M33: Leganés vs Sevilla [2019-20]

CD LEGANÉS (19th) vs. SEVILLA FC (4th)



LEG: L / L / D / D / L (3GS | 7GA)
SEV: W / D / D / D / D (6GS | 4GA)


2018: Leganés 1-1 Sevilla
2018: Leganés 2-1 Sevilla
2018: Leganés 1-1 Sevilla
2016: Leganés 2-3 Sevilla

Previous meeting:

Sevilla 1-0 Leganés
:soccer: 63’ Diego Carlos



If we can´t win vs a Leganes who got there best players robbed mid season. I don´t know what more to say. Or am I putting too much pressure on us already?

Hope Lope´s nails grow quickly.


Come on man, don’t practise any more crosses, bury it from outside the box, don’t be shy to shoot…We are no Barca, don’t try no tiki taka, go for the goal without too much hustle…

Moreover, we are not taking advantage of set pieces at all, corners flying over without touching nobody. Banega is putting off too many freekicks and corners, we need some body else taking them properly.


We seem to have a rather shite record against Leganes and generally I tend to fear when we play them, especially at El Butarque. I still have visions of Sergio Rico throwing one in our own net then trying to claim he was fouled.

Typically I am working again tonight so can only follow the game as and when I get a spare moment to check. I would happily take a ground out 0-1 win in this one just to keep the points ticking over and the gap to fifth, especially as we have another bogey team Eibar coming up very soon too.


It’s shit or bust for Leganes so why have we allowed our 4 ceded players permission to play?

Transfer market to open August 4 to October 5th, it’s getting a bit tight for the planning contingencies with all the permutations possible with Uefa games. Beware of exploding computers in the Sevilla offices.

Enough said, 3 points necessary. If it goes tits-up again we’ll probably lose 4th place and might not be able to prize it back.


My apologies for the gross error in the above recording where I stated: “There are no easy games in pro football.”

We play Betis twice a season. :wink:


Do we have a known distance shooter? Made me think, probably Escudero or Banega I guess, Jordan? he´s mostly handing them to the 19th row visitors. Maybe thats too rude, coz if you try it they will often not go in, but its all about the percentage conversion. If over 3 games for example he tries 10 and scores 1 I won´t be mad. Or if they are close and threatening for corner kicks I take it too. I wanna see some players dare too shoot like you do. I miss Trochowski.

the part from 0:01 to 0:05 I can watch that on repeat.
Maybe has nothing do to with shooting but its Trochowski´s pass. One of my favourite goals.


Suso has good range on his shot. Sometimes predictable, but he’s skilled enough on the ball to improvise when he’s being covered.

Not at all. This is similar to the Girona game last season. This team is on a bad run of form, and have deserved to be where they are all season. But here comes Sevilla to give life to the bottom-dwellers. Didn’t we drop points to all bottom-3 teams last year?

True, Suso can do it but predictable curl shots indeed mostly. He can create the space for a shot and surprise for sure. Will be cheering if he can pull it off today. So far, fruitless.


Probably the best overhead kick, ever.
Never seen anything that fluid.
As for shooting, Do you mean set pieces or open play? Jordan was good pre-season and the early part of the season but he seemed to lose confidence.
En-Syri has scored some crackers for Leganes.
Diego Carlos and Koundé have strong shots.
And Ocampos has a brutal shot.
Munir also.


Somebody that when the passes wide are just repetitive and useless. Is like, alright guys, I will just shoot the ball with goalkeeper combined into the net myself, that type of mindset. Like Casemiro when real is stuck. But yeah not sure who else, Gerrard/Lampard but yeh those guys were something else.

For sure, I really like it when Diego or Koundé give it a go full on, that the spirit I like once in a while.

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Ennesyri never looking likely to score, biggest disappoinment so far. The man seems breathless after 10 mins of football.

We should have gotten an experienced striker who is familiar with La Liga for years. Levante’s Morales is smart player with a good foot, could have helped us a lot.

Also Aspas, how he scored a freekick against Barca was just phenomenal.


It’s a must win this. Getafe and Villarreal are breathing down our necks. If we can’t win at struggling leganes we don’t deserve top 4. I hope the lads bring it tonight. Lopetegui needs to be more positive in these type of games too. Vamos!


Mallorca Celta. Ref blows most corrupt penalty I have seen in my life. And I remember some shockers.

Leganes starting Bryan Gil, Mesa and Amadou. Weird.

Gil, Mesa and Amadou Why are Sevilla allowing this? Surely we should have it in the loan terms that they can’t turn out against us.

No Fernando or Banega
Starting 11

Vaclik, Jesús Navas, Koundé, Diego Carlos, Reguilón , Óliver Torres, Gudelj, Jordán, Ocampos, Suso y En-Nesyri.


because Lope said we should concentrate on being better, not on who they have in their team. He’ll never make a philosopher of merit.

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Sorry guys, i won’t be watching this live.

Probably for the best.