Matchday 8: Sevilla at Barcelona

Sunday, October 6th, 2019
1500 EST / 2100 CET / 0500 AEST

The last time we played after a European matchday, we suffered a bitter 0-1 defeat at the RSP to league leaders Real Madrid. Now another mammoth of a fixture awaits us, this time in the form of an improving Barcelona side at Camp Nou.

It’s a trip that doesn’t conjure up much optimism. Not since the 2002/03 season have we had a league victory there. It all but confirms that we’ve been unsuccessful during the Messi era.

We even tried to injure Lionel last year, but the hoodoo still seemed to be upon us as our finishing was poor. Either that, or Ter Stegen used that match to flex on us. Luis Suárez is also back scoring goals again, so their attack may be as motivated as ever.

The squad list came out with a list of 21 players. Perhaps the most important inclusion is that of Carriço, who has led our defence to some stellar performances this season. As for the ones dropped, Rony Lopes & Dabbur are left out for technical reasons, Gómez has suffered a knock, and Bryan will be with the U19s. Some have suggested that Munir may start up top and that we see a similar lineup to that trip to Eibar. This could be a chance for him to put one on his former team.

As the saying goes, to be the best, you have to beat the best… or at least hope the referee is on your side. In this case it’s Mateu Lahoz, so take from that what you will. Much can be learned about the team in these big matches. Which players will step up to the challenge and raise their level?

Lopetegui lost the Madrid job after his last visit here. What approach will he take to force Valverde’s hand? A match that is always full of drama, Barça-Sevilla feels like the right way to end this series of fixtures before the international break.

¡Vamos mi Sevilla!


Still no Dabbur :thinking: Something is not right. Rony Lopez not considered either.

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Very tough game. Never expect us to do anything against Barca. Especially at nou camp, as the record shows.

However, one positive is bar the 30 mins collapse in 2nd half at Eibar we been very good away from home this season. Therefore, I don’t think we will disgrace ourselves here but I expect Barca to still win by a 2 goal margin.

With Carriço back that will boost us though. We have all players available so if Lopetegui picks the right team and setup we could make it tough for them. Let’s just give it a go. Vamos!


I think Lope should be honest and have the players that he uses very little even in EL loaned or sold in January. We can’t keep Dabbur and destroy his career like this, it’s not Sevilla-style!

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Jordan benched again SMH. Oliver has played well, but you can’t bench Jordan.

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Suicidal XI from Julen. :disappointed:

Would have played Jordán. He’s been our best midfielder so far. Plus I would have played either Chicharito or Munir over de jong. We will see what happens but don’t agree with Lopetegui’s lineup either.

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Hmm… is this a joke? Jordan on the bench, no Chicharito up front, very risky.

Prepare for an utter humiliation fellas… can’t think of anything else at the moment.

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I agree too! This could get ugly fast! I’d take a a 2 goal loss in a heart beat! Not get much confidence either!

I can’t watch this game live. Maybe 1-2hrs behind. Like you said @ShendM, just avoid humiliation.

Vamos muchachos!

We started well but cannot score. De jong with a glorious chance. Chicharito would have scored there! Not making this good start count

If de jong finishing is a quarter of Suarez, we would have been 3-0 already.

Suarez shows de jong had to do it! I’m really gutted, as we played well. However, we can’t score. Still I’m impressed with us!

It’s over.

Fucking Barca. De Jong had to bury those.

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Now a Humiliation is only depends on the mood of Messi and Barca players.

I hate us coming here! We really started well. However, they punishing us for being far to open! They show de jong how it’s done!

A joke of a team.

We have:

  1. A professional footballer who calls himself a striker but can’t score to save his life = De Jong

  2. A coach who messes up the formations and fields the slowest possible team in a game where the fastest possible team is needed… fucking mental = Lope

  3. A player that definitely should’ve gone out and not been with the squad this season = Banega

  4. A goalkeeper that is in a scary and shameful decline, following the steps of the infamous Rico = Vaclik

The humiliation of this half was excepted. Well done Lope & Co!

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If our “B” team includes: Jordan, Munir, Chicharito, Dabbur and Bono… then our B team is probably better than our A one. Lope decides who plays for the A and B team, now do the math.

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To be fair, even if De Jong buries 1 or 2, we will still be defeated due to playing fire by defenders or disorganized defense, just like the first half or any other years at Camp Nou.