M32: Sevilla v Valladolid [2019-20]


FORM (last 4 matches):

SEV: W / D / D / D (5GS / 3GA)
VLL: W / D / L / D (3GS / 3GA)

H2H (last 5 @ home):

2018: Sevilla 1-0 Valladolid
2014: Sevilla 4-1 Valladolid
2012: Sevilla 1-2 Valladolid
2009: Sevilla 1-1 Valladolid
2009: Sevilla 4-1 Valladolid

Previous Meeting:

Valladolid 0-1 Sevilla
:soccer: 13’ Banega (pen)
:red_circle: 90+2’ Ocampos

Audio preview: M32: SEV-VLL [preview]



Poxy 9pm kick off here means I’m not going to be able to watch as I have to be up for work at 4:30 tomorrow morning. :tired_face:

Im ready, actually loving this a game every 4 days schedule, even in July there is gona be a game the 6th and the 8th and the 12th, That is the most packed schedule in a week of la liga I have seen… Our squad width so far will help us out well, against Villareal it showed too.

Valladolid, im never really sure about. What I remember against us, they never played great, but somehow they just score with some dangerous players like Oscár Gonzalez, Medunjanin I liked or Manucho. Right now, There is Enes Ünal, our ex hired super sub Sandro and a Hatem Ben Arfa with about 30 games played (2700 minutes) in the last 4 years. Shouldn´t be dangerous enough.

Let´s grab our first win of our good looking schedule. Vamoss!


Just noticed the audio Ed, great stuff. Hard agree on the Koundé part, from the start you could see his talent mixed, with some unpolishedness, newness but also his willingness to give it all upfront and in the back. That´s the typer of player you can only admire and love in your tteam. But his development has been an absolute pleasure to watch. Slow it down a bit Jules, we want you longer here.


Everybody’s fit. Hopefully we can play well to let Mena get some minutes.

Oh yeah, that guy…

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This will be a game of patience for sure. Valladolid are very well organised and rarely get hammered in any game they play. That’s why they will probably do enough to survive another season as without the great defence and unity they would be struggling much more. They don’t create or score a lot usually and hopefully that continues again.

We have the better players but we have to move the ball quick and try to start off at a fast pace. It’s crucial to not make any silly mistakes as going a goal down to Valladolid would make it tough to comeback.

We should dominate possession and we should be able to contain their attack well. Our defence is playing well on the whole and hopefully he starts with Carlos and kounde back at centre back. The change there at start of Villarreal game hurt us. I see why Lopetegui did it as we have so many games packed together so he was using his squad. It’s just more risky changing the centre back position especially with how well Carlos and kounde are starting to play together now.

I hope he starts munir too as he’s looked electric since the resumption of la liga. Munir, de jong and Ocampos would be the 3 I’d go with again here. As for midfield I agree I’d start banega as he’s looked great in last couple of games running the midfield and I’d play Fernando and either Torres/gudejli. I’d give Jordan a rest here and he’s not looked quite as good as the others in my view.

I think escudero has earned another start here after his goal and impressive performance against Villarreal. Lopetegui may switch back to reguillon, but personally I’d stick with escudero if he’s fit.

Let’s do this. With getafe, Sociedad, Valencia dropping more points and us holding Villarreal last match, we can put huge pressure on our rivals by going 7 points clear of 5th place getafe with a win. A big night for us and a winnable run of games coming up. Vamos Sevilla!


That was one heck of an ‘Opening Post’ @Edinho :wave: :wave: :wave:

I think so too

Monchi was interested about 3 or 4 years ago but the player has not developed much, in fact he was playing better 4 years ago, good decision to back off.

Regarding the starting 11, I favour Banega the way he’s been playing recently but equally he could be great coming on fresh in the second half. We have to make RSP a fortress again.


His injury history is shamefull. I´m not sure, but I think im not far off when i say he got both his knees torn up twice. Recovering and so forth, year in year out. Would have been a risky buy and according to his playing time currently its still not over. Extremely talented player. Nothing more than respect that he´s still going at it, in Valladolid.


Unfortunately it was his temperament that done him in. He mocked Emery at PSG, and never saw a minute of play after that. He’s mentioned in interviews that Sevilla was a done deal, and he prolly should’ve been part of that amazing Sampaoli team. That was his last chance, and it’s been downhill ever since.


wimp :wink:


Nice work on the preview @Edinho! Awesome work.


Mate I have hundreds of peoples lives in my hands. I can’t go to work on 4 hours sleep. :joy:


Really hope Valladolid play Churripi just because it is us today. Mainly because he looked awful the other day.


Just joking with ya. I don’t wake for 6am games here very often so I shouldn’t joke. haha


Same XI that ended that match vs Villarreal. Let’s hope they pick up where they left off. There was some nice interchanging between Mudo, Ocampos & Munir, and they never stuck to just one position. Hope to see more of the same.

As long as we don’t slow play it. We gotta be at their throats! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :sweat_smile:

¡Vamos chicos!


Maybe Mudo can give better balance and link between the midfield and front line, it’s something I always feel we are missing, and don’t like when Banega & Jordán play together as it gets too compact and ends up long balls out wide.
If Mudo can stay on his feet we will do ok, But is somewhere that we need to look at strengthening in the summer, someone like James from Real Madrid type player would be a game changer, but going back to the game we need to be patient and I think we will be triumphant, as nothing else will be good enough going into this round of games, we don’t want to slip up and give those below something to raise their game…Vamos!!


Strong team. I would have picked some expect maybe Oliver for mudo. Either way it’s great team and lets win this! Vamos!


Yea, Mudo raised my eyebrows, not been on his best form for a while, OK, give him a chance to redeem.


I actually liked Mudo vs. Barcelona, he showed some activity that is not Mudo-usual. Let’s hope he keeps it up, although I’d also like to see Oliver over him more like Mark mentioned.


New Ref, never reffed Sevilla before, I don’t know what to make of that.
I think Banega has so much talent in his boots he should stick to those balls that open the centre defence, when he plays that long diagonal ball to Navas (every game) I think oh no, this is too predictable. Then of course, he does lose possession a lot but seems to be improving on that. For sure, he’s very committed to this team at the moment.