Sevillista sere hasta la muerte

Hola amigos and fellow Sevillistas

My name is Rich and Iḿ 37 and from Liverpool (how Blind Date did that sound?)

Don’t be put off by the name, it’s just a podcast I run and I won’t be plugging it here without permission. Believe me I’m here for purely reasons of pleasure.

Since my first visit to family in Mallorca, I’ve wanted to live in Spain. I love everything about the place. I was lucky in that pretty much every year, we would visit and I got to stay with family so saw the real Spain, not the tourist alternative.

Anyway, while I used to watch some Spanish football, I was never a “fan” until one day in a bar in Liverpool I was fed up of hearing people talk about Real Madrid and their Galacticos. This was in 2003/04 and I was watching Sevilla v Real Madrid and the Sanchez Pizjuan. No one was giving Sevilla any credit, so I decided I’d be the only person in the bar to support Sevilla.

When Sevilla scored, I cheered. I was the only one but it felt right and it has done ever since, so here we are, 17 years later still cheering Sevilla.

I’ve become so disillusioned with Premier League football now that it’s time to make La Liga and the Bundesliga (also a Gladbach fan) my main leagues. Given that this comes at a time that my hometown team Liverpool have just won their first league title in 30 years, this tells you just how little respect I have for what the Premier League has now become.

Will I still watch big Liverpool games? Of course. I could no more turn off my love for the team that bares my city’s name than I could stop breathing but I simply don’t enjoy watching the league as a whole any more. The league became more about hate than enjoyment, more about rivalry than respect and that’s not who I am as a person or a football fan.

The rivalry Sevilla has with Betis? That’s what I want in my life. The respect that true fans of La Liga have for football? That’s what I want to spend my time being a part of.

So, thank you for the add. I hope to speak to more of you as this season comes to its close and of course as next season begins.

Viva Sevilla!


Hi Rich,

Underdog stories, are the best stories ever written. The smaller the club, the bigger the joy, is what I like to think.Being a Real fan is the easiest there is in my opinion.

I’m Dutch, near the South, and a couple times I visited Borrusia-Park. Beauty of a Club, and atmosphere wise German stadiums are among the best. Atmosphere for me, is something that Sevilla can have when you just know, there is some magic gonna happen. And the himno in RSP for big games is something else. The feeling and the Goosebumps, that’s also what football is for. And that’s when you know.

Welcome and see you around.


I couldn’t agree more.

The Dutch League is the only League where I support the biggest club but that is because I saw them when I was a kid in 1990 and was awe struck by this young mesmeric footballing side. Once I learned their history and about Rinus Michels, that was that for me.

As for Sevilla, they give me everything I want as a football fan. Passion, respect, honesty, beautiful football, academy, history and much more.

The dream is to even maybe one day live there. You never know what life has in store though.

Thanks for the welcome. :slight_smile:


Nice posts mate. Welcome to the forum.
I started watching la liga in about 2004. When watching the games I remember the Sevilla games at home and the passion shown by the fans. All the songs they sing throughout matches is amazing and the support is unwavering.

From then on they became my favourite Spanish team and remember the great teams during the Juande Ramos era when they won back to back UEFA cups and copa del Rey. The atmosphere at games was amazing. It still is now.

With this coronavirus pandemic it makes you truly appreciate it and miss the passion the fans bring. Hopefully this awful period will pass soon and fans will be allowed back in stadium. Enjoy the forum mate :slight_smile:



Followed Spanish football since about 95/96. Initially took a shine to Real Madrid / Real Betis because of their kits (RM wore Purple first time I saw them), Betis in Green and White stripes, Green being my favourite colour.

Went to Spain to stay with my sister in 2006, and her fella at the time John knew I always wanted to go to a La Liga game and he had contacts who could get tickets to either Sevillaor Betis, Betis were Away (lost 7-2 to Barca if I recall correctly). Ended up going to watch Sevilla vs Celta Vigo, Sevilla won 1-0, Javier Saviola scored, but there was something about that team that drew me in. The way they played, the sheer pace, the youth, the atmosphere in the stands, I was hooked.

Rather than pick one over the other I decided to just support both teams, although if I am being honest if I had a preference these days I am definitely swayed a lot more to the SFC side. I still hope Betis do well though, although in the Derby often I find myself more happy with the win / pissed off with the loss if it is Sevilla.

