Sevilla Atlético and Sevilla Academy News

incredible that we are now in a situation controlling our own destiny. bravo to the young lads.

a tie means we could do no worse than the play-out match. obviously, we don’t want to take that risk.

a win means, not only do we ensure safety, we may also pass :poop: B depending on their final match away at Granada B.



Yup… 8 points off safety with 9 points to play for. That literally would be a miracle.

Big day today! Hopefully the SAT lads have their heads together and see the job over the line to safety.


SAT staying in the league for at least another season!

Hopefully with higher ambitions this time around.



Amazing! And :poop: B lost meaning we finished ahead of them in the table as well! Hug congrats to the young lads as this was an enormous turnaround!!


Get in!!!


As it turns out Velez stayed up as they had the best record of teams in the Playout spots. And if SAT had lost today, they would have actually stayed up too due to a better Goal Difference over the teams who also finished on 43 points in Group 1 and 3.


congratulations boys!!! enormous.


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Amazing scenes.

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So with the final game of the season coming up in La Segunda, and the RFEF Primera let’s see how our loanees have got on for the season…

Alfonso Pastor - Games 33, Conceded 25, Clean Sheets 16. (Castellon - 3rd Tier) - Goalkeeper. (Basically a clean sheet every other game, very good!)

Juanlu Sanchez - Games 37, Goals 2, Assists 5. (Mirandes - 2nd Tier) - RB / RM. (Whilst not a lot of goals or assists he did improve as the season went on. Getting 37 games is also good for his development).

Antonio Zarzana - Games 9, Goals 0, Assists 0. (Numancia - 3rd Tier) - Winger. (I don’t really know what to make of Zarzana. He struggled for games in Portugal, then barely played for Numancia, slightly concerning for me).

Pedro Ortiz - Games 9, Goals 0, Assists 0. (Vizela - Portuguese 1st Tier) - CM. (Not a huge amount of playing time, but I still see Pedro having a future in our first team, big fan!).

Luismi Cruz - Games 34, Goals 6, Assists 7. (Barcelona B - 3rd Tier) - Winger (I like Luismi Cruz as a player, just think the positions he plays will always be ones we look to bring in quality players from elsewhere).

Kike Salas - Games 6, Goals 0, Assists 0. (Tenerife - 2nd Tier) - CB. (Don’t know how bad his injury was, but 6 games!!! He would have probably played more for us if he’d stayed).

Jose Angel Carmona - Games 19, Goals 3, Assists 1. (Just going to say it how it is. I don’t think he is good enough for Sevilla, and I see Juanlu or Valentino as more viable RB prospect, and Kike Salas and Manu Bueno as better CB prospect).

Ivan Romero - Games 34, Goals 4, Assists 5. (Tenerife - 2nd Tier) - Striker. (Really wanted Ivan to do well, but he will never be more than a squad option, he isn’t productive enough. If someone like Carlos Fernandez who fits our Striker mould couldn’t make it with us, Ivan Romero will definitely struggle)


Super helpful, thank you!


Wasn’t really sure where to post this but was looking at the Cantera Twitter and it seems Diego Capel was playing with one of our youth teams in La Liga Promises. :joy: Not entirely sure why, I think you’ve been through the Cantera once already young man!!!


Ah here we go…

"The 30 year anniversary will be celebrated in a special way with all 20 LaLiga Santander teams participating in the tournament along with some major personalities who will be present during the three days of the tournament. To mark the 30th anniversary of the competition, each of the 20 clubs will feature a player (or notable former player) from the team:

Esteban Granero (Real Madrid)
Juanfran (Atlético de Madrid)
Santi Cazorla (Villarreal CF)
Diego Capel (Sevilla FC)
Piti (Rayo Vallecano)
Nino (Elche CF)
Chico Flores (UD Almería)
Javi Flaño (CA Osasuna)
Toni Velamazán (RCD Espanyol de Barcelona)
Quique Estebaranz (FC Barcelona)
Víctor Fernández (R. Valladolid CF)
Carles Aleñá (Getafe CF)
Raúl López (Cádiz CF)
Gaizka Toquero (Athletic Club)
Capi (Real :poop:)
Biel Farrés (Girona FC)
Xisco Campos (RCD Mallorca)
Cristhian Mosquera (Valencia CF)
Toni Dovale (RC Celta)
Alberto de la Bella (Real Sociedad).

That’s actually pretty cool.

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The legends could play a total of 5 minutes. Looked pretty funny.

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What a shame, it sounds like Valentino Fattore has agreed to a deal with Aris in Greece and will leave when his contact expires at the end of the month.

Had really high hopes for him as a future first team Right Back. :pensive:

Still a good move for him as Aris were fighting for a European spot by the looks of it in Greece this season (they qualified for the Europa Conference League qualifiers).

Didn’t know this but his grandfather Hector Scotta played for Sevilla in the 70s. 35 goals in 101 games, not bad at all!


Won their opener 1-4 against Orihuela. Isaac Romero with two goals.

Unlike the senior team, they appear to have learned a lesson about slow starts from last season.


Looks like Capi is the captain of SAT now. Juanmi Callejon scored for the opposition… :sweat_smile: The lesser ability brother of former Real Madrid and Napoli player Jose Callejon.


They are actually twin brothers too.

Where are the games on TV this year? I can’t seem to find it.

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