Europa League - Sevilla FC vs PSV


How does player registration work for this? Do we get to rework our roster? Will we be able to see Oliver in Europa this spring?


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I caught a bit of PSV today and they are going to be a problem.


Don’t tell me that, Chris.

Maybe we’ll see a clutch (own) goal from Luuk de Jong for the win. Luuk is always clutch



Any update on PSV’s situation lately?

They have done some interesting movements in this transfer window.


Fabio Silva from Wolves

Thorgan Hazard from Dortmund

Patrick Van Aanholt from Galatasaray


Cody Gakpo to Liverpool

Noni Madueke to Chelsea

Bruma to Fenerbahce

Marco Van Ginkel to Vitesse

Not sure if they’ve made the right replacements or if they’re at the same level as they were in the first part of the season, but it will be a tough tie nonetheless.


Thanks for the update. I certainly feel weak in the knees to think about that tie, though certainly seems less terrifying prospect without Gakpo lined up. Not to say they aren’t strong in attack, but Gakpo really shocked me during WC.

I’m sticking with my prediction, Luuk de Jong has been clutch for SevillaFC in Europa League, so I trust this will be no different. 1-2 on aggregate with a late own goal by Luuk making the difference.


We need to be getting at PvA… :rofl: He was an excellent attacking LB for Palace. But defensively he is all over the place.


Just blood some canteras and get it over with. A Europa campaign is nothing but a distraction right now.


i understand that view, but i disagree. we’re not getting relegated. so unless we go on another losing skid, i think we should give europa MORE priority than the league where the difference betwen 17 and 8 really doesnt matter (and we’re almost sure to land).

even though EL money is not as high as CL, we need it badly. It’s a few million extra dollars for each further round.

  • Winner - £7.8m
  • Runner-up - £4.2m
  • Semi-finalist - £2.5m
  • Quarter-finalist - £1.6m
  • Round of 16 - £1.1m

But counterargument to myself/question: Are there different end of season rewards dependent on where you finish? Are shares of TV revenues linked to where you finish in the table? Because, if so, that cuts against my argument that there’s no financial difference between 8 and 17… maybe there is?

Another counterargument is that it’ll be easier to sign new guys or sell outgoing ones if we can say: “hey, we had a rough season, but we still finished top half” as opposed to saying “we narrowly escaped relegation in a catastrophe of a season”… so, i can see how that could matter as well… though similarly, if we made it further in EL you could say, “yeah our liga season sucked, but we did make the EL semis” etc etc

anyway. the point is. Vamos!


League ranking (finishing position) does count towards money from RFEF. I don’t know which one pays more, europa or la liga. I would imagine la liga. Even so, my philosophy is that you go for every competition to win it!


Good call, been in touch with my friend who’s a big psv fan. He will send me a short summary to post here from their side with some ins and outs and some expectations. I’ll post it on when I get it. For myself, on the other side of the world it’s so hard to follow European football. I’m in rehab considering football and I can understand why Australians don’t have that much with it. Besides the very occasional PL game. I’m just glad with the updates here and that things are slowly but surely looking a bit brighter around Sevilla, altho I won’t say that too loud.

Very stoked for the PSV game.


Newly registered players are: Oliver Torres, Ocampos and Bade. Bryan Gil will also be available as a young player. Gueye and Tecatito remained unregistered, beacause you can register only 3 new players for the second part.


Once again, the stupidity of Lope is causing us issues. We have to register OT as a new player for the second part only because the genius left him out of the squad in the first part.

We really could’ve used Gueye’s physical presence in the midfield in EL, especially if we’re in for a long run… Tecatito won’t be fully fit in a while anyway.


This is what my friend Johnny, a longtime PSV and football fan, send me to recap how things are going in Eindhoven this year. Ever since pre-draw we were both hoping we would be matched against eachother, so just pure excitement from both sides that the clash is happening.

This season started off with our new coach; Ruud van Nistelrooij. After Roger Schmidt left, PSV was trying to find a new coach and Van Nistelrooij was hesitant at first to become the PSV coach. After some negotiating he finally agreed and we got ourselves a club legend to coach our club!
The summer-transferwindow was a very good one, but there were many fans unsure if we could finally beat Ajax this year. Xavi Simons, a young dutch talent with many people doubting if he could show that he was good enough to be a player for the first eleven and Luukinho coming back from Sevilla/Barcalona, were the two biggest signings. But maybe even more important; we didn’t sell Gakpo. One of the best players of last year wanted to stay and win cups with PSV.

