What are you in to other than Monchi's Men/SevillaFC?

I want to know more about you folks. What else are you in to? What would you like to share about yourself?

I’ll start (although most of you folks know me too well.)

I have a vinyl collection of over 2000 items. All kinds of music. I love going to live concerts and discovering new music.

I played baseball for 16 years of my life from 5 to 21. Yes I was once athletic and not a fat ass haha.

I love beer and I’m trying to become a small time organic gardener.

Your turn.


My passions outside of Monchis Men and Sevilla FC… Well obviously I’m also a Crystal Palace supporter, but outside of football as some of you will know I’m a huge baseball fan, my team is the Seattle Mariners. But I also play as a Catcher for the Croydon Pirates in the BBF Double A currently. I wear number 29 as my favourite player Cal Raleigh (in the Mariners picture) is also the Catcher.

My second passion is my beautiful girlfriend Sophie, who I have been seeing for about the last 7 months or so. Never has someone made me strive to want me to be a better version of myself like the way she does. We are both going through really difficult times as we are both getting divorced, but the love and support this woman shows me each and every day is crazy, and she always puts a smile on my face.

And then of course last but no means least is my 14 year old son Frankie. Unfortunately his Mother is a complete and utter nightmare and I knew I couldn’t stay in a relationship I knew I had been unhappy in for many years, but at least one good thing came out of it.


I spend a lot of time running. I used to run competitively, but now it’s more for fun and to keep the weight down around my belly.

I’m an avid reader. I like to wake up early and spend a couple of hours on the deck with a good book, a hot cup of coffee, and my thoughts before the kids wake up and bring their chaos upstairs :joy:

I also play a smattering of instruments. I studied jazz bass in college and used to play in a couple of Latin-fusion combos around the Midwest. Then I gigged as a worship team member at local churches for a couple of years. I still play bass on a semi-regular basis, but now I spend more time picking away at my acoustic guitar whenever I have a minute.


Oh I also game, but nowhere near as much as I used to.


Ain’t that the truth, brother :joy: I spend so long between gaming that I need to relearn all the controls every time I log in.


Thankfully when I game now it’s usually Fire Emblem Three Houses on my Switch which is simple enough, or MLB the Show 23 which again is easy.

I did get Metroid Dread for my Switch last year though and because I didn’t play it in so long I now can’t figure out where the Hell I’m supposed to be going. :sweat_smile::man_facepalming:t2:


I’m 17 years old, and entering my last year of high school. I play as a goalkeeper for my school, hoping I can get a bit more playtime this year lol, broke my collarbone back in April but should be fully cleared to play within a month, with time to get ready for the season. I also play the Contrabass clarinet in my schools band (or I’m going to when the thing gets fixed, it just sounds cooler to say that than the normal clarinet which I’ve been playing for a couple years now)

For some reason I’ve spent a lot of time playing a game called geoguessr, where the goal is to find a location on google street view, I’ve gotten pretty good at it.

I saw that some of you play baseball, I used to do that as well until about three years ago when it became too difficult to play two separate sports plus deal with school and everything.


I play squash, used to be weekly or more, now more like monthly. I taught myself the sport during the pandemic because it’s easy enough to get some exercise “playing” without a partner. However…I quickly got bored and decided I’d rather risk COVID than keep playing squash by myself. Problem with squash as a hobby in the US is that nearly all the people who play squash grew up playing it (likely in some former Commonwealth country), so the skill gap is pretty huge… Making it hard to find partners to play with.

I also dabble in orchids and bonsai, although neither are going nearly as well here in the US climate as they were when we were living in the eternal springtime of Ecuador’s highlands.

My other hobby is thinking to myself “should I get into vinyl?” And then realizing that I have the Internet at my fingertips and don’t live in 1964. Pretty fun hobby. You should try it, @ChrisLail.

Oh yeah, and raising two young children, there’s that. Which means that my primary hobby is getting tired entertaining and feeding the kiddos, convincing them to go the bed and then watching Netflix before going to bed.


Argh, so my theory that you were actually Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos in disguise is sounding less and less credible.

My second theory is that you’re one of Chris’ cousins from NC, keeping tabs on him for his auntie or something.

The mystery of the username is real.

Do you have a first name or were your parents just really into technology when they named you?


my names actually user1115492637101647291 but I shortened it

all jokes aside I’m just paranoid that someone’s gonna doxx me lol. (My parents told me not to give my name out to strangers on the internet and I’m still underage so ima wait a little bit). Once I turn 18 this November I plan on trying to find me a new name from this and develop a different persona, one that doesn’t sound so robotic.


Well let’s see…I have been retired since 2017 after spending 20 years in the military. since then we have been wandering the world. I was an wanderer before joining the military, spending time during college in Sevilla and having moved around a bit as a child. I have been to 65 countries so far. I got really lucky in that I found a wife who also loves to travel and try new things. We love to try new foods and are ok “roughing it” in hostels.

We will be heading out for a month in July to Poland and Czech Republic. The boys have a summer camp there so we will explore a bit there. It should be fun and cooler than Sevilla. :).

We have 4 children and they are turning out to be amazing humans. A lot of it is from letting them see and experience many different cultures. I enjoy spending time with them.

Outside of that…I enjoy backpacking. I have hiked 3 different Camino de Santiagos (Frances, Norte, 1/2 of Via de la Plata) and the West Weg in Germany. I dream of hiking the AT or PCT but that will have to wait until the kids are fully out of the house . Most of the time my wife and I will tag team the trails…she goes and does one while I stay back with the boys, then she comes back and tags me out for my turn.


Well played…


Well, I am nearly 22 years old. Dropped out of the Dutch equivalent of ‘high school’ at 15 as my grades and attendance imploded due to game addiction. Actually played ‘professional’ tournaments back then, illegally as you had to be 18, and obviously got caught when we had to play abroad. That made me quit gaming altogether. Did some unpaid internships for a few years because Dutch law prevents you from dropping out of education below a certain level of qualification. Figured out what I wanted, applied to university, passed the admission test, got accepted. Now for the second year in a row I am the top performing student of my class. Pretty neat for a guy without an high school diploma, I guess I exploited my own addictive nature for good now.

Besides that I am pretty active. Play (field) soccer, futsal, tennis, fitness and archery. Love (European) history, so exploring loads of museums, books and cities with history. Read mostly biographies and memoirs, so if any of you knows a good one, let me know!


I am a geography student in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. My hobby is groundhopping, it means going to a lot of football matches. Here in the pictures below you can see where I’ve been this season. I was really lucky with all the trips that I have been, in the end there were 13 visited countries. Of all the destinations, I recommend Morocco to everyone for a holiday and not only from a football point of view. This year I attended 3 matches of Sevilla, probably the best ones (against Juventus, :poop: and Roma).

Otherwise, I also collect keyrings of football clubs from cities where I have already been.


Damn y’all are cool!

@Jesus have you read the Wright Brothers by McCullough? It was one of my favorite reads from the last few years.


Boston Celtics, boxing, running, i’m an economist, work on global poverty, spend a lot of time in Africa for work and life. nice “meeting” some of the rest of you!


Guess you’ll have to add an Aston Villa keychain to your wall soon…

Can I take a vote here… Since I haven’t ever been able to identify a real EPL team that I love, am I allowed to adopt Aston Villa now? Or are we anti Aston Villa until we determine whether they are paying for him or stealing him away for free?


I don’t have an EPL team either, but I’m going all in with Luton Town. Bring on the massive underdog story!

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Aston Se-Villa?? :grin:


I cheer for Nottingham and Luton Town in EPL.

Nottingham because my fiance studied there pre-pandemic and from my 2 only visits in the UK, I’ve spent 2 weeks in Nottingham and only 1 day in London.

Luton Town because there’s a direct flight from Prishtina (Kosovo) to Luton with Wizzair :laughing: