M19: Sevilla v Athletic Club [2019-20]

1500 EST / 2100 CET / 700 AEST

Sevilla will be hosting their first game of the decade and take on Athletic Club, who form part of the chasing pack for the CL spots. Despite being a dependable team under Garitano, Athletic have been mediocre on the road, winning only 1 match out of 8.

Sevilla haven’t been the best at the RSP themselves, as the last home game ended in defeat to Villarreal. While still recording a fair amount of wins, the manner in which the 3 points were earned hasn’t entirely been convincing.

Reguilón misses out after acquiring his 5th yellow at Mallorca, while Nolito, who has returned to training, still wasn’t deemed fit enough to earn a place in the squad. Dabbur, Bryan, Pozo, Gómez & Javi Díaz were left out altogether.

Projected XI: Vaclík; Navas, Carriço, Carlos, Escudero; Fernando, Jordán, Banega; Munir, De Jong, Ocampos.

Lopetegui has done a decent job at keeping this team in 3rd place, but there are still glaring issues that have failed to clear him from doubts of his appointment. Whether it’s Jordán or Óliver that starts, they usually don’t begin games well, which hinders our chance creation. The recipient of these, De Jong, clearly doesn’t have the trust of his own teammates, which then negates any attacks involving him. Were the last 2 weeks enough to recharge and refocus our strengths to play as one unit?


No De Jong is always fine by me. That attack should be more fluid. And Kounde at LB???

Alright I am ready. Very important game, lets make it count. Vamos mi Sevilla!

Google has Carriço at LB. I bloody hope not. :sweat_smile: Either way weird given Escudero is on the bench.

Yeah I think they are working with Williams pace. I bet Kounde will be man marking him where ever he goes.

Nope Kounde at LB.

and Gonzalez Gonzalez as the Ref. Uggg

Koundé is great, but just the small downside, is the right footed left back not being as open to continueing the game forward. Also the playing the ball round at the back goes more or less well, unless Vaclik is involved…

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Well our streak of giving up early goals at home continues.

That was way too easy.

Kounde being put in the position that he shouldn’t. Stop playing people out of position Lope!

Yeah thats not good.

Where is our goal even gonna come from?

Luck; kind of how most of our goals come here lately.

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El Mudo, I guess. Also Ocampos out of thin air, can see it happen.

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We aren’t even getting shots on target.

Yep, no shots on goal yet. We toothless up front and now we conceded first. It’s an uphill task

Isn´t that kind of our thing? Creating hardly any clear chances and suddenly we are winning?

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Yeah it is. Unfortunately that luck doesn’t keep up a full season. Villarreal found us out and now we struggling again here.

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Come on Joan… dont start like this please.