Machin should be fired

  • Now
  • if Sevilla loses or draws against Real Sociedad
  • if Sevilla doesn’t advance through Europa
  • if Sevilla doesn’t finish in Champions league place (1-4)
  • if Sevilla doesn’t finish in Europa League place (5-6)
  • if he doesn’t show up for next season

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I’d say fire him now before more damage is done. The top 4 is already quite hard to achieve as many many teams are competing now, but we can’t risk not advancing to the quarters and going out to a team like Slavia Prague. We just can’t risk that, 5 time champions of EL cannot go out like that, simply unacceptable.

Clearly there is no more inspiration and we probably don’t have the proper players to play this system with 3 at the back.


I would be curious as to why everyone voted the way they did.

It’s a tough question which took me a while to answer, but i eventually voted ‘after Europa exit’. It’s the only good thing going for him. Only now has he started to make small adjustments in his tactical setup which should have been addressed months ago. And we’re still playing bad. If he fails to reverse that mid-week result, why should we trust him to reverse this season around?

It’s like last season again where it should’ve been a fight for 4th place, but is quickly becoming about staying in the European spots. You’re telling me we’re gonna go thru all that just to start the season again in July???

Edit: Deep down i honestly think we’re cursed until Monchi comes back. So whatever happens won’t matter.


Machin is on his last legs now but to fire him in the middle of a 2-leg European tie would be damaging to the team. We also need to think about an interim replacement, Caparros would probably step in but even with his status he still needs time to implement his tactics and let the team work back into shape.

Up until last week’s visit to Atletico Madrid, Real Sociedad were unbeaten(!) since 2019 started, this is quite the opposite to us so we shouldn’t expect too much. I would say the ideal moment for a managerial change would be after the next round of la liga, the week of 18-26 March is an International break and we can use this period to regroup and reform. Also given how stellar our record has been I wouldn’t expect too many of them to be called up to their international squads. Quite ironic for the international break to come at a moment when we needed it the most.

I don’t see any issue with the first point. Leicester did it and they sacked their ‘hero’ Ranieri while still beat us and advanced to the quarters 2 seasons ago.

I think it will depend on who takes charge for the rest of the season and I would personally trust Caparros until the end. I still don’t think we’re screwed beyond repair, but we should let Caparros handle this until the end of the season and not someone who is very resistant to change and hasn’t done much to fix any issues that we’re having.

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I’m inclined to support the general premise of fire Machin, because, he’s not accepted any responsibility for a couple of games where his changes probably cost the game. But more importantly, I’m not seeing organization in the play. Ok, we have some good reliable players who play well most games and they often carry all the weight. But that has to be supported with a productive system and I’m not seeing it. I’m seeing one player wanting to go forward and another who wants to pass back, not on the same hymn sheet.

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Brian, if you haven’t already set off, let me know where you’re having a prematch drink.

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I would like to see Castro step down even if we get the 4th place.


I would give Machin one more year. Just because i feel that the next coach (not counting Caparros) would probably as shit as Montella & Berrizo. You know, because Castro is blind.

Does the match change your mind?

It doesn’t. This is our first league win since destroying Levante 5-0 January 26. Our league form since then was L-D-L-L-L. I admire the response, but keep that same energy when playing on the road.


The result doesn’t change my mind on Machin. He’s had bad luck with all the injuries but the football just isn’t there. The character and underlying quality of the players is carrying us onward, not the manager.


Sorry I’ve only just seen this Tim. Normally before and after games we are outside one of the bars just down from Gran Plaza on Eduardo Dato usually De Cañas or Mar de gambas (the old Mr Triton) We are easy to spot as we will have this boy with us. If you’re passing call and say hello.

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I’ll stick with my original vote and keep him unless we finish out of the Europa league places.
I feel too many managers/coaches are sacked without being given a chance to turn things round.
If you are old enough to remember Alex Ferguson’s 1st season with M Utd you will recall that many people were calling for his head after they finished 11th.

I’m not panicking just yet.

How bout now? :eyes:

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It depends on who is the next coach.
I don’t trust Castro at all.

I would go after Massimo Carrera, ex Spartak coach

Not Bordelas. Don’t want to watch his shit imitation-Simeone style football.

At this point we have nothing to fight for, quite a turnaround from the first half of the season and one which is borderline atrocious, if the board are willing to do anything just let him go now and have Caparros take the reins until the end of the season.