Europa League Quarter Final - Sevilla FC at Manchester United

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Are there any Man U fans on this forum? I don’t even know.

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Tragedy, no Jordán!

How will we ever face the mighty ManU without Jordán?

Surely all options on the table are better than less options…but i can’t say I’m sad to imagine a starting XI without Joan.

So if this was Sampaoli, we could expect Marcão to line up in the starting XI. But I suspect Mendilíbar will go with Gudelj and Badé, no?

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Serious question here. Given the intellectual talent of RFEF referees, surely Pape Gueye could line up in Joan Jordan’s uniform and pass undetected. But this is Europa League. Will that work with higher refereeing talent?

We could really use him…

Nice piece Chