Pre-Season: Sevilla v Liverpool

I understand the frustration, but that’s an awful tackle. He wound up and didn’t even try for the ball.

My new background lol


LOL… cool

Definitely an awful tackle. I’m arguing with some scouser pricks that although condemning the tackle, they didn’t take the whole picture in consideration. Munir was down and that 18 year old of theirs should’ve kicked the ball out in sign of respect, no respec = provocation = reaction, that’s how I see it. I would however never have expected to see both the disrespect and the brutality in friendlies, but the following case is much worse (dangerous) and it’s part of football, life goes on, have a look:

I’m pretty sure he has made this squad. Nolito is doing his best to make his case too! He’s been outstanding.

We had a bast yesterday. I’ll write a post “stalking” report when we get home tomorrow or Wednesday.

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