Summer 2020 Sevilla FC Transfer Rumours

Might as well get this started ahead of the summer. :sweat_smile:

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Well…what we know so far unless something changes:
Banega - gone
Nolito - gone
Carrico - gone
Bono - gone
Reguilón - gone

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The out of contract players:
La Liga |
Ligue 1 |
Bundesliga |
Premier League |
Liga NOS |

Available coaches:


Kepa Arrizabalaga is available… :eyes: Anyone got a spare 50mill for a keeper?

Hell no! I’d take David Soria back.

Sod that. I’d rather have me in goal and I’m 36 soon. :sweat_smile:

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Onana from Ajax is the one for me. But we would need to make the CL.

From a few things I have read lately, I’m not sure how he would cope with the racism that can be quite rife in Spanish football at times (obviously nowhere as bad as in Italy).

Onana is an incredible GK, but I think he will have the topclubs after him too. But yeah let´s see where we end this season because its quite important… Have a Good showing in Europe will help a lot as well.

Also some of the relegating teams maybe have some great talent to be picked up.

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Really liking the Coach link Ed haha. Pochettino would be my favourite from what I´ve seen there. Might also be to high of an aim normally. But yeh. I can´t see them fire Lope as long as he´s getting results tho.

We haven´t had a manager for a longer period then 10 months in the last 7 coaches lol. Last solid one was Emery who was there for about 3 years. I liked Unai quite a lot. As long as there is perspective and an idea, where you can see growth in the way of playing compared to earlier managers. Then you can see the impact of a coach. Besides Sampaoli playing like an absolute reckless retard. None of the last ones really had a good idea imo. I think starting from a solid base, defensive stability and start working from that is not bad. But there has to be growth attacking wise. Which we haven´t really seen so far…

edit: actually makes sense, I can´t see a ex-GK really managing fluent attacking patterns into a squad. So if the assistants are not great. Its hopeless.


A distinctly average ex-GK at that. :sweat_smile:

Nolito should’ve gone in this window if not the last, luckily his huge contract is running down.

I read that Carrico and the club wanted to reach an extension so we’ll see how that goes, other than Navas he’s the longest serving player so he should stay if possible.

I think the club should try to explore getting Bono and Reguilon permanently, Bono can challenge Vaclik and Reguilon while being a better player than Escudero is not on the same level as Ferland Mendy so Real may be willing to let him leave.

Very much needed, the club at best has an outside chance at Poch even if we manage CL football as Man U will probably let Solksjaer leave after this season. I’ve also written off all Italian managers after the nightmare of Montella. Here are some I would consider given their pedigree and age.

Laurent Blanc
Marcelino (second tenure but he did a good job at Valencia.)
Javi Gracia
Mark Van Bommel
Clarence Seedorf
Jaap Stam

Sorry, can’t help but love the idea of a Netherlands coach at the helm :sweat_smile:

I say we should have given Pablo Machin a second chance. Somehow the football his team played last season was much more eye-catching. What he lacked was the quality of the roster. I am sure he would get better results should he coach the current team.
To me, Lope is too conservative in his tactics and not brave enough to push forward. He always backs down after getting ahead, substituting for more defensive football. A team like Sevilla should never back down. This is no Leganes.

We’d be in the same scenario of a coach who’s unwilling to work with what the team has, but instead forcing players to fit into his philosophy. Machin played Banega as a DM & Promes as a wingback ffs to make his 5-3-2 work, he deserved to get sacked twice.

We’re about to see what Lope will do to prevent this from getting worse. Let’s just hope he does the sensible thing.

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I was being semi-serious. But i’m sure after this past week, even Monchi’s looking at some names just in case. :joy:

Poch is a bit ambitious, but i’m sure he’s waiting for an “elite job”, or one at a prestigious club. I’m sure a lot of the better coaches will just go to the Prem. But even that list left a lot to be desired.

I’m sure a coach like Valverde could get us consistent CL qualification. But i don’t see him achieving more than that. At the same time, what kind a manager that is capable of winning with Sevilla, wouldn’t want to take a job at a bigger club? We’ll never be in the running for one of the top coaches until we build towards something more.

So, i’m not exactly done with Lopetegui. I think it will take beyond this season to make the next step. But he even knows that he needs CL football to make that happen.

I hate how we became a club that sacks managers, but those last few seasons were an exception, as we were direction-less without Monchi.

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There is only one!


Emery left at the right time. And he still had problems winning away from home.

Though he completed the Europa three-peat Emery was actually winless in away games in La Liga in his final season so I was surprised PSG came for him at all. I might have welcomed him back after he left the French capital but he went to Arsenal and after 1.5 uninspiring seasons of football was sacked. I was an avid Arsenal fan and his football was just bland after foregoing the counter-attacking which made him so sought after in the first place. That and him buying Krycho from Sevilla which led to the latter’s downfall does not make me want to see him on the RSP sidelines again.

I love the talk about a new coach but this is wishful thinking at best, given the state of the club’s direct rivals for CL football I would say we have a 60/40 chance of making it, as long as Lope doesn’t have a meltdown of Machin or Montella sized proportions the board will have no real reason to fire his ass given the club has not been in the CL for the last 2 seasons. So we should talk about positions to back up to lessen the expected disappointment :sweat_smile:

The positions that need reinforcements are:
Left back assuming Reguillon leaves
Right back
Midfield cover for Fernando
Second or third Striker depending how En-Neysri is utilized

Carlos Fernandez has had a few decent games in Granada, he has played in the hole and on the wing and has 4 goals and some man of the matches to show for it. Could he have a role here?

Carlos Fernandez should definitely be part of our squad next season. I said he should have been this season, so for me we need:

• A Goalkeeper to replace / strongly compete with Vaclik. (I would have gone for Jaume Domenech at Valencia as he’s a decent keeper IMO, but he’s now the bloody first choice, others on my list but would probably cost a bit Unai Simon - Bilbao, Alex Remiro - Sociedad).

• An actual Right back (no offence Jesus).

• Reguilon or another Left Back.

Those are the priorities. We have Carlos, Gil and Pozo back to slot into more attacking roles.

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