M33: Leganés vs Sevilla [2019-20]

en nesyri is fucking terrible.


Missing two clear cut chances, our forwards must work on some finishing skills…

There is your distance goal @Edinho

Oops im on phone my replies went to wrong topic excuses

Good second goal Torres! Calm finish

I’m unable to watch this live. However, it’s great to see we 2-0 up. Way to go Oliver Torres! Vamos!!

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Another terrible break away chance from en Nesyri. It’s basically his only strong point and he can’t control his touches while running.


Yes 0-2. Oliver decides to wait a second and put it between the defenders legs (excuse the connotacions).

Nesyri is just not very good as we have found out


20 million btw. He can work in a counter attacking set up last 20 minutes of a game. That’s it. Just how Look de Jong can work as a battery ram in a high pressure game around the box. But to be fully rely on either is a questionable situation.

Incessant fooling around by Sevilla, game not over.

Sorry but this did make me chuckle. :rofl:

A bit worrying that Banega’s contract hasn’t been settled yet.

How has Bryan looked for them?

He’s leaving to al shabbab, end of season. He signed. Or they undid it what?

But his contract ends tomorrow and they haven’t worked out the resign through end of La Liga + Europa.

Ok - He’s finding a lot of space. He’s been taking their corners and free kicks and they have looked good.


Good, and Amadou

He has made some errant passes though and still gets muscled off the ball. Navas was able to muscle him off several times.

Munir 0-3

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