MD6 - Villarreal vs Sevilla FC [22/23]

That was a bad error by Telles, he escaped, almost cost us the game but it’s a stain on his copybook.


Should’ve been 3 or 4 to 1 honestly. It’s a joy to watch Villarreal play, especially compared to the antifootball pitiful tactics that we apply with the piece of shit coach.

Baena almost scored the second after easily passing through Carmona. It was a tactical excellence from Emery to put him there, replacing Lo Celso.

They missed a lot of chances + that penalty was extremely close to not being offside (in some leagues it could be considered on-side, depending on the VAR system).

So yeah, not much else to say except that this is just pathetic and who knows for how long we’ll have to endure this.

@Monchi and @Castro might as well stick the 10-13m up they know where if we’ll be out of CL and nowhere near the top 6 in the coming months - which is the realistic projection anyway.

Prolonging the inevitable is cowardice.

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The guy came in, received a yellow in guiness record book time and almost received a red plus conceded a penalty (a case of millimeters). Talk about a shameful performance.

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Tuchel :wink:

I don’t think you’ve made your opinion clear, @ShendM :joy::wink:


Don’t be so cruel @Rene1

We played some good football, sporadically, and at times drifted back into the robotics. Must do better but there were signs of an improvement.

That supposes the question ‘do the players know something?’ and perhaps feel at liberty to play more creatively.

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I don’t think I’m being cruel Tim. But for about 65 minutes of the game we couldn’t get out of our half. Did you see something radically different?

Mediocre is not the same as bad. I just don’t think we deserved any more than a point and we were fortunate to come away with that… no?

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Radically no, but we had 57% of the possession, and for once we put some moves together. We could have been destroyed by Villarreal but we dug in and showed a lot of resolve despite the catastrophic scenario. We prevented their rapid counters and their goal was straight through the middle rebounding off the keeper and in. A tinge of luck there.

I didn’t see anything more than a few green shoots in all honesty but I saw something to be encouraged by, mainly the function of Isco and Oliver.
I also liked Navas there.

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Which you won’t be able to see in CL (at least the group stages) because of the ‘genius’…

I’m only worried how to escape the relegation zone for now, I’ll worry about CL some other year.

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sure… but most of that high possession was in our own half. again, i didnt think it was a bad game. but also, not especially good.

we also had a considerable tinge of luck avoiding that PK shout they had as well as them hitting the crossbar. they were the better side as i saw it.

again, im happy with the result. but uninspired by the performance. you are right it was better than some recent showings, but that’s more an idnication of just how poor we’ve been and still pretty far from what id want to see in our side.

what do people think of the subs? didnt seem very effective to me… given how we were playing, im surprised we kept Mir on. YEN out of form, but his running/energy still might have helped? Dolberg is not fit i guess?


ha! Tim! now look who’s being cynical/negative!

im not worried at all about relegation (ok fine, maybe a very little). today i saw a team that looks like a mid-table team, which is disappointing for my expectations of this club but not a bottom three side, or anything close.


I’m not worried about relegation, I’m worried about being in that zone after 6 games and with Atlético up next, it’s a scenario that screws up the entire season. I’m also worried that the defeatist attitude sets in and we have a season oscillating between say 9th and 14th.

So I was a little encouraged how we dug in today because players like Salas and Carmona are not accustomed to this level, if you look at the past trajectory of SAT you get the idea.


yup. we basically agree Tim. earlier games this season i’ve only been able to watch on dodgy streams, possibly obscuring how poor it’s actually been. today saw with clarity that we’re really not at a good level and with no clear vision. team showed some grit, but were also fortunate. so… maybe a C+/B- performance? which is much better than the C- average we’ve been showing?

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They will be fresher for la liga though! All part of lope’s master plan :stuck_out_tongue:

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Marcao is back in training without a need for surgery! I think he’s on the sidelines right now…not into the team, but will be soon.


If sevillista expectations are any clue, he will be better than Diego Carlos on his first matchday or be promptly rejected as a bad signing.

Let’s hope I’m wrong but I suspect it will be hard for him to live up to expectations.