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Look, this andalucían derby is a big deal every time it’s played, even when Malaga is only (checks table, suppresses small laugh) in second to last place. Sevilla is of course coming off a respectable result in Champions League at mid-week, but in La Liga is coming off their first loss in La Liga (also their first game against a good team in La LIga, though I’m sure that’s just a coincidence). A win would see Sevilla remain in the top three. Go team!
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first match ive gotten to see in a looooong time. very excited to hear what all the fuss and fussing is about. vamos!

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Three offside calls miss judged in the first 10 minutes. Seems like we got the A refs today.

Sevilla and Malaga will go head-to-head at the Pizjuan in the first Andalusian derby of the season.
Following 4 straight wins, Sevilla suffered their first La Liga defeat under manager Eduardo Berizzo with a 2-0 loss at Atletico de Madrid. They are now third in the table with 13 points, just 1 point behind Atleti.
The trip to the Pizjuan is an absolute must-win for Malaga, still winless in 6 games and sitting in the drop-zone with a single point.
Malaga’s away misery: 3 defeats out of 3 (Girona-Atleti-Valencia) for Michel’s men, who have been unable to find the back of the net while conceding 7 goals on the road. They have lost their last 3 league trips to Pizjuan, a fearsome fortress (Sevilla’s last home defeat: 6 Nov 2016).
Sevilla’s defence have kept 4 clean sheets so far this campaign.

Credits for the preview to Flashscore, a bit lazy to do one on my own and seeing that there was no thread opened. It’s nice though as it covers all the facts and stuff, so that if we don’t have anything very interesting to say, it’s worth taking it from there, predict a lineup (will do below) and go on with the discussion (pre and miute-to-minute).

I’d go with:


Corchia - Kjaer - Lenglet - Escudero


         Banega - Mudo

Navas Nolito


There will definitely be a heavy rotation or something but we really need to win this one and go peacefully into the intl. break.

Damn… well, not that it wasn’t expected at all.

So basically N’Zonzi and Banega rested. Not going with Corchia so keeping a bit of a defensiveness with Mercado. The CB pair is probably the strongest that we have right now, although Pareja is injured and Carrico was not even called up. Not sure why Carole didn’t make it in the bench at least.

Glad to see Muriel starting, but yeah… heavy rotation otherwise, not sure if good or not at this point. Soria in for Rico too.

Let’s hope for 3 points as anything less vs. a bottom of the table team at the moment, would really be hugely disappointing.

Vamos Sevilla! I like how berizzo gives everyone a chance to shine. He trusts the squad we have. Nzonzi and banega have played a lot lately. It’s probably wise to rest them.

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two different match threads? confused. first game i’ve been able to watch in a long time. want to see muriel get some goals!

So many offsides

muriel should’ve done a bit better with that nice opportunity. force a save and create a chaotic rebound. went for sharp angle and put it wide.

Mercado excellent once again

Still don’t know what the matter with the match threads is. I started one just because there was none at the time and it was merely 2 hours before the match. Not sure what happened after.

hmmm… a few partial moments but nothing super exciting as far as i can tell. mercado did look good. muriel active but not effective. correa and navas each had a few moments. MKD looked bad in the few moments i noticed him. hoping for better in the second half.

I merged the two threads. @ShendM just start the match posts over at Monchi’s first so it gets linked to everything.

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Very frustrating to watch.

We can’t have this all the time. Lazy and unproductive first half and then trying to go all guns blazing in the second, going for the win. Why can’t we score one or two in the first and then continue controlling the match in the second?

Why does it need to always need to be resting key players in MUST-WIN matches? Can’t we have Banega & co. on to finish the job in the first and then rest them early in the second half? That is what Atletco and the winning-mentality teams do. They don’t field the first team players in the 75th minute trying to snatch a win, they win and then control the match. That’s absurd. First, it will frustrate the whole team, not being able to score early and have the upper hand in the match. Second, it will give the opponents hope that they can damage us, or give them more time to sit back and hope for a draw (as most mid-table and below teams vs. us nowadays). Then, it will have a negative psychological impact in the first team players that come in at the 75th+ minute to save the day… the superhero cape is always a huge burden.

Why can’t Berizzo keep it simple? MKD for instance is adding absolutely nothing to the game. He lost many balls and can’t do anything 1v1 to save his life… just passing the ball around and some short passes without effect, reminds me of the infamous Kranevitter.

Muriel needs to think before shooting and not just blast the ball like it was a lifelong enemy of his. That’s why WBY gets more goals, he shoots with a clearer mind. Now of course Muriel would need the whole first team squad to prove his worth, but he needs to think sharper when with the ball. Or that case where he could either score himself or pass, rather he decided to do something that even he himself didn’t understand and miss a good chance, after a good job breaking down the right flank.

Malaga are so weak it’s not even funny. Can’t imagine not getting 3 points out of this one.

Berizzo, be brave once and for all, field Banega, take MKD out and let’s win this one… FFS!

Also, did we just break the record for most offside-s during a half or… at least we attempted?

11…and counting?

Mudo has had a rough match. Maybe time for Sarabia

12…and counting

That was freaking terrible by Correa - guys on left and right and uggg nothing