Sevilla at Girona: Matchday 35

Look, Girona have lost 6 in a row AND they have the worst home record in the League with only 2 wins out of 17 games. Need I say more? Go win.

As Escudero makes it back from suspension, Mercado is out due to a virus. Kjær has been omitted for technical decision, so that leaves Gómez or Gnagnon for a starting role alongside Carriço. André Silva just returned to training but is still short of fitness. The 18-man squad is as follows:

Vamos mi Sevilla!!

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Starting 11
Vaclik; Navas, Carriço, Sergi Gómez, Escudero;Sarabia, Banega, Roque Mesa, Franco Vazquez, Munir and Ben Yedder
On the bench Juan Soriano, Gnagnon, Amadou, Aleix Vidal, Marko Rog, Promes and Bryan.

I would have prefered Promes for Vazquez


Eibar score in the 93rd min to beat Valencia :smiley:


Now we need to win this game and help from sociedad!


Nice one Eibar, that should take some wind out of Valencia’s sails.

Promes Rog and Gil on the bench if we need to get serious and go forward, Gagnon and Amadou if we need to defend.

What minute will Banega get his first card?


First opportunity for Sevilla and what a chance it was. Great long ball finding a streaking Munir, he tries to chip the keeper that comes flying out and makes a save. The rebound comes to WBY and he puts it wide from distance with an empty net.

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We are disorganized, half the players want to pass forward, half back, and I’d have subbed Banega before 12 minutes were up. Need to get a grip on midfield and high balls.

I still don’t understand why Vasquez is playing…

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In which universe is he a better solution than Promes…


It’s 7-2 on chances created, it can’t continue, needs positional changes.

Just the type of half i envisioned with this front 6 playing together. Not much happens when the ball is advanced. Caparrós do ya thing!

We should have more time on the ball 2nd half. Girona can’t keep that pace going for 90mins

Here you have it, we cant play with 18th team in La Liga, yet still we are hoping for a CL, let’s be realistic.

Pathetic defending, terrible effort getting back on defense. Pathetic.

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Wtf are they playing

Carrico now out with what looks like a quad injury. Terrible timing on that. Mudo and Banega are really bad today. Neither really give a shit it seems. Dropping points here is terrible.

Back to our relegation saving ways. We stay donating points to bottom feeders :pensive:

Banega missing next match. :no_mouth:


Girona having a master class in time wasting here. Over two minutes with an “injury” a walking sub, multiple fouls won by Stuani.