M18: Real Mallorca v Sevilla [2019-20]

Saturday, December 21st, 2019
700 EST / 1300 CET / 2300 AEST

We end the calendar year with an away trip to the Balearic Islands against Real Mallorca. It seems the winter break has come at an opportune time. We’re absolutely starved for goals, and Chicharito & Dabbur were both left off the squad. All hope is in Munir & Ocampos. ¡A por ellos!



Probably the best case squad, except striker which has no answer. Maybe we put Carrico back too soon though. Think Kounde will take that back soon enough.

I thought this too. But maybe after subbing Kounde at Osasuna, Lope thought it was time. We’re gonna need that leadership today.

Would be nice to round off 2019 with a much needed win. Would be a big boost to us. It’s not gonna be easy though and it seems that the first goal is crucial in every match we play. Let’s hope we get the first goal today. Vamos! :slight_smile:

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Goooool de Diego Carlos! 1-0 Sevilla!


Lucas Ocampo showing he´s back, actively driving forward. Diego Carlos heading it from a corner kick together with the goalies hands, reaching as high and the ball bounces over the goal line. Makes me think back a bit when we had M´Bia, Fazio, Iborra, where we had such an airforce and such high conversión of set pieces, that I had high hopes every set piece, how much that has gone down. immense.


No Chicharito OR Dabbur on the bench. Who is the sub striker then? :sweat_smile:

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Hopefully Koundé no?

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Mallorca equalizes the score. Discussion about offside. Wow, can´t believe that they didn´t count this.

so 0-1 still up Boys.

We got very lucky there, that seemed onside. Harsh on Mallorca!

Yeah very lucky, For me it appeared to be like in the margin of 10 centimeters or something and generally in those cases, just like in the past, the advantage would be for the attacking team. So now we have the video refs, it should be posible on the most minimal difference, however I still think there´s cases where its fair enough or isn´t a review that precise.

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On the other day Carlos goal would be fouled and there will be a penalty for Marlloca, and I wont say it’s wrong.
We are really lucky in first half.


Overall happy to be leading. Diego Carlos is a rock and a leader for us! Ocampos being back is a big difference to us. He gives us more in attacking and we look more dangerous going forward.

However, I will stress we need to get 2nd goal as that could have easily been 1-1, maybe should be. We need to learn from previous games and finish it off. We will see if we can! I feel we need another goal as I think Mallorca will score and the ref may give them something 2nd half!

We lacking striking options on bench but Lopetegui needs to use his game management and subs wisely here! Vamos Sevilla!

Lucky is definitely the word cause from the very start Mallorca missed a chance from 6 yards out.

Offside is offside. I know VAR can be annoying most times, but to me offside is black & white, no grey areas. That was hell of a close call!

Facts! We need to be better in this regard and finish off games when on top. Refs easily give in to the home crowd, and that lead can be gone in a matter of minutes.

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Thinking Back, I feel like those small favorable decisions in more games then you´d think, have been the reason why we are 3rd and not 7th.


Yep, seeing how Granada has played earlier this season… Kounde holding the ball on the line vs Atlético… That terrible game vs Leganés…

I still have faith for this season. Most of it is in Rony Lopes, cause i think he’ll come good.

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I also remember some questionable handballs and not given penalties. That if Gary Medel had done it, they would have noticed it for sure. Not sure what happened in the refereree organization that turned in our favor but I kinda like to not complain about stuff like this for a while.

No way that this is happening…

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Penalty to us! Var gives it!

Refs got a death wish!

I’ll take it tho!! 2-0 Sevilla LMAO