Summer 2024 - Sevilla FC Transfer Rumors

It is early, but the rumors are already abound. I have seen many articles saying that we have no shot at a big signing, this is obviously true, we never try and land a big name. What are you guys hearing? Who do you want to see join the team?

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I am seeing reports of Tottenham showing interest in Bade, the number being thrown around is 35 million euro.

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As much as I would hate to see him go, if that were true, we would almost triple our money, can’t really knock that offer.

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I agree. That is pretty big money. I think it’s important to maintain relationships and chemistry from season to season, but everyone has a number!


Unfortunately we’re not in a position to reject €35m for a player we bought for €12m less than a year ago. :dizzy_face:


The question in my mind is, with the success of YENIR, do we try to re-up En-Nesyri with his contract expiring in summer 2025 or do we try to cash in?

If we sell, we have to find a replacement and we suck at that recently.


I think it is time to move on from YEN, he is a decent finisher, but he lacks ability in so many areas. I also feel like he is very lucky which can help us, but I would rather see consistent skill over luck from time to time. But then we have to see who we have the money for and that is currently no one so, very tough spot.


i would hate to see bade go. what i hate about supporting a club like sevilla is the way players come and go :frowning:

35 million is a great offer, but i think we can squeeze more out of a deal since hes so young

about yen, i think we should sell him off. hes been great for us but hes a bit of an outdated striker and we’re moving away from pure 9s. with isaac playing tremendously we should be good the way things are


YEN is kind of an enigma though. He has to want to leave, and it sounds like that’s been an issue in the past.


I think we sell YEN in the Summer. Been a good, loyal servant but we can’t let him walk next year.

I’m pretty sure he signs a new contract before ever considering leaving on a free.

I think Lukebakio could slot in pretty well. And also R*** M** :face_in_clouds:


Time to start planning, YEN is one of a number of strikers under 30 who have contracts expiring in 2025.

Mariano is a gamble that looks unlikely to ever pay off, so we need to get him off the wage bill. Whoever negotiated that deal needs a slap as he’s nowhere near top earner quality or reliability.

Need to give the younger guys new long-term deals and ship out some folk like Jordan & Mariano.


I’m really unsure about YEN.

On the one hand, he is inconsistent and his contract runs out next summer and we probably could do better.

However, on the other hand, he can be brilliant and has been for us recently alongside Isaac. This is a partnership that really is blossoming into something quite special and do we want to undo that. I also have my doubts that we can find a replacement who would be better than him.

I’m more in the YEN in camp and extend beyond 2025. I think there’s so much deadwood we could offload first such as Mariano, Januzaj and Jordan for instance.

In terms of Bade, I’d be gutted to see him go as I think he’s generally been excellent for us and has really helped solve the centre back issues following the loss of Carlos and Kounde, but then could we really turn down €35m. Probably not.


Since the 2019-2020 season, YEN is 7th among active players in goals scored in La Liga. He’s only 26. If we can resign him at a reasonable rate, I think we have to. I bet he’s making less money than everyone on the list except Budimir.

Player Gls From To Age MP Min 90s Starts Subs unSub Gls2 Ast G+A G-PK PK PKatt PKm
Karim Benzema 90 2019-2020 2022-2023 31-34 127 10,666 118.5 124 3 2 90 32 122 70 20 25 5
Gerard Moreno 67 2019-2020 2023-2024 27-31 130 9,680 107.6 114 16 2 67 20 87 52 15 18 3
Iago Aspas 63 2019-2020 2023-2024 31-35 168 13,872 154.1 158 10 2 63 29 92 47 16 23 7
Joselu 60 2019-2020 2023-2024 29-33 170 13,112 145.7 143 27 2 60 13 73 46 14 19 5
Ante Budimir 54 2019-2020 2023-2024 28-32 151 9,975 110.8 117 34 9 54 6 60 47 7 7 0
Antoine Griezmann 51 2019-2020 2023-2024 28-32 162 11,917 132.4 141 21 5 51 37 88 47 4 5 1
Youssef En-Nesyri 48 2019-2020 2023-2024 22-26 150 9,070 100.8 94 56 9 48 5 53 47 1 1 0
José Luis Morales 43 2019-2020 2023-2024 32-36 161 9,780 108.7 109 52 7 43 12 55 40 3 6 3
Ángel Correa 42 2019-2020 2023-2024 24-28 163 8,605 95.6 91 72 5 42 22 64 41 1 1 0
Mikel Oyarzabal 42 2019-2020 2023-2024 22-26 137 9,726 108.1 113 24 3 42 24 66 24 18 21 3

Wow, impressive stats, thanks for sharing. I don’t think his sale price right now could remotely justify selling him. I think I’d gladly keep him for anything under 40m, and unless the EPL giants find themselves in a pinch, I can’t imagine anyone offering that much.

I vote for keeping YEN, and maybe even renewing him now before he keeps scoring screamers like last weekend. Granted, renewing him may guarantee he stops playing well, à la Jordán, but it seems worth the risk to avoid him going on a free to West Ham next summer.


100% sell En-Nesyri if you want to improve and grow. You haven’t learned anything if you keep him again. If he gets to a hopeful good momentum again, and the peak value rises again, SELL.

As a player he won’t get much better, and his value is overvaluing his actual value again.

We would do best with promoting Mateo Mejia who very likely can profit just as much out of having Isaac Romero as a partner. Also Mejia is probably a better footballer. The only thing you lose in losing Youssef is height, athleticism and headers, which much of the game by himself doesn’t give you anything. I don’t doubt Mejia is a better finisher as well. So go with it and we can actually start growing again and raising our own value basically from the ground.

Then sell Rafa Mir and Mariano, and try hard, actually.

Try to get another striker with a high aim and potential, like Girona did with Dovbyk or else get atleast one Braithwaite, Stuani, Budimir type by which I mean a La Liga level striker with something else to him.

And I gotta add do not sign Bozenik. But Orta has his mind set on him it seems and I’m really thinking Orta gets what he wants here…

That would be the “Limpieza” of the forward line in my book.


The recent success in the Isaac x YEN partnership is making it more difficult to put a full-send on his transfer. He finally has someone that doesn’t leave him isolated and to accommodate him. Yes he is inconsistent, but having a partner like Isaac can bring the best out of him.

He’s finally getting service outside of just crosses. This also promises more touches for him. We’ve seen him score brilliant goals that were totally out of character. Who’s to say Romero isn’t the guy to help him tap into that? I think the man genuinely wants to play here and make it his home. You don’t see players like that often.

On the other hand, perhaps his choice to remain here is because the offers received aren’t at clubs as prestigious as Sevilla. If it were the Big 6 in England or the Big 3 in Italy or Spain, would he still happily refuse to leave?

In terms of improvements in the striker department, you can get players that are more skillful than YEN, and in turn get the most out of Isaac. I’ve been joking about Rafa Mir being just as useful in the same role, because i saw a different side to him when he was partnered up briefly by Lamela & Isco. Yes, i have witnessed Rafa passing the ball in a scoring position !

I’m not really disagreeing with ‘cashing in’ on another good En-Nesyri spell, but it wouldn’t hurt to keep him for another season. There’s so much more uncertainty elsewhere, that i don’t really want to bother the only thing that’s working right now.


If you look at En-Nesyri alone he’s not worth more than 20-25m max. If you get anything close to that or over you would be dumb to refuse it again. Especially as you are all seeing that En-Nesyri his value, is dependent on how good Isaac is.

Very gullible but you guys are contributing it to himself somehow, and are swayed by the momentual form, to get the illusion again that he’s better than he is.

Any decent player profits just as much from Isaac and has more room for growth and increasing his value. There is not more profit to be gained on Youssef, but you’re free to complain next time we have financial problems again by not sticking to an actual good business model. But when you rescind 4 contracts and drop off two legendary players you guys are screaming great business to save a miniature fraction of that.

I remember when Jordan was valued around 45m. Or Ocampos around 50m. Youssef has been around 40m. Which all were values in that same delusion of the moment that is football.

Let’s get real.


You’re absolutely right Enrico. I’m just not sure which CF we can attract on our budget, without any European football, and for the time being, a project that’s still up in the air (ie. QSF, playing with 2 strikers, etc). Ideally, Lukebakio can take that spot easily. Signing a proven scorer may be tough financially, with potential competition from clubs in a better state than us.

Add to that the overall uncertainty of the front office. We only spent money to get Sow & Lukebakio (and technically Idumbo), the rest were loans & free transfers. Will Orta be trusted to be ambitious this summer? Will he be here at all?


If we can move on from YEN, we should. He’s seen an uptick in form playing alongside Isaac, but I’m fairly certain that we could replace him at the top if need be.