Have You Ever Been to Sevilla or Spain?

Just curious how many folks have actually been to Sevilla. If you have, why did you go and what was your favorite memory and place you visited?

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Not been yet. However, going for first time next year in may. Going to soceidad at home game. Will look forward to visiting different places and experiencing the culture!

Plus will probably go again in future, after my first visit, very excited, to be apart of the atmosphere in sevilla and in the Sanchez pizjuan on match day!


I been to Mallorca, Tenerife and Lanzarote though! Nice places, enjoyed the resorts, apartments, bars, coast and places to visit and eat. Really enjoyed my times there.

Can’t wait to try out sevilla next for a tour around and also for the footy!

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I was in Barcelona in 2012 with my University Futsal team. Short trip though, only 3 days, but enjoyed the exotic city a lot. Will be looking forward to go to Sevilla sometime around next year, not sure if will be able to catch this season.

The dream remains, the beautiful city of Sevilla and RSP!

Spent a month there in high school in the spring of 2006. Went back last year for the first time since then.

Have been to Spain three or four times in that period. Sevilla is obviously my favorite, but Granada is great. Toledo is cool for a day trip. Barca is nice but there’s a crapload of tourists. Madrid has plenty to do. Malaga was beautiful but full of British and German people.


So I’ve been to Sevilla four times. The first time was in 2002 for a wedding. Then again in 2010 I think for another wedding, for a family reunion in 2013 and then again in 2015 while in Barcelona for business.

I fell in love with the city immediately and enjoy going back as much as I possibly can with hopes to retire there when the time comes. I’ve only been to 2 games at the RSP. I didn’t know what futbol was in 2002 so I didn’t go that year. I’ve been every time since except for 2015; caught them on a break.

RSP is awesome, but the city…the city is magical. The people are magical, the food is spectacular and the architecture, history and culture are top notch. I’ve enjoyed other cities and towns throughout Spain (minus the Basque country and Galicia, haven’t made it up there yet) and nothing compares to Sevilla.


You said it best Chris. Save me a spot in your retirement home (maybe a Monchi’s men senior co-op? lol). I studied abroad in Sevilla in 2006 during college and have been back three times and one feria since then. Despite our obvious bias, I can say that it’s the prettiest of many cities I’ve visited in Europe and I think about moving back there all the time because it’s hard to compete with it’s charm and incredibly cheap Cruzcampo beer. I actually am lucky enough to have an uncle in the city who left Nicaragua years ago to become a doctor in Spain, so I was only given one option for which team to support and I can’t thank him enough for convincing/forcing me to choose the Sevillista life!


I’m originally from England and it’s only a 2-3hr flight to Spain so in the past we spent quite a few of our holidays there and grew to love the country.
I was lucky enough to retire at a relatively young age and we decided to move over on a more permanent basis, in 2005 we bought a house in a small quiet town in the province of Sevilla around 1hrs drive from the city and spend September through to the end of May there, returning to England to escape the frying temp of Sevilla every July/August.

I’ve always been a football fan and have followed Sheffield United through many more downs than ups all my life so on moving here I had the choice of supporting Sevilla or Betis. Due to there being a Sevilla fc peña based in a bar at the end of our street I chose Sevilla and started going to a few games, the few became more and more so this year I decided to buy a season ticket.

The atmosphere in the Sanchez pizjuan is something special, I’ve visited a number of stadiums in Spain including the Camp Nou and in my opinion nothing comes close.

I would urge all of you on here who have never experienced it to do all you can to visit this wonderful city of Sevilla and if possible take in a game, you won’t regret it.

As a footnote My birth city of Sheffield is also the place where football was born in 1857 and the first ever football club in the world is still going strong. Take a look if you’re interested in reading on how this game we all love started.



Well Brian, I came to Sevilla in 2003 and immediately decided to stay, What more can I say.

Also originate from Sheffield area, though I’ve lived in South Africa too.

You’ll probably know that the Bilbao kit was based on Sheffield United while the Recreativo, and Deportivo kits, were based on the blue and white of Sheffield Wednesday. I’ve been to the major stadiums in Spain and it’s true that nothing is close to RSP for general atmosphere. I also make a habit of visiting famous stadiums like the Maracana in Rio (I’ve got an unbelievable video of a game there, with 120,000 in the stadium) and la Bombonera of Boca Juniors, and now we normally travel with a Sevilla scarf and take it out for a photo in front of the famous stadiums. There a lot’s of grreat cities in Spain though, Cordoba, Merida, Caceres, Toledo, Segovia to name a few.


What a small world Tim. Will you be watching the best derby in England on Sunday?
We have made a point of staying in different places in Spain on every trip back to the UK, I agree on the ones you mention being worth a visit. I would also recommend Granada Ávila, Santiago, pontevedra and pamplona as a few more places worth seeing.


Haven’t been in Seville, but I’m planning to visit next March. Any suggestions? Also i it easy to find tickets for Sevilla games?

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You can usually buy tickets easily on line from the Sevilla fc official site http://www.sevillafc.es/ ( If your Spanish is not up to it there is the option of choosing the English version once you are on there) Then you just click on “tickets” or “Entradas” choose your game/seat and put in your details.The tickets normally go on sale around a week before the game. You then have the option of receiving the tickets by e-mail to print off or you can pick them up at the ticket office in person on match day. Or simply turn up at the ticket office and buy on the day. However to be more sure of getting one the on-line option is better especially for the more popular games against the bigger teams.

I can recommend a couple of hotels very close to the stadium if you need any further info just ask. I’ll be happy to help with public transport links etc.

First went to Sevilla in 2010 for only a short stay of two nights on my first european journey (coming from Australia) followed it up by 8 nights in 2011 and recently went back at the end of 2016 for four more nights.

Seen four games at the RSP now and also seen Sevilla play Real Madrid at the Bernabau. Also seen atletico play a couple times at the Vicente Calderon.

The people, atmosphere of the city and food are incredible. The architecture is amazing and is simply the most stunning atmospheric and memorable city I have visited in my list of almost 40 countries travelled.

Other cities in Spain I have been to include, Granada (amazing also been twice), Cadiz, Malaga, Salamanca, Madrid (three times also), Barcelona, Segovia (also a beautiful town and visited twice), San Sebastian and Tenerife and Lanzarote (The Canary Islands)

I would love to hear from some of the newer posters on this thread.

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I shared a little in some other posts, but I have been to Sevilla!

My wife grew up there before moving to the States for college where we met. Before COVID, we’d spend a couple of weeks in Sevilla each year. We were married there, and our daughter was baptized there as well.

Our wedding took place on a derby day. We had Beticos and Sevillistas watching the game on their phones on the way to the church :joy:


I spent my junior year of college there in 1995-96. I lived in Macarena and loved life there. My neighbors were amazing and Sevilla fans. They introduced me to the team and were great people making my year there wonderful. I stayed connected with them throughout the years so much so I sent my two oldest boys to do exchange years with them in La Algaba, one right after the other.

In 2017 I retired from the military. We sold everything and traveled around the world. Part of that was hiking the Camino Frances with the boys. It was an amazing trip and the boys loved it. We have four boys and at the time the youngest was 6. In 2018 my wife and I separately hiked the Camino Norte. She hiked first then flew back to the US and high five’d me tag-team style, then I went and traced her steps. The Norte was even better than the Frances.

I try to get out to Spain as often as I can. I was there in Sevilla March of 2020 when COVID was hitting and the US was shutting everything down. My second son was there for his year and I was visiting. With all the uncertainty, we could not get commercial flights out of Spain before the US closed the airspace, the prices skyrocketed. We took a blablacar to Rota and got on the last Space-A flight (military transport) back to the US.

This summer my oldest two will be heading off to college in Florida. My wife and I will be dropping them off and then will be moving to Sevilla in the fall with our youngest two boys. Still debating on living in La Algaba or in Sevilla directly. My wife would love to live our by Alameda de Hercules. I would be fine with an apartment right in Nervion :).


My sister lives in Spain so been many times but not for about 14 years now. Been to Seville which is when I saw Sevilla play. I love it out there especially where she lives as it’s so laid back.


I lived in Sevilla, close to la Alameda, for 3 years. Moved out there to take a TEFL course, but was more interested in the city & football. The first game I went to at the RSP was the 5 - 1 derbi win in November 2012. Haven’t been back to visit in a while, so I’ll need to remedy that at some point in the future.


As a child, my parents mostly went to France, Switzerland or Italy on vacation, So in my youth I never got to see Spain or Seville. I visited Spain the first time, when I was about 20 on a field trip for my studies in Lleida northern Spain. Eventhough as a young football fan, the first period of fame with the first two uefa throphies, Juande Ramos, and the big names, got the club for the first time in my field of vision of football as a child. Not experiencing it closely, but definitely making a mark and name for themselves in my mind. And then later, from about 2010 when I was 16, I became a more intense follower of Sevilla FC, watching weekly games, later found the worldpress forum, from which u guys got to this amazing place right here.

My love for the club and my romantic view of the City only grew through these years, while never having been there. My dad took me there on a city trip, around 2016. Discovering the city and visiting the RSP and a game against newly promoted Leganes. It turned out my view wasn’t that much off, and fell even more in love with the City, the climate and the club. So after my studies, I basically went there for 6 months to experience the life in Seville and learned a lot there. Living in Heliopolis, close to the Benito Villamarin, was a bit out of the city centre, but still showed a good view of how the average citizens and how the football lives in the city. Went to the Sevilla - Bayern game in 2018, which was an insane ambience and very memorable night, after watching us defeat Man. Utd in a mixed crowded bar filled to the roof (Phoenix Pub at Plaza de Cuba, doesn’t exist anymore sadly) has a lot of precious memories for me. After my 6 months there, been back a couple of times, and will always keep coming back for visits and for games. Lived in Valencia for almost 2 years, visited our game in Mestalla there as well. Went to the Barcelona game last December and the cup game here in Cordoba. The place where im living right now, the neighbored city Cordoba, where i’m continuing my spanish life and has been a pleasure and lovely city as well.


Yes. Went to Sevilla back in 2019, actually got to see the derby as well.

My dad lived in Sevilla in college and said it’s one of his favorite places on earth