Opinions on Sampaoli's SevillaFC

I agree mate. I’d keep the same players as well as we seen promise, quality leadership from them.

Yeah Gudelj has been vital as he been a great utility player and he’s a great leader too. He really has been the reason we are just about keeping our heads above water.

I have been impressed with Isco and lamela. Both guys have shown quality at times and have made things happen. We are missing Tecatito who I think would add a lot more creativity and he works hard as well. Yeah Oliver deserves to stay as well.

I’m not happy with Jordan or Rakitic and feel them 2 playing together is doing us no good in central midfield. As for the 3 strikers well we all know they are poor and need replacing.

Our defence has never been settled and we need players back fit but to be honest the jury is out and maybe we need to look for another centre back at the level of Kounde or Carlos. It will be hard to find but feel we need it.

I’m also not sold on montiel and feel he’s performed poor at times and much as I love navas he’s coming to the end now.

Yeah we need big changes but it won’t all be possible in January. However, 1 or 2 big signings could help transform us a bit and drag us a way from relegation battle. Time will tell.


Great post mate.

Agree re Jordan and Rakitic. They don’t work as a pairing in midfield. As much as I love Ivan he’s past it now I’m afraid.

I do agree re Montiel as well. Defensively he’s not the best and he’s shown himself to be a liability at times. Just look at last night with the sending off. I’ve kept him in the squad as I think there are more pressing things for us to target in January. Share your sentiments about needing another world class centre back in the mould of Kounde/Carlos, easier said than done of course.

Defence is far from perfect I agree but says a lot when that’s probably now the strongest area of the team other than the keepers. We were all worried at the start of the season about losing Kounde and Carlos and not replacing them but it seems like we now have bigger problems in midfield and forward line.

Navas (I love him but he’s past it now I’m afraid), Rakitic, Jordan, Mir, Dolberg, YEN, Suso and Januzaj would be all out straight away if I was manager.

Like you say, not everything can be done in January but I really do hope two or three big signings can be made in midfield and the forward positions that can help drag us away from any relegation trouble and that has to be the priority now. I really hope the board act (I have my doubts) as I fear the worst if they don’t.


Out his depth in my opinion. Should never have rehired him. Congrats sevilla board. Another mistake you can add to the growing list.


The team doesn’t need a manager-change. It needs a player-change.


I think any manager would struggle with this group of players. Another managerial change now would only cause further disruption and instability and no guarantee things will get better.

The real culprits for this situation are the board and not sufficiently investing into the team which again they appear reluctant to do this January market despite our perilous position.


I can’t believe that Monchi said ’ Hey presto, there you go … Nianzou, Janujaz, Blonde Bloke and Hamstringáo, they’ll fix our problems.

The were all long shots at getting a team back together without spending the earth. So I’m of the opinion that Monchi’s options were limited by a panic stricken Board, namely Pepe Castro.

So the Board is to blame but I’d exclude Monchi from that.


Prob something to do with this

“Sevilla have devalued the most, having lost €171m from the end of 2021. The Andalusian club are in a poor financial state, and director of football Monchi is keen to sell players this month in order to balance the books”

Where has all the Kounde, Carlos money gone?.


Could only be papering the cracks, dare I say a board change?

I have little to no knowledge of the current state of the board aside from a couple of IG accounts so could someone enlighten us on the state of ownership? I know Castro is in control and Del Nido is not welcome since he has shady dealings but his son is on the board? Sounds like a mess, foreign investment is a potential landmine as seen from Valencia and I’m pretty sure no one wants to dip their hands here right now.

Not too sure, he had a hand in player recruitment and I’ve heard it was down to Raul De Tomas or Dolberg for our striker search and Monchi chose the latter - we know how that turned out.

haha, good luck selling any of the dross. Better to just terminate their contracts to save the salaries.

The second part of the season will be even more tumultuous than the first and the only thing the club should focus on is getting a respectful league position. Screw the Europa League, a distracting is the last thing they need. Send a bunch of cantera and be done with it.



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but surely your point is not that de Tomas would be any better, right? i think he’s done nothing at all this season… im guessing your point is that was a bad list of two players to begin with and either choice would’ve been poor?

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Holy crap! I completely forgot about this thread…. I’ve got a graph to update when I get home from work!


Here’s some perspective. Lopetegui averaged 0.71 points per fixture. Sampaoli is averaging 1 point per fixture. Do with that what you will…


2020/21 was such a missed opportunity!!! They were talking of us as one of the best teams in the World at that point!!! :weary:

Only just losing to Bayern in the Super Cup and all that!

A win last week catapulted us into 15th place. A win against Elche this weekend could see us climb as high as 11th.

As it stands, we’re nearing the half-way point of the season and languishing well behind our average since 19/20. Here are a couple of scenarios that I’m keeping an eye on:

  • 14 straight wins will see us tie our average points through 32 match days.
  • Wins in each of our remaining games will see us finish with 78 points. One more than our best ever finish in 20/21.

That being said:

  • We’re only 10 (4 games) points out of 6th and 7th and a Europa or Conference League spot in 23/24.
  • We’re 13 (5 games) points out of 4th and a Champions League spot.

There’s a lot of season to play. Anything can happen, and the table can look a lot different in May. #Vamos


When we had Sampaoli before I used to love it… The football and all.

When I seem him these days on the highlights etc he seems to come across as a bit of a twat if I’m being honest. Quite hard to watch.


Scared Still Waiting GIF by Looney Tunes

Sampaoli on the sidelines


I agree, he gives off a lot of Lope vibes … which doesn’t make sense to me when you’re trying to change things. Obviously just an observation from a generally untrained eye.


We hit a hiccup against Barcelona, but I think that result was expected even if we all would have liked to see Sevilla play a better game…

We now find ourselves in 16th place, and only two points above relegation, through 21 weeks. That being said, we’re still only a couple of good games away from European spots.

  • 10 points (3.33 games) back from Villarreal (6th) and :poop: (7th)
  • 14 points (4.67 games) back from Atlético (4th)

That might seem like a tall order, but the good news is that we don’t have to play Barcelona any more this season :laughing: #Vamos


Vallecano dropping two points despite going up a man in the 50th and then having a penalty saved in the 88th.

I still thinking reaching 7th is gonna be tough. but there’s a lot of season left and we’re starting to find some form…


Nine points off Rayo in 6th and win next weekend and we go within six points of them. Not impossible to challenge for European places if we can continue to improve. Away form needs to be better as well.

Still a big ask though and getting out of any trouble is our first priority.