Mendilibar out - Diego Alonso in

So, I know EXACTLY what Chris thinks of this idea, but for the benefit of you all, I’ll ask him anyway:

@ChrisLail , as a fan of DC United, what do you think of Wayne Rooney as an option for next trainer of Sevilla FC?

As you can see by how I’ve named the topic, I don’t have an ounce of faith Gallardo will come, but I am still hopeful. Rooney, on the other hand, not gonna happen. (famous last words?)

Although, the Leeds fans among us would surely love to see Orta pull a Marschner-esque meltdown signing.

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Rooney :stuck_out_tongue: :grimacing:
Meeting in Seville to decide the continuity of Mendilibar

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I’m not for firing Mendi. I want them to sit it out, with pain in their heads, making them see how guilty they are for this mess. But if it is needed to get an agreement and sign Gallardo, and there is no other time, they need to do it. Also January better be a good month.


Oh lord :rofl:

Rooney was terrible here. More formations than a revolutionary soldier.

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I heard Mendi has left the club…

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Yes, it is confirmed by the club. I am a bit surprised it happened this soon however


Its another crazy season already


Has to be someone we have our eye on that is available for us to bite the bullet.


Tenures combined Sampaoli + Mendilibar lasted 367 days…

In that time the club has won the Europa League and been through 3 managers. 2 of the three managers won the Europa League with the team and got them into the Champions League.

How is it that the club is in such levels of debt?

Once Mendi’s been paid off, how much money will have been spent on severance packages vs the team?!

In my opinion, it’s not (just) the managers that need to go.

Sack the board!


I think that it does feel like that, but only because the timing of some pressure-releases were more fortuitous than for Lopetegui. In reality this season has been just as disastrous, when you consider this. Mendi has a MUCH more solid team than Lope did. If Lopetegui had this squad at the beginning of last season, I think he might have been able to finish the season.

So I really do think it’s quite embarrassing for Mendi: getting the same week results as Lope with a much stronger squad.


really wasnt expecting this. i didnt even think he was doing too bad other than our league position


Who are we wanting as a replacement? Gallardo?

Iraola was named as a potential replacement for us in the summer before he joined Bournemouth, but he’s not doing an excellent job in England and there’s a decent chance he gets the sack in the relatively near future.

I heard rumors of Marcelino taking over, particularly after we sacked Lopetegui and Sampaoli, and he left Marsielle so he’s available too.

Speaking of Lopetegui… he’s also available.


2 wins in the last 10 in all comps ain’t gonna cut it.


Didn’t get sacked. He left for personal reasons. I hope he stays far away.


i really dont know who could take over though. i hope we find someone new before we face real madrid


It will happen within the next day I bet. No way they don’t have it lined up, or have a very short list.


Damn. Happy Trails Mendilibar.

The Sevilla job is a tough one. It’s almost as if we need a Monchi-like coach.


Rumors don’t seem to be pointing to Gallardo, sadly. Sounding more and more like Marcelino or Michel or similar BS options.

Maybe Wayne Rooney isn’t the worst option on our plate.


That would be very much in line with the garbage conduct we have been doing lately. How unsurprisingly disappointing.

Anyone betting we reach 3 or more trainers this year?

And how worrying would Javi Gracia be, then the Orta Prophecy will be complete and we might welcome a bunch more happy Leeds fans here.


Don’t like… Can not compute.