UEFA Champions League 2022/23 Thread

It was a battle between ex-Sevilla strikers in the PSV-Monaco tie last night: Luuk de Jong vs Ben Yedder.

We are so privileged in La Liga to not have to play qualifiers for the group stage anymore. This matchup was tough. And there’s still one more round after this. :weary:


Thanks for sharing, @Edinho , such an exciting match from what I can tell in the highlight reel. Really missing both of those strikers right about now. Hoping Monchi has his eyes set on the next big striker.


Lucas Ocampos played for Ajax in UCL today. There’s a sentence I didn’t expect to post when Eddie first opened the thread…

Champions League starting of really well and high level, Lots of goals, decisive victories. Sometimes it’s very reserved.

What a team Napoli are. Absolutely destroyed Liverpool that first half.

If only we could be half as good.

Sublime from Napoli! Let’s all laugh at Loserpool! :joy:

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Sensational ending for Atletico man. 90+11 scoring the corner after conceding in the 90+6… madness and getting ahead only in the 90+1.


Atletico with some strong ‘Nunca se Rinde’ attitude there - hats off to them. That’s how it should be done, every single minute counts in the pitch.

Unlike our players that have ‘Surrendered’ written all over their foreheads before the match starts. You can see it in their eyes that they don’t believe in winning or doing well anymore.


Kim Min Jae is a real beast, a pity Monchi goes for Marcao instead of him.

RB Leipzig sign Marco Rose as their new head coach, just one day after parting with Domenico Tedesco.

The rumour in Germany was that Tedesco had bought himself a stay of execution by winning the DFB Pokal, but that the club we’re ready to move in from him as he wasn’t seen as a long-term appointment.

Speaking of, remember how last week the narrative of how all the Spanish teams except Sevilla won in Europe? After Barça and Patético losses today, I’m crossing my fingers for Leipzig to surprise RM, allowing Sevilla to flip the narrative and be the only Spanish team winning in UCL (perhaps even in Europe if :poop:, Sociedad and Villarreal get very unlucky against some quite humble adversaries). Normally I root for LaLiga sides in Europe, but I’d also love to get some headlines of Sevilla rising above the rest. We could really use the confidence boost

What kind of sad way to get the spotlight, is that. You want others to extremely underperform? Sevilla should look at theirselves and if they give Copenhagen a masterclass and beat them 0-5. Then the papers will be full of it as well. Deservedly atleast. I guess you prefer fake confidence.