When the season started we had to play Ajax for the Johan Cruijf Schaal and we won. The supporters were not expecting this and it gave us the feeling that this year might be one were we finally could become champions again! Even the start of the Champions League playoffs went well. Winning the first few games while playing good football gave us great excitement and big hopes.

But then, after a few games we started to see some inconsistency. Losing to Rangers FC, playing very poor and losing/drawing against the smaller clubs in the Eredivisie, but also winning 2-1 to Ajax and winning 2-0 to Arsenal to show you how inconsistent this year has been. This made many of us lose hope for becoming champion of the Netherlands again. Too many point-losses already this season. And the defenders making too many mistakes.

Then the transfer market opened this winter, and Brands, our Director of Football, had to sell many players. The last few years PSV took too much risk in spending money and giving big salaries. Gakpo and Madueke had to be sold, which is pretty equal to selling almost every creative player. The fans were all losing hope because PSV hadn’t signed a new player until the last day of the transfermarket. Brands told in an interview that the only possibily was to loan a few players which resulted in loaning Hazard, the one from BvB, Patrick van Aanholt and Fabio Silva on the last day. At this point, the season is unpredictable. The top 5 in the Eredivisie is very close to each other, with maximum of 6 points difference between the clubs.

I also like to give you a small recap of the form of the squad at this moment.

Luukinho isn’t in form, a big letdown for all of us. Hasn’t scored many goals as expected and it just isn’t going the way he wants. Inconsistent in front of goal and his strengths aren’t used as they should be. Not enough crosses that would help him scoring more goals.

Xavi Simons, definitely our best player at the moment, one to watch in the next 2 knock-out matches. Great dribble and ball control, fast and in front of goal he’s very clinical.

Joey Veerman, inconsistent in his form, but when things are going the way he wants, his passes and cross are outstanding and can be the difference in losing and winning.

The last player I want to mention is Sangaré. He is our controlling midfielder and a beast. Great tackling and superb in duels, but on the contrary his passes and possession could be better. This man is a pain to play against.

And then the defence of PSV. This is our Achilles’ heel, with many of the defenders being not good enough to play for PSV. In my opinion the defence is the reason PSV isn’t at the top spot at the moment, and also why we didn’t get to play Champions League this year. The focus for PSV should be replacing some of those defenders if we want to increase chances in winning cups again.

And to end my recap my predictions for the match against Sevilla.

Home-game: 2-1 PSV win
Away-game: 1-0 loss.
Which, on aggregate, means I think Sevilla will advance to the next round.

Good luck to all of you!

All in all, the amount of similarities of our situations are wild.

The coach replacements, losing core players, doubt, worried fans, last minute bandaid usage and loan deals, defensive struggles, out of form striker, and inconsistencies all around. A player doubted to make the first eleven, ending up being the main man. He really is impressive and it’s a shame he didn’t play more in the World Cup. A skilled, speedy player but also aggressive and fearless. Great combination. The game has a lot of stories. I was really impressed with them and think they showed way higher highs than us, this year’s Arsenal is something else. Yet, the end result of the transferwindow honestly should give us an extra edge. But who really knows how the dices will role. Anyway, thanks a lot to Johnny and may the game be a spectacular one!


Nice backgrounder. Thanks to Johnny and thanks for sharing!

My hopes aren’t especially high but this is why we play the games! We’ll see if busy end of transfer window can inject some additional improvement and energy in the squad. Let’s see if we have any fight for Barca tonight first.


I’d swap Jordan for Gueye (EL list) in a a split second. Even though the new guy still has to prove himself, I’m willing to bet he’s way better than Jordan in the CM position.


Yeah, though, as much as I can’t stand watching Jordán play, I also understand that it’s probably pretty bad for team morale to yank a central figure like that in favor of someone who just arrived. Not sure that’s the hill I would die on if I were coach. Obvs if you were talking a top shelf mid, I would gladly deal with locker room blowback…but not sure the guaranteed differential for Gueye is enough to merit that switch. If Rekik weren’t an emergency backup for a couple defensive positions, I would gladly drop him from the roster. Similar to my point when Oliver was dropped (although with hindsight Dolberg or Delaney were easy drops), I think I can see the dilemma this time around.

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Does anyone know if Paramount+ offers on demand game replays like ESPN+? I’m not going to be available to watch either leg live :pensive:

Now imagine - we have Jordan instead of Gueye in the EL list.