Pre-Season: Sevilla v Liverpool

Sunday, July 21st, 2019
1800 EST (000 CET)


This is definitely the marquee matchup among our pre-season friendlies. After testing out the squad against Reading & FC Dallas / North Texas SC, we get to face some Premier League opponents in Liverpool, current Champions of Europe. This should ask more out of Lopetegui’s group, even though the CL holders are missing their starting front 3.

It seems Amadou missed the US Tour completely and was left to train with Sevilla Atletico. While playing only 90 minutes this time around, we can probably assume not all 32 players will feature today, despite no injuries being reported.

Yes it’s pre-season and results don’t matter and all that, but Klopp is winless in the 7 matches he has coached against us. With that said, I still want this W and make it 3 in a row.

¡Vamos muchachos!

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Missed the first 25’ or so… but here’s the starting XI:

Nolito opened the scoring for us, who’s looking like a different player at the moment. Liverpool have had their spells of possession, but once we regain it, we’ve been quick to get forward. Not impressed by the rash tackles i’ve seen, but the game started to get heated. Seen Diego Carlos & Banega go to ground on several challenges… LFC certainly didn’t like those either.

EDIT: It’s 1-1 at halftime. Origi scored from a corner after the ball ricocheted and found him alone at the far post. Just blame Rico? :man_shrugging:t5:

Sevilla far superior but not exactly Liverpool’s first team (ours neither). Can’t believe that once again Liverpool scored from a corner with a vacant far post abandoned by defenders. 1-1.

Ocampos not a complete player, has much to learn but probably will. De jong is wasting chances that WBY would eat up. But Sevilla looking good especially Fernando and Jordan.

Current XI:

Corchia - Kounde - Kjær - Escudero
Óliver - Vázquez
Munir - Dabbur - Ocampos

Btw, Monchis Men being well represented out there!


+10 but I only see handsome men, attractive women and an adorable young lady.


WBY and Gagnon enter the field of play.

75’ - Gnagnon straight red. :man_facepalming:t5:

Direct red for Gagnon who was upset that the ref ignored previous foul on Munir, shame.

That bitch deserved it, dumb red in overall but kudos to Gnagnon for doing that. Let him keep the ball in play now… total disrespect from the Liverpool player.

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Pozo for Dabbur? strange. Sevilla still looking Ok while down to 10 men.

By now Liverpool should know to take care of Sevilla mostly in the final minutes.
Pozo 2-1, and Sevilla should know to take care with 10 men.

Pozo scores, we are winning 1-0 in the 2nd innings


It was well worth it staying up until 2 AM tonight although I have to wake up at 7 AM today, thank you Sevilla!

The team looks solid, but we shouldn’t let pre-season success fool us - there’s still time.


Se acabo 2-1 madre mia que equipazo.

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If we go to ground on tackles as much as we did in this match, we’ll be seeing a lot of cards in La Liga.

The forgotten man Corchia deserves a mention, I thought he had a good game, maybe Lopetegui can get more out of him where others failed?

Nolito, player of the pre-season so far.


I’ve always liked Corchia. He’s been unlucky with injuries. His final ball was poor today, but he looks a competent defender.

Another great win! Yes it’s only a friendly but a win over the champions of Europe, is only gonna boost our confidence more. Plus the new lads are starting to gel and it’s great we got our business done early. Therefore by start of season they gonna be used to each other more and also understand how to implement Lopetegui’s ideas. Good signs!

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