Segunda Division & Lower

I don’t know if anyone else keeps an eye on the Second Division and lower leagues in Spain, I generally like to keep an eye on what is going on to some extent. There are various teams who have been in La Liga in my years following Spanish football that I like to see how they get on and so forth.

As a fellow Andalucian club (and they have a beautiful little stadium), I like to see how Cadiz do, and they are just about scraping to the league title by the looks of it having held a 12 point lead at one point. It looks like a three way battle for second between Huesca, Real Zaragoza and Almeria who sacked former Real Madrid player Guti last week after an awful run of results.

The other play off places realistically could be 3 from 6 (Girona, Elche, Rayo Vallecano, Tenerife, Alcorcon, or Fuenlabarda).

At the bottom Racing, poor old Racing have slipped through the trapdoor already. I really feel sorry for that club, they deserve so much better. Extremadura, Lugo and Real Oviedo occupy the other 3 spots, although realistically with 4 games to play looking at the table anyone in the bottom half, including Fuenlabrada who I also mentioned in the Play off race could be sucked in. :joy:

Not a lot to talk about in the lower leagues right now obviously as the season was voided a while back. Not sure what they are going to do about promotions etc mind you?

I have a Thing for Depor, when I was a Little kid, they had Alberto Luque, Diego Tristan and a Dutch Striker that would always score Roy Makaay. Sometimes a player can make u connect.They were like outsiders that no one cared about, even though they had some awesome years with some title runs and throphies even. I still follow them a bit, but they will need some time to recover and hard reset after all the Financial Misery. After they tried to outgrow themselves.


Deportivo were always a top club and top 4, as long as I can remember, not really sure what went wrong there.

I remember in the Early 00s they had the liks of Sergio (now Valladolid boss), Juan Valeron, Diego Tristan, Jose Molina, Joan Capdevila.

What a team that was.

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Damn its been too long… I even forgot the legend Himself, Yeah Juan Carlos Valerón… Such a class act, to me he is like an Andrea Pirlo.

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Speaking of lower leagues. What do you make of this I saw yesterday? :grin:


Yeah seen that before. Quite funny. :laughing:

I’d want Zaragoza to get promoted only because of their goal nets:

For some reason, for me at least, it’s a pleasure seeing the goals scored on those nets.


They are quite funky nets. Never really sure why they have them like that mind you at La Romareda.

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There is something highly aesthetically pleasing about the Ramon de Carranza in Cadiz though. Hopefully it will appear in next years FIFA. :wink:


Just read this with regards to Segunda B, and a new Third Tier coming in, in 2021/22.

“The RFEF approved the expansion of the league to five groups of 20 teams each and recommended its further division into 10 subgroups of 10 teams each for ease of schedule, only for the 2020–21 season, due to promotion from the Tercera División groups in the curtailed 2019–20 season being applied. Also, the Segunda División B will drop down to the fourth level on the creation of a new, two-group, 40-team third division to begin play in 2021–22.”

The way that read almost sounds like they are using the Italian model as an example of sorts. In Italy you obviously have Serie A and Serie B. Then Serie C is split into three regionslised groups of mainly professional teams, then Serie D is basically about 10 regionalised groups but semi pro / non league.

So I guess the two third tiers in Spain will be regionalised (not surprising given how much it would probably cost for say a lower team from Huelva to travel to an Away game in Catalonia for example).

Then the Segunda B (Fourth Tier) will probably be split further than just the 4 divisions it has now.

Another Depor fan here. I love the derby they have, I love the way like Sevilla they are club before country (being a Liverpool fan this is always appealing), watched them in the 90’s and will always have a soft spot for them.

I found out recently as well that a lot of Sevilla fans have Depor as their second team. It was meant to be. :stuck_out_tongue:


Always been a great friendship between the 2 clubs



Love this!


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Cadiz continue to make life hard for themselves by losing to Fuenlabrada. Luckily for them Huesca lost to already relegated Racing Santander.

And if Zaragoza lose today, Cadiz are mathematically promoted, so naturally they’re out preparing the celebration already.

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Zaragoza face Real Oviedo tonight, who themselves are fighting to stay up. Won’t be a walk in the park that’s for sure.

You sure about that? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Cadiz promoted then. I’m pleased, hopefully they won’t embarrass themselves.


Nunca caminaras solo


Congrats to Cadiz!