s a question of how we use the counter attack. Now, as each minute passes we need a goal, because if Manure score we have less time to equalise.


Agreed on that. We need to capitalize on their mistakes, but we’re definitely not doing that so far.

Going by the first half, we were literally not dangerous at all, just dominating a bit. Meanwhile, whenever they have the ball and enter our box, it’s automatically chaos, and this is just what Mourinho wants.


Lenglet has been massive!


True, I saw a massive interception from a centre, got there before Lukaku by throwing his legs forward. Kjaer is a worry though, when Lenglet goes forward.


Should have been a goal there. Terrible by Correa! Damn


If we score it could well be a shot by Sarabia


Not a foul! Damn it this ref


Correa should have scored! Wide open!

Bullshit foul on NZonzi.


I’m usually more in favor of Muriel over WBY but why doesn’t Montella make the switch? Muriel is doing nothing.


WBY would have scored that! Damn it.


Agree WBY would have scored by now… Muriel is offering little other than losing possession


Old Trafford is silent! haha Except for the Sevilla Fans!


This game is begging for WBY!


Goooooaaaaaallllllllll WBY!!!

Been asking for him and he delivered!


And a second!! This is brilliant!!

We are 10 minutes from history