I grew out of the whole Real Madrid / El classico thing ages ago thankfully.


Welcome to the forum Rich, you’ll definitely enjoy your time here!


Welcome Rich and a hell of a first post. I assume you like long walks on the beach and sunsets as well. :wink:
It’s great to hear everyone’s stories about how they first fell in love with the team and why they have stuck with them. Vamos Mi Sevilla, Vamos Campeón!


Welcome to the forum Rich! Always nice to have a new voice here. Join us in the today’s match thread to talk about today’s game. I’ll also check out the pod while i’m at it. :call_me_hand:


Welcome Rich, what an emotional introduction, it had me with the eyes moist.

it would be really great to have some scouse humour here.

I can’t help but wonder how you felt when Sevilla beat Liverpool in the final, maybe you’re a toffeeman.

Remember that Liverpool have never beaten Sevilla, and neither has Klopp.

Whatever happens, you sound like a really great guy.-


Oh this brings back memories of me falling out with a guy at work. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


We outplayed and outsung liverpool on the night, nothing to argue about. :rofl:


Did it again in Boston this past July. :slight_smile:

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I had a falling out with a guy I used to work with who was a Liverpool fan. He couldn’t get tickets etc to go to Basel for the game, and then he somehow found a way but it was about £800 plus.

I was like dude seriously why would you spend that much, you are going to lose anyway. Then when we won I wound him up rotten about what a waste of £800, I told him Liverpool were going to lose etc. :rofl:

Basically lost his shit, started throwing personal insults about, also saying he hoped Crystal Palace lost the FA Cup Final to Manchester United. I was like well we probably will lose but at least I ain’t paying £800 for the privilege. :sweat_smile:

So yeah, what was meant as a bit of football banter (and a swipe at his sheer stupidity to pay that much money), it’s fair to say we didn’t really get on all that well afterwards until he left.


@SurreySevilla that’s a great story, football is life.


At FC Guapa we like to quote Arrigo Sacchi: “Football is the most important of the least important things.”


To be fair it was a game of two halves and Sevilla can be glad Moreno was playing for Liverpool. Ha!


I’m a Liverpool fan, born and raised.

I was supporting Liverpool but wasn’t against Sevilla in the same way I would be other teams.

I was gutted but the better side overall won.

As for outsinging, I knew what Liverpool were up against but honestly that crowd was one of the worst I’ve ever seen for Liverpool.

You’ve touched on a big reason I don’t want to support Liverpool as much. It used to be you’d go to the game and see the same faces, fanatical supporters who sang from first to last.

I became an anomaly of sorts and was looked at weird for singing if we weren’t winning.

Our game is gone. Our support will never be what it once was (oh and I don’t blame out of towners either as I met some of them who were all but as passionate as I was) it’s just a sad fact of what money and glory hunting does to a club.


Liverpool were on a crazy run in that tournament and thought they were destined to win. But it’s Sevilla in the Europa League, going for a 3peat at that. Final boss type shit. :rofl:

I’m glad we got that final. I was a bit surprised with Coutinho’s no show, and who knows how the game would play out if VAR was around, but i won’t go there! :sweat_smile:

Either way, Liverpool only got better from then on, and look where y’all are at now! :hot_face:

Yoo that’s wild! :joy:

About that FA Cup final, what was your reaction once Pardew started dancing?

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Like pretty much anyone else, it was absolute cringe and embarrassing. Pretty much typifies the man though, Pardew is such an arrogant tosser. The trouble with him is he can never play for draws. Our record under him was 35 wins, 13 draws, 39 defeats. It seems like it is something at all clubs he manages. It’s great when you go all out attack and win 4-3, but shit when you lose 5-4. His last game in charge was Swansea Away, 3-2 up with about 10 minutes left, still attacking, 3-3, then we snatch what we thought was a late 88th minute winner 3-4, only to concede in the 91st and 95th minutes and lose 5-4.

Cavalier as the man himself would say. Or just sheer and utter fucking stupidity. We did have some good times under him though, that first 6 months when he came in as manager we seemed unbeatable. The season we got to the cup final though, 5th at Christmas, we barely managed to stay up, the Cup Final appearing over a lot of cracks in the team and style of play.