FIFA 20 - anyone playing?

Is anyone playing nowadays and in which platform?

I got it both on PC and PS4 if anyone wants a friendly

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I’m only on Xbox - WolfpackChris is my username.


I do have it on PS4, not played in a while though, will post up my gamer tag when I next go on, can’t remember it off the top of my head. :sweat_smile:

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Post it here and let’s play some day

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No one dares to?

Chris, you’re exempted because of Xbox.


probably for the best because I’m terrible

Me too, just messing around playing for fun.


Sorry @ShendM I will get back to you. Just not been on the Playstation in a few days.

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JBucks1984 is my name on the PS4.


I’m training for a tournament on Saturday and Sunday, organized by the local municipality, 128 players overall. Hope you’ll be a good sparring partner :stuck_out_tongue:

Will add you tomorrow and take it from there.

Are you on now Jim? Will add you in a bit.

I am on now if you are about. Not played in about 2 months mind you.

Fair to say you taught me a bit of a FIFA lesson bud. Although those were the first 3 online games I have played on 20. And probably the first on FIFA in about 15 months so. :sweat_smile: Bit out of practice.

Any pointers?

Sevilla (ShendM) 5-2 Bayer Leverkusen (SS)
Dinamo Zagreb 4-2 Crystal Palace
FC Basel 1-1 Borussia Dortmund

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Hhahahahaha good game mate.

Nahh I wasn’t much better, and sure one could get rusty without playing regularly.

Anyone else up for playing?

We could make a small league of Sevillistas if possible.

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As for pointers, only playing regularly. In Kosovo we have a lot of gaming centers with ps4’s only and we play FIFA with friends live, 1 v 1 usually, maybe 1-2 times a week.

I’ve played Fifa on PC and PS1, then Winning Eleven in PS1 until PES 2006 came out, then continued to play on PS2 until 2013 I think when I switched back to FIFA. From then on, only FIFA, but it changed a lot during the years especially after the 2017 edition, new engine and everything.

Because of those game centers, I didn’t really need a PS3 or PS4 at home and never purchased it. My father did because he wanted to play for himself, games like Red Dead Redemption, Tomb Raider etc. So he got a PS4 last December after a long pause from gaming.

So I never played FIFA online before recently and even now play it very rarely.

That first game was annoying. I managed to pull it back to 1-1 after finding my feet, then for some reason I hit some serious lag and you scored 3 quick goals. Bloody annoying that was.

I started trying to copy your little flick thing you was doing too. :laughing:

@Edinho are you still playing?

I didn’t get FIFA 20, but i have 19. I play that quite sporadically. I’m MeanOldYeti on PS4 if you still have it.

Where’s my Xbox people at? :wink: