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Hi everyone. I’ve been talking in the offseason with one of the creators of a new app that is partnering with teams and players to offer exclusive merchandise, game-worn jerseys,etc. and they officially launched today.

They have officially partnered with the club and have offered us an early access code.
You can download the app on Google Play or Apple listed under Momento Market. You can also click this link and it will show a QR that you can scan.
The early access code is: MonchisMen

BTW, we get no kickbacks, nothing for this promotion. Just something cool and new if you can afford 270 euros (starting out) for a kit. The club & site will sell the game-worn jerseys from the Almeria game. You can see those listed.

I’ve been in contact with the creator about doing some joint marketing with Monchi’s Men and Momento, but so far nothing has come of it.


So, just came across this article in L’Équipe. Apparently the flip side of the coin of SevillaFC and others’ partnership with Momento Market is that players aren’t authorized to give out their kit to fans. Then again, I’m not sure they ever were (I think they always had to pay something nominal), but I assume at a minimum this makes the fee/fine for giving away their shirt steeper for players
RT @lequipe Les joueurs de quatre clubs européens ne pourront plus donner leurs maillots aux supporters

PS - Couldn’t find the English version of the article, apologies, maybe someone can find it

That is the downside. Another way the stadium experience is a bit diminished.

The other upside as it was explained to me is that the market will allow players to sell personal items from the site. Legit autographs, collected kits, match balls, boots, etc.

That is true it does change things. Do the fines apply when players exchange jerseys? One positive is it may cut down on the ubiquitous signs asking, almost begging, for shirts. It can get back to the original spirit of it when players would be moved to spontaneously give their shirts away, assuming the fines are not too high.

On the other hand my son loves, loves, loves Jesus Navas. If I can get a shirt for him he would go crazy.

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Unrelated observation from the Tweet Brian shared: Rakitic gave his shirt away, or at least his warm up, likely the warm up and the kit.

Presumably that means either the rules on kits and this Momento Market thing are not as rigid as we thought or maybe it’s not a blanket prohibition. Anyhow…

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Folks spent some money.

Hey everyone,

My name is Reda and I’m from the Momento Market team. Firstly want to thank @ChrisLail for making the intro, excited to join and get involved with the Monchi’s Men community.

Just to clear everything up for everyone - @RyanMoore I can see you had some questions on this in particular. We actually auction the first-half jersey so players can continue to swap with their second-half jersey with other players or give to fans. This was really important for us as we are all football fans, so we really wanted to protect that tradition, whilst opening up the ownership and access opportunities for fans of these great clubs around the world. So if you are Sevilla fan that lives in Mexico City or Virginia, US - you are now able to get a match-worn jersey from your favourite Sevilla player without having to worry about the provenance and authenticity.

This Twitter thread is great at explaining it all very simply too.

I’ll be roaming the forum so please let me know if you have any questions or feedback on the app (also feel free to get in touch with me directly), really keen to understand how we can improve the experience for Sevilla fans. Also looking to run an exciting giveaway with Monchi’s Men very soon.

Looking forward to the game later - hoping we get to see Dolberg in action.


Thanks for coming on and clearing some things up Reda. I didn’t even think about the first half vs second half haha. So much we don’t know or think about as fans.

Best of luck with the startup. The site looks fantastic.

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Not sure if you all have signed up for Momento Market yet, but you might want to pretty quickly. Something is in the works :-).


Hey folks,

Anyone have any idea why SevillaFC gear is no longer popping up on Momento Market. I was just getting keen on buying something and then they disappeared…

First, the World Cup Momento debacle, now Sevilla disappears…what’s the deal?

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@ACM_Reda any ideas here?

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My suspicion is that the prices bid for SevillaFC gear were a bit low…hence the reason I realized that I was missing out by not paying attention to the earlier auctions… hoping they’ll come back…


I gave up looking and uninstalled the app.

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