La Liga 2023-24 Season Thread

I hate international breaks, they are so bloody boring, yet as a teenager I couldn’t wait for England weekends, I enjoyed them as much as watching Palace. I just cannot stand them now, I have literally Zero interest in the England National Team.

I’m talking the days of David Seaman, Tony Adams, Paul Ince, Alan Shearer etc.

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The wait is nearly over, friends.


Was attempting to create a new thread for tomorrow’s match day, but can’t figure out how to do it, anyone else about to get us rolling! Back to fútbol!

Let’s vamos the heck out of Reale Arena.


Got ya

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Cheapest salvation from relegation ever and a terrible steak: the six bottom clubs with … 658 days winless!

La salvación más barata de la historia y una racha fatal: los seis últimos clasificados suman… ¡658 días sin ganar!

September 26 was the last time Sevilla won!

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Oof…menos mal I suppose…

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watching the very end of the :poop: and RM match… wow… pretty hard to deny how far behind our quality is. :poop: could/should’ve won it at the end with Isco putting a shot off the post and another chance barely tipped over the bar. they played decisively, moved the ball well, were brave.

depressing days.


Yet we could have beat Real Madrid ourselves when we played them. :thinking:

What a first half of football by Girona and Barca. Great advert for la liga. I’d give my right arm for us to play like Girona right now. What a breath of fresh air they been as amazing in attack and counters.


History made for Girona as they beat Barca for first team. Amazing effort from them and back top! Fair play to them.


What a win and what a story!

Serious title contenders you’d have to say now.

Well done Girona.


Until RM comes and totally annihilates them like they did a couple of weeks ago.

No one except Atletico (prime or when they’re really into it) stand a chance against the big two nowadays. It’s just that opponents are not taking Girona seriously most of the time.

I still root for them (fingers crossed for a fairytale) but they’re far from being serious title contenders, still a long way to go in the season.


i do think real madrid will end up at the top with a huge gap by the end of the season.

its still insane that girona is even making it to the champions league. michel has done something seriously special with this team and they can become a huge force in spain

i expect city group to take over another club in germany and do the same thing. slowly they’ll own some of the biggest clubs in the world. even though their money comes from nefarious places, i like what theyre doing