Summer 2024 - Sevilla FC Transfer Rumors

A year or two doesn’t matter. The name and fame, the wonderful city and the attraction to play in RSP is still more than plenty for ambitious players that look to grow to the stage where we want to be. This club resembles that indefatigable chase to get closer to the top or whatever there is. The club carries itself still, I believe.

I think the less money you got to spend the more interesting things get, maybe try to see if we can get some deal done with one of the Madrid teams for Juanmi Latasa or Carlos Martin just like we did with Oscar Rodriguez.

Felipe Anderson from Lazio on a free. Long shot but I would definitely try it. If the absolute top stay away from him as a side player, and he doesn’t choose the money from the East. Would be amazing.

Maybe an interesting market to look for is the possible returnees from the Arabic football world who checked off the money mark and are dying to return to European leagues. Not my first category of targets but it could be worth to check. Money doesn’t buy you everything after all. Jordan Henderson came back without actually having earned anything. Lol.


Yeah, who though? We’ve tried to replace him and no one is better. There is probably only 3 or 4 better strikers in all of La Liga.

I’m for the devil you know.


Lewandowski, Morata, Dovbyk, Depay, Moreno, Larsen, Borja Mayoral, Hugo Duro are all better.

His strengths only compensate for so much of his incapabilities, he struggles running with a ball btw.

Lol like what has he competed with in Sevilla.


I dont understand, why there are no talks with Isaac to renew his contract as soon as possible with exit clause 40 Mio+
I know, we need money in the summer, but he should be one of the columns 24/25.
In my opinion he would be a big loss, creates so many passes and flanks, without him N Nesyrie is lost.


Rafa Mir, Mariano, De Jong, Dolberg, Ivan Romero, Munir, Marc Gual, Carlos Fernandez, Dabbur, Chicharito

All have been moved or have played second fiddle, since his arrival in Jan 2020.


They are in negotiations. Just hasn’t been signed yet.


And is En-Nesyri the reason for this? or are there other reasons in play maybe?

Like de Jong wanting to return to Eindhoven. Mariano being unfit. Rafa Mir was topscorer but ruined it. Ivan Romero is 1.56m youth player. Munir was a super sub and no contender. Who is Marc Gual even, you’re pulling some nice ones out of your sock here. Dabur got kidnapped out of the squad, in a few weeks time. Very sure it was because En-Nesyri was too good. If you are putting these names seriously in there, it says enough.


Lewandowski, Morata - Agree
Dovbyk - Probably agree

Depay - someday’s yes - averages 2.64 games/goal
Moreno - Most day’s Yes - 2.49 games/goal
Larsen - Great young talent, still growing - 4.11 games/goal
Borja - Don’t agree maybe equal levels - 3.03 games/goal
Hugo Duro - Again great young talent, but not at the same level yet. - 5.7 games/goal

Youssef En-Neysri - 2.8 games/goal with Sevilla - 3.2 games/goal career Again, no real upgrade without spending a ton of money IMO.


I’m just calling out everyone who competed for the first striker position and couldn’t knock the Moroccan off the top. I have never been a YEN fanboy, but you can’t doubt his production numbers…especially when the team is feeding him the ball. He can’t run with the ball, we know that. We have someone paired with him that can distribute finally and you will see his numbers increase like that 18 goal season a few years back.


He wasn’t even at the top, certain periods when he was here. Especially at the start, he was just sitting there with a new contract and some other strikers left, that is correct. He fought off chicharito somehow lol :joy:

You can track all latest En Nesyri goals back to what Isaac Romero did that lead up to it. Bar that screamer last game, was the first special goal since how long. Watch it back and reassess his value and actual contribution. And look that any of the players mentioned above, offer more, a lot more.

Thinking stats have more value than your own eyes. American’s seem to watch this sport in a different manner I guess. Can’t blame them.

Depay “some days” :upside_down_face:


You are correct, stats do not tell the whole thing. We know that YEN struggles at times with the basic characteristics of a typical striker.

I’m only saying he isn’t terrible, we have had and have worse, and I think the disrespect that some give him isn’t warranted.

They aren’t the same type of player, so it’s hard to compare. Depay is great at things YEN sucks at and vice versa. I know you aren’t a stats guy, but if you compare the two’s records in La Liga, YEN has been the more successful individual, especially once you remove FK and PK goals.


All those players named above are different players, but they have one thing in common they are in many aspects completer footballers and strikers than Youssef.

You are literally saying you can’t compare Messi and Youssef either, and one is better in the air so some days he’s better.

One thing stats do, is generalize. And make absolute different situations, appear similar in categorical numbers, compared to actuality. So why don’t you generalize in comparing players and accept that, overall, in the majority of scenarios, on all aspects that surround football. Depay without a shadow of a doubt is better in the majority of those cases than En-Nesyri. But then again, tinted glasses and sporting culture are definitely different.

If you prefer stats you prefer numerical misrepresentations of oversimplified reality over the complex actuality with all its influential factors, that are not even visible or taken into account in stats.

You say you can’t compare them, but then you were the same who compared Bozenik and En-Nesyri for some reason, and came to the conclusion that you don’t see any problem. Well there’s your problem.

Maybe because we were rumored with him. We are done. Enough of us going back and forth. We can agree that YEN isn’t the best we have had and I certainly hope that we can agree that he isn’t the worst.

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You are done that’s fine, then go back to the main point? And if you suggest there are not many players better, you obviously think he’s something of a top level striker. The main point is to get real and that wanting more than 30m for “not the worst” is just unrealistic and overzealous and especially with his contract you more than likely to get something like 15-20m sooner than later.

Then you can decide if you want to ignore that and sign him for 4 more years. To make your club for an even longer period dependent on an unreliable player. That’s what I am against. And that’s why you look for a deal. You don’t stagnate and create a new opportunity for development. Especially with the help of Isaac who helps facilitate it without a doubt. Done.

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Whether we should sell YEN is one conversation. Whether we will is another, and I don’t think he’ll be on our squad next year.

Management has made a point of going “back to basics” when it comes to transfers, and selling a striker like YEN in his prime to reinvest in the squad fits that.


Would Bordalas take this job in the summer? I need a 4-4-2 regime to come back to Sevilla.

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On first glance Im liking the Alex Berenguer rumours. Should be a plug in upgrade player, especially since a lot of our frontline needs to be cleaned up.

Let’s see if we succeed in signing him.


Sarri rumored as the new coach in summer?


Dude looks like he could die any moment.


That would be sensational.

Also in case he dies I imagine we still have to pay out the contract to his family. So nothing much would change with our current conduct of paying out (30+m) all our fired managers of recent past. And if not, that would be a win already.