World Cup 2022 Discussion

Who are you rooting for?

Sevilla FC players
Argentina (provisional): Acuña, Montiel, Ocampos, Papu Gómez
Brazil: Telles
Denmark: Delaney, Dolberg
Morocco: Bono, En-Nesyri
Serbia (provisional): Dmitrovic, Gudelj


I’m the least chauvinistic due to generation from the past that I disliked, or maybe I just hate Orange, I couldn’t care less about Hollands performances. Countries I will cheer for and hope to do well, are Croatia and Uruguay. Costa Rica has my support too, precious country as well as lovely people and their group mate underdog Canada, which I think is awesome that they are in for the second time in history, hope one can upset, Spain or Germany, or both? :stuck_out_tongue:


Should we do a Monchi’s Men bracket and fantasy challenge?

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That would be fun. My work colleagues used this one:

I’d gladly make another one to compete against you punks! :joy:


Fifa has an official one too that you can create groups.

Argentina, Croatia and every nation that the MM family comes from and supports, like: USA, England, Canada etc.


Every African nation, and then maybe, Canada. :smile:


I’ve always had a soft spot for the Belgians, and I hope this could be a year where something gels in a way that it hasn’t always. I mean, Courtois, De Bruyne, Witsel, Carrasco, Lukaku, Hazard, etc. There’s plenty of talent there, they just need a bit of magic…

Personally, I’m hoping for a Portuguese :portugal: crash out in the group phase, an Ecuadorian :ecuador: miracle (or two), and a taste of the American dream :us: in action…in no particular order. Also hoping for an African :earth_africa: team other than Senegal :senegal: to have breakout surprise (or if Senegal does make magic, that it doesn’t come at the expense of Ecuador’s spot in the Round of 16). Would be more than happy for the African surprise to come from Morocco :morocco:, both because of orgullo sevillista :sevillafc: and because I’ve spent a lot of time in Morocco and love the country and the Moroccan people, who deserve some football pride this year. And if none of the African teams are able to move on, hopefully at least Tim Weah of USMNT, whose dad is President of Liberia :liberia: and former Ballon d’Or winner George Weah, can indirectly represent his father’s African continent in the elimination rounds.

Not as keen on my neighbors up north :canada: making it through, even though I generally support CONCACAF and CONMEBOL teams above all others (except Uruguay :uruguay:: you suck, you cheat, and never deserve to win anything! Just a reminder that they cheated BOTH to QUALIFY for the 2010 World Cup AND to beat Ghana DURING the 2010 World Cup). If anyone here is supporting Uruguay, you’re dead to me, btw


I’m actually a Welshman so will be supporting Wales in the World Cup, cheering them on against England!

I don’t expect anything. Just being in it for the first time in years is good enough for me. If they can get out of the group I’ll be happy and anything then is a bonus.

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Spain Brazil USA and loads more

The Americas will have to get up early

Match Group Time (ET) Venue
Qatar vs. Ecuador A 11:00 AM Al Bayt Stadium

Monday, November 21

Match Group Time (ET) Venue
Senegal vs. Netherlands A 5:00 AM Al Thumama Stadium
England vs. Iran B 8:00 AM Khalifa International Stadium
United States vs. Wales B 2:00 PM Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium

Tuesday, November 22

Match Group Time (ET) Venue
Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia C 5:00 AM Lusail Stadium
Denmark vs. Tunisia D 8:00 AM Education City
Mexico vs. Poland C 11:00 AM Stadium 974
France vs. Australia D 2:00 PM Al Janoub Stadium

Wednesday, November 23

Match Group Time (ET) Venue
Morocco vs. Croatia F 5:00 AM Al Bayt
Germany vs. Japan E 8:00 AM Khalifa Int’l
Spain vs. Costa Rica E 11:00 AM Al Thumama
Belgium vs. Canada F 2:00 PM Ahmad Bin Ali

Thursday, November 24

Match Group Time (ET) Venue
Switzerland vs. Cameroon G 5:00 AM Al Janoub
Uruguay vs. South Korea H 8:00 AM Education City
Portugal vs. Ghana H 11:00 AM Stadium 974
Brazil vs. Serbia G 2:00 PM Lusail

