Sevilla FC vs. Villarreal Game Day Chat

No N’Zonzi, Kjaer and Escudero for this one.

Some discussion in the Liverpool Chat thread were going on about N’Zonzi’s case. I also doubt he had any muscular issues and/or injuries and perhaps it is a friction between him and Berizzo. Berizzo did the right thing though, as at that moment, we didn’t need 2 DM’s, rather a more attacking minded player like Mudo who also dribbles past opponents and takes on the flanks often.

Even if he is not called as a technical decision, then still good. N’Zonzi is not 100% lately and he should be if he wants to enjoy the World Cup 2018. His last chance, and not with Juve, Barca, Arsenal etc., he can only do it with Sevilla. He will be 29 in a couple of weeks and perhaps last WC chance for him, along with the last chance to have a place in the France NT for Euros and such. Act wisely N’Zonzi!

As for the match, Villarreal will be more tired than us for this one, but they’re still very very dangerous. Interesting to see how Bacca will perform vs. his former team.

If we win this one, we can look forward to hope and do something for the 4th place.

We’ve lost 4 straight away matches in La Liga. To be fair, they’ve all been at tough grounds, and tomorrow won’t be any different.

There was a lot of fight in our guys on Tuesday night, noticeably in players like Ben Yedder, Sarabia & Escudero. I just wonder if that result will affect our play from now on, cause it’s begging for improvement.

Hopefully they are still recovering from their long trip back after a hard game Thursday night. That should give us an advantage.

Vamos sevilla! Good on berizzo. I think nzonzi is due a rest anyway, he’s looked tired in recent weeks. Time for mudo, pizzaro and banega to shine.

Will be tough but we can win this! We got all our attaching options available. The worry is we a bit short at centre back again. We have mercado or Geis who can play there. Hoping corchia is fit! 3 points here could be huge later on for top 4, hoping they feeling effects of Thursday night too.

Rumours are circulating that N’Zonzi and Berizzo had a big bust up during half time v Liverpool and that’s the reason he was subbed. He hasn’t trained with the rest of the team since. I won’t be surprised if he leaves in Jan.

That was a busy ass half time.

So much like how we ended the Liverpool game:
Mercado - Geis - Lenglet - Carole
Banega - Vázquez
Sarabia - Correa

On the bench:
16 Jesús Navas
7 Michael Krohn-Dehli
2 Sébastien Corchia
9 Wissam Ben Yedder
24 Nolito
19 Ganso
13 David Soria

Barbosa rocking a mullet. Shit keeper shit hair.

Carole getting really far forward

And playing out of position which leads to that goal. Terrible marking from Geis again.

Was Muriel onside? Looked really close

Geis is just ball watching like crazy out there. He needs to come off and move Mercado inside.

Carole was out of position way too much. WBY for Muriel and Ganso for Mudo sooner than later please.

Good lord - Carole out paced by Bacca and Rico abused. I miss having strikers that can finish like that.

Goal de Lenglet!

Goal!!! Vazquez!!!

And then Mudo!!!

Imagine if we ever decided to start playing before the other team scored lol.

Statistically Muriel is faster than Bacca and Bakambu, and he can outpace defender for sure.

I mean in FIFA 18.

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MKDs touch to play Mercado in was excellent. Banega nails the pen to cap a MOTM performance again so far

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