M13: Sevilla at Betis — El Gran Derbi [2019-20]

Sunday, November 10th, 2019
1500 EST / 2100 CET / 0700 AEST

One of the biggest matches in La Liga’s calendar takes place tonight. Betis-Sevilla. Heliópolis contra Nervión. Verdiblanco v Rojiblanco. A proper derby in one of the most culturally rich locales imaginable. Who will take their share of the spoils and bask in glory during the long 2 weeks of the Int’l break?

Has Lopetegui won a big match yet?

With losses to Madrid & Barça, and draws against Valencia & Atlético, the simple answer is no. The argument can be made that all those teams have bigger budgets than Sevilla. But one must wonder if there is a mental block when it comes to Julen proving his pedigree. There rarely is a better time to win over some fans than to beat the eternal rival, especially on their turf.

Does a loss put Rubi back on the chopping block?

It seemed Rubi was on the way out, but after a win vs Celta & a point earned at the Bernabéu, his fortunes may have turned for the better. Betis are still lingering in the bottom half (17th), and have a way to go to catch up to their city rivals. The former Espanyol manager has bought himself time with those 2 positive results last week. But with the international break looming, the 2 weeks off can give the board enough time to think of a replacement if the match results in an abhorrent outcome.

Vaclík had pulled out injured in training yesterday, but Lopetegui still hasn’t ruled him out for the derby. It is still unknown whether Carriço is fit to play, but Julen isn’t giving any clues ahead of the match. However, we can be sure that our pillar in Fernando will return to the lineup.

Projected XI: Bono; Navas, Kounde, Carlos, Reguilón; Fernando, Jordán, Banega; Munir, Chicharito, Ocampos.

Sevilla hasn’t won at the Villamarín in the last two visits, but the Rojiblancos are a different outfit this year when it comes to away matches {3W-1D-2L}. The form book is definitely thrown out in these sorts of games, but Sevilla has often made itself an imposing character on the road. After a run of difficult matches in the league, will we return to our winning ways at our rivals’ expense?

“Let’s be them… those who generation after generation have succumbed to overflowing sevillismo
Let’s be them and defend our shield with their weapons and with ours: pride, passion, dedication and…. football. Heart and head, head and heart
You will always love your colors …” - Monchi (@leonsfdo)

¡Vamos mi Sevilla!


Obviously I don’t mind Betis so this is always an awkward game for me, but with the team I play for winning 2-0 today, and our third clean sheet in a row I have a very strong feeling of a Sevilla victory tonight. I reckon 1-4, be interesting to see if Bono does start and how Lopetegui goes if we win and he does well.

Borja Iglesias to score for Betis, de Jong, Banega, Oliver Torres and Munir to score for Sevilla.

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Very hard to predict these matches. We have the quality and a fully fit squad available to win this. It all depends on the side Lopetegui picks and simply whether we turn up and handle the occasion well. A win tonight would be massive and would put us joint 3rd and keep us in touch with the big boys at top.

Betis have improved slightly in last few games. Therefore, we will have to stay sharp and start quick. Let’s hope the team delivers tonight. We have the better players and hopefully they show it tonight. Vamos!

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Need getting in the mood? Watch this. A great day last Easter.


That’s it. You are kicked out! haha jk


I liked Betis before I liked Sevilla, so shoot me. :crazy_face:

Think Sevilla will smash Betis tonight mind you.

Luuk definitely has Julen’s nudes.


Can’t believe Jordan is not starting. :unamused:

Jordan’s been struggling and has been becoming reckless lately. Don’t want another Mesa situation.

That is most likely the real reason yes, but if there´s one game to gain love from Sevilla fans its this one. I know he had quite some starting spots so the patience is slowly running out, something that you can hear from in the crowd in the stadium as well. What bothers me most for Luuk, is how his stongest point, his heading and dueling in the air, is the point where he has failed too many times so far. Some real open headers, where strikers known for there heading would have converted atleast a couple of them.

Hope he gets to put some in Betis´ goal tonight. Vamos boys!

Hope the result of Brian´s video repeats itself 2-3

We have a strong side starting and a lot of great options on the bench. Nice to see Dabbur make the bench. I’m surprised Munir is not involved at all. However, I trust in Lopetegui and the team. Let’s bring home the 3 points. Vamos!

I won’t be watching live unfortunately. But 3 points is a must!

Vamos chicos!

Ocampos! Vamos! 1-0

Hell yeah, Ocampos with his 4th I think, hitting it nice from a rebound Betis header. Good Goal tho, surprisingly quite hard through the middle, Robles not able to stop it. (small touch from Bartra, deflecting the path slightly)

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De jong is holding the ball up well. Doing good so far!

Really? But he started so well! Probably pissed off he got dropped when he was playing well.

Robles wouldn’t stop it anyway, he is absolute pony. :joy: Probably the worst starting GK in La Liga.


I aggree, De Jong, even doing scissors and step overs lol, visibly a bit out of his confort haha. But true, held up the play a couple of times pretty well.

Also besides the goal, gotta love Ocampos ingenuity, thats a creative player, sometimes over his head and frustated, and sometimes genius.

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Damn right on half time!

Loren Moron. Had to be didn’t it, guy always seems to find a goal from somewhere.