Friday, November 25

Match Group Time (ET) Venue
Wales vs. Iran B 5:00 AM Ahmad Bin Ali
Qatar vs. Senegal A 8:00 AM Al Thumama
Netherlands vs. Ecuador A 11:00 AM Khalifa Int’l
England vs. USA B 2:00 PM Al Bayt

Saturday, November 26

Match Group Time (ET) Venue
Tunisia vs. Australia D 5:00 AM Al Janoub
Poland vs. Saudi Arabia C 8:00 AM Education City
France vs. Denmark D 11:00 AM Stadium 974
Argentina vs. Mexico C 2:00 PM Lusail

Sunday, November 27

Match Group Time (ET) Venue
Japan vs. Costa Rica E 5:00 AM Ahmad Bin Ali
Belgium vs. Morocco F 8:00 AM Al Thumama
Croatia vs. Canada F 11:00 AM Khalifa Int’l
Spain vs. Germany E 2:00 PM Al Bayt

Monday, November 28

Match Group Time (ET) Venue
Cameroon vs. Serbia G 5:00 AM Al Janoub
South Korea vs. Ghana H 8:00 AM Education City
Brazil vs. Switzerland G 11:00 AM Stadium 974
Portugal vs. Uruguay H 2:00 PM Lusail

Tuesday, November 29

Match Group Time (ET) Venue
Netherlands vs. Qatar A 10:00 AM Al Bayt
Ecuador vs. Senegal A 10:00 AM Khalifa Int’l
Wales vs. England B 2:00 PM Ahmad Bin Ali
Iran vs. United States B 2:00 PM Al Thumama

Wednesday, November 30

Match Group Time (ET) Venue
Tunisia vs. France D 10:00 AM Education City
Australia vs. Denmark D 10:00 AM Al Janoub
Poland vs. Argentina C 2:00 PM Stadium 974
Saudi Arabia vs. Mexico C 2:00 PM Lusail

Thursday, December 1

Match Group Time (ET) Venue
Croatia vs. Belgium F 10:00 AM Ahmad Bin Ali
Canada vs. Morocco F 10:00 AM Al Thumama
Japan vs. Spain E 2:00 PM Khalifa Int’l
Costa Rica vs. Germany E 2:00 PM Al Bayt

Friday, December 2

Match Group Time (ET) Venue
South Korea vs. Portugal H 10:00 AM Education City
Ghana vs. Uruguay H 10:00 AM Al Janoub
Cameroon vs. Brazil G 2:00 PM Lusail
Serbia vs. Switzerland G 2:00 PM Stadium 974

Monchi’s Men - Bracket Group


Monchi’s Men - Fantasy


Haven’t played fantasy leagues in a long while. Do we have to update after every matchday or the same team is kept for the whole tournament?

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You would want to update based upon who progresses.


Looking forward to Wales vs US, @ChrisLail. Could very well decide who goes through with England in the group!

US and Wales are going through. bwahahahaha


I would love to see that hahaha

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It’s actually a fake carnival, you’ve seen the paid indian/pakistanian or local fans, to wear Argentine and Brasilian shirts. An absolute farce of a Tournament created by the Fifa. No real passion. Just money.

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Since this is a safe space, can I also note some serious hypocrisy in the fact that sevillistas sevillanos have generally been ready to simply destroy anyone in the Sevilla squad who even hints at caring about the world cup, or God forbid, trying not to get hurt in the weeks before WC.

I just think the treatment of a Sarabia on our squad trying to make it healthy to the World Cup would have been very different. And God forbid that Tecatito would have gotten healthy in the weeks before the WC, as the people and press in Sevilla were practically ready to bring legal action as if Tecatito somehow magically timed his injury to make sure he missed a third of the season but was healthy again at the exact right time.

Anyhow, just calling it how I see it, and the whole sevillista conversation about the world cup has reminded me how deeply Spain-centric La Liga continues to be. Fair enough, La Liga is a Spanish league after all, but let’s be understanding of international football being part of the equation just as much as club football. Both are needed to make the game sustainably profitable, so neither should be getting to minimize or cannibalize the other in spite of the difficulties posed by this idiotic “oops” moment in the scheduling of the WC (I remember FIFA announcing it as if they hadn’t realized Qatar was hot when they awarded them the world cup.).

<Getting off my soapbox now, headed to fill in my bracket…>

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