Welcome Mr Pepper

Good luck, I’ve a feeling you’re going to need plenty of it


Yeh, best of luck to him.

We are early at least, I’m slightly hopeful.


It def helps. I admire the start of Lope’s tenure for how organized it was. But there’s so many other pieces needing to fall into place.


Who do we think Pimienta will look to bring in from Las Palmas?

I’ve seen the Coco rumours but anyone else.


Kirian Rodriguez, would be a stretch but maybe.

Valles is good. But probably costs some coins, just like Kirian.

Moleiro was exceptional too. But not sure about his situation and won’t be cheap either.

Maybe this Munir guy or Sandro Ramirez could fit right in here.


You know who doesn’t care about anything when handing out new contracts?


Just gave Maresca, a 5 year contract of 5+ m a year.

Plus pay 10+ m to Leicester.

What even.

We got for Garcia Pimienta as far as 1 year + 1 optional. Which is fair to me.


Ryan and I already met the new jefe in San Fran.


Well that does not look like him tbh, hairline is different too. but what a little bit of beard can do I guess.

Garcia Pimienta saying he’s convinced in Orta and with the squad he will have at the start of next season. A positive and a negative. It shows he’s ready to work with what we manage to pull in and not blame it on missing this or missing that. And actually try and fulfill the role of a “trainer” to make best use of your tools.

The negative, I get that he’s a more humbler accomplished trainer and doesn’t want to act as some sort of director, out of manners. But potentially a lack of definition or style, or direction for his football to develop. But he once again, is someone who just says, “I come to win”. Of course the others came to lose… hopefully he and the board can get something together. Thats all I’m hoping for and I’m glad it’s good to have a trainer who’s focusing on being a trainer, without too much pretention.

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I watched him on TV today and it’s great that he speaks clear Spanish, although he’s a Catalan.

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Alright, bit of a change with Kinky that is. Pimienta with the positive impressions!

In Korean, Pepper is a nickname for something closely related, so we can keep that trend alive.

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I liked Kinky Flores, he talked a good game but for all his experience he didn’t have the magic toolbox. Apart from the spat with En-Nesyri he was a proper gentleman and had a great respect for the club.
I’m still gonna call him Kinky though!


I assume it was a joke. That’s the equipment manager for SFC since ages ago. He’s an institution…but I see the resemblance, a bit.

Welcome, Dr. Pepper :cup_with_straw::hot_pepper: