Summer 2022 Transfers Conversation

The closing of another window, leading towards the next one. The football world keeps going, no real time for breaks since a lot of work behind the scenes is happening in the period leading up to it. So a lot of preparation will be going into this and neither will the rumours stop. So let’s keep the conversation open.

We heard about Isco, who might be close to signing in the Summer and could be one of the first transfers to give shape to our 22/23 squad. So that’s one.

It’s also the time where very likely we will top our record deal for departures, with Jules Kounde. Which hopefully goes smooth and can make us start coming into serious actions sooner than later. Diego Carlos will definitely be a topic as well. But for our defense we’ve been prepared and know some of our options.

The midfield is where I would like to see a heavier renovation. More modern, strong, and dynamic players with higher pace. I’m thinking Naby Keita, who has one year contract left in Liverpool and isn’t undisputed. Or a similar type. A player like Pasalic who’s just a brilliant versatile midfielder, that can play multiple roles, and has great contribution in goals and assists. We’ve had Arthur’s name come around, might be an option but if Isco comes, this one might be crossed of. But it does needs an overhaul and reconstruction going forward. Maybe Boubacar Kamara or, Mohamed Camara, Cheikh Doucoure, some African character again I think will do us good.

I think our attack is generally up for it. En-Nesyri, Rafa Mir, Lamela, Tecatito, Ocampos as the core, and see if theres room and interest for another top quality player. Maybe Nesyri might go to UK and things will go more drastically. We have the option to loan Martial an aditional year if things go well. Cases of Suso and Munir will they get dispelled and are we working towards an exit? Loads of things, but not the real priority in my opinion.


En-Nesyri *

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It was confirmed that we don’t actually have that option in the contract, but we might potentially discuss an extension deal with Man Utd and the player if things go well. However, I’m more inclined to believe that Martial will move on if things go well and get back to Man Utd to be sold or loaned out to a different team if they don’t.


How I see our squad in the Summer / Next Season:

Goalkeepers: Absolutely stacked, two excellent first teamers and an abundance of highly rated youth. Only think that changes is if a “big team” came in for Bono.

Right Back: Covered. Montiel the heir apparent to Jesus Navas. Corona can cover, and as I said in another thread, we have 2 or 3 very good youngsters waiting.

Left Back: Similar to Right Back… Acuña and Augustinsson, Rekik can cover, and we have Pablo Perez and Juan Maria waiting in the wings.

Centre Back: The first issue that needs addressing, especially as we are likely to receive bids for both of our starters. In theory we could go into the Summer with only Rekik as a recognised Centre Back. For me even if we keep 1 or JK or DC we need TWO new Centre Backs in the Summer, none of the Youth are close to being ready in my book.

Central Midfield: Lets be honest, we have a lot of these, but I would say one or two of them are due an upgrade. Joan Jordan, Rakitic, Oliver Torres, Gudelj, Fernando, Delaney, Oscar Rodriguez. I feel we need a freshen up, and some younger legs. It’s a shame all three of our main Cantera CMs havw had serious knee injuries this season as that has probably hampered any chance they have of breaking through, at least in the immediate future.

Wingers: The amount we have is crazy… Probably not a must need right now what with having Ocampos, Corona, Suso, Papu Gomez, Lamela, and Munir on the books, plus we don’t know what is going to happen with Martial yet. We of course have loads of budding talents waiting in the wings also, the likes of Juanlu, Zarzana, Luismi Cruz.

Strikers: The other “problem” position for me on top of Centre Back. We have YEN who can be absolutely unstoppable, or so frustrating you just want him off the pitch. Rafa Mir is very similar… Bangs in 4 goals then doesn’t score for 3 games. Id love to see us add another top line striker to these two, something a bit different. Then you have Munir and Ivan Romero who can cover, but both aren’t truly up to it as a lone striker, especially not in our system.

So for me right now in the Summer the big need would be.

• 2 x Centre Backs
• 1, possibly 2 Centre Mids to freshen it up
• A Centre Forward.

I see outgoings as:
• One or both of Kounde and Diego Carlos. If we got €140m for the both that would mean we likely can make the 5 additions above.

• Gudelj :wave:t3: Sorry Nemanja but you just haven’t ever really cut it.

• I can see one or both of Oliver Torres and Oscar Rodriguez being sold or loaned out for the season. I’d like to keep Oscar and loan him rather than sell though and see where we are in 2023.

• I don’t think Martial will stay.

• Suso, with the other players we have, if a decent bid comes in, he might go.

• Munir. It’s fair to say we haven’t exactly been shy about trying to shove him out the door over the last year or so. Again, if a decent bid came in he would be off for me.

Jim’s Sevilla Squad opening day 2022/23:

  1. Dmitrovic
  2. Montiel
  3. Augustinsson
  4. Rekik
  5. Ocampos
  6. New CB
  7. Corona
  8. Joan Jordan
  9. New Striker
  10. Rakitic
  11. Lamela
  12. Rafa Mir
  13. Bono
  14. New CM
  15. En-Nesyri
  16. Jesus Navas
  17. New CM
  18. Delaney
  19. Acuña
  20. Diego Carlos
  21. Oliver Torres
  22. New CB
  23. Ivan Romero
  24. Papu Gomez
  25. Fernando

This reminds me of what the summaries of my pre-transfermarkt evaluations on Football Manager looked like. At the same time I was too darn stubborn to do my homework… Bitter sweet memories haha


You mean the stuff like… “So and so is a top Left Back, but we lack depth in the position”? :smile:


Let’s be honest here, Gudelj will be on this team as long as Lope is the manager :joy:


One of the problems is that players like Rakitic and Oliver are both earning around 6m a year. Which is too much if they are not core positions to build further onto. Oliver has shown great class and absolute skill in some moments but he needs to learn and oblige himself how to drag the team out of boringness and strictness and force it to his hand like Papu is doing lately. If he just plays along, without a directing role it´s harsh but not enough. And Rakitic still of great use and an admirable captain. Slowly has to step down as well…

I read on other sites, Sevillista´s complaing about Jordan the 2027 extention and everything… in part I agree. Sometimes really frustrating watching him, but a hand full of games where he leaves you breathless. Our sentry Fernando extending 2024 and still of great use.

But we need to build towards a dominating midfield, and it´s been a weakpoint for the last 2 years i´d say. Hardly was I ever impressed with how this functioned as a whole, which after such long time should get to a higher level but it´s just not. Meaning it´s not complementing eachother and the same problems remain. I would get 2 high impact players and a youthful one, just in the midfield alone.

But there was this attacking mid from the Ligue 1 who Monchi was after, let me look up his name. Can see that one happen this summer. Angelo Fulgini, 25, Angers. Let´s remember that name.


Midfield is key for the 4-3-3 systems no matter the tactics. No proper midfield = failure.


I don’t think so tbh. He wasn’t playing till injuries happened, to the extent that he wasn’t even in the champions league squad.


Was going to say exactly this.


I saw him in the OM v Angers highlights from the weekend, looks a decent player.

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100%. Defense is great to fall back on, but our lack of midfield is forcing us even more to play from defence than is good for a team. Our midfield is hardly ever superior, either outnumbered or afraid to be available coz lack of movement and options. Or they are asking for passes already in position, still standing without advancing. It´s fine to take a pass back, to advance two. But we take this to the extreme. Nobody handles and holds pressure there, so that when it builds up, they want to release that pressure (either side or back) hardly forward wing or into more pressure. Not saying it´s easy, it takes quality players, but we take the easy way out, way to soon. Which has been grinded in our mindset.

We really need a number 6, who can stand pressure and can set up other midfielders and plays through the centre. Frenkie de Jong gets a lot of criticism as well lately but he gave some magnificent passes Vs Atletico. Really good facilitating the play everywhere on the pitch.

For now this only happens after we bomb the midfield and attack with all our substitution towards the end of games. And when Kounde played up for example, just the way he positioned created pressure, isn´t that insane? when the centre back, who needs to play right back, comes in and brings something special to the attack?

It´s for sure a very far comparison. I was a winger-cf in my teens and imagening having to play in team like we are playing now, wouldn´t make me feel the most comfortable either. That´s why I respect Tecatito already from what he´s doing, where from an attacking perspective it is not flowing at all. Like creating flow in standing water, is impressive.


Luiz Felipe would be good call for one of our centre back replacements. Tough competition and a lot will depend on how we end the season.

Newest name, Dan-Axel Zagadou from Dortmund, contract ending this summer. 22 year old beast, reaching almost 2 meters of height, Never bad for a centre back. Already valued around 15m.


19 year old, French super talent, striker: Hugo Ekitike. who Newcastle just missed out on this window. Big price tag, but for the promise he is, could be a Kounde-like buy. I imagine our status towards top talent has grown a little bit too, with our development of recent years. So that’s definitely impactful in fighting with other clubs over these up and coming superstars. Like expected Julian Alvarez, was one to far, and Man City gets the price, but maybe for this guy we are in the race.

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Man City didnt even pay “that much” for him did they? Like 14 or 18 million. Crazy cheap if he is half as good as he appears.

Ekitike. Newcastle didnt just miss out on, they took the absolute piss offering stupid clauses in the deal and Reims told them to piss off. A bit like us with DC.

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Well i’ve seen articles that almost confirmed the transfer even, but maybe it wasn’t so close. His market value isn’t that high, but maybe his contract clause was like 40m. They seemed to have offered around 25-30m. Which would have been way better spend than on Chris Wood :rofl:


Reims wanted €35m.

Newcastle offered €30m plus bonuses which included Reims getting paid if Newcastle won the Champions League. :eyes:

Barca want Bono (EstadioDeportivo) next season.
I’m not surprised, their goalkeeping seems to have sprung a leak.
Full buyout clause or weep


Yup. Clause or nothing, we have Dmitrovic so it wouldn’t be a total disaster, but the fact Alfonso threw a wobbler against Bėtis in the Cup and hasn’t played since may cause us to have to look for a new GK if Bono did leave, no way would we entrust backup keeper status full time to either Alfonso or Javi Diaz.

Do we know what Bono’s release clause is?

Apparently Barcelona have a 5 man list of keepers they are keeping track of…

Bono - Sevilla
Alban LaFont - FC Nantes
Illan Meslier - Leeds United
Bartolmiej Dragowski - Fiorentina
Maarten Vandevoordt - Genk

The only one who even remotely fits the Barcelona “profile” is Bono.