MD32: Sevilla vs Girona

5 fouls to 1 so far

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Great goal by Girona. Corner, back post volley back of the net. Acuna and Fernando got in each other’s way. Not great defending.

Every touch is a foul…



Ball falls to Bryan again, hits it straight at the keeper who makes the save.

Great cross from Montiel there to set Bryan up. Should have scored. Such a shame.

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Bryan again 1-2 with Fernando, but hits hit wide. Should have probably hit it across face of goal to YEN. 39th.


So frustrating, our finishing has been poor tonight.

1.28 xG to .36, 13 shots to 4, and 3 big chances to 0. With the way we’re dominating, we should find a way back into the game but I hope the half doesn’t kill the momentum we had


Not looking good. Where is our invention and we got one foul from the son of bitch referee.



Montiel with the drive just wide off the free kick. 51’

Ball comes to Papu - 54’ and he can’t get his feet set to make a shot. It’s there, we just need to freaking eat!


0-2 Girona

You don’t finish, you get punished. Riquilme so good.

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Bryan Gil is energetic and all this stuff, but always no end product


Almost 3 for Girona.

FFS put a little power on that ocampos. my goodness. should’ve gotten one back right there.

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not clear why that wasn’t a foul as Gueye got taken down… shuld’ve been a good opportunity with a free kick on the edge of the box.


Bryan can’t score - might as well sub him out now for Lamela. At least he can put the ball in the back of the net.

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neither can Acuna… Gil was offside anyway there but feeling like may not be our night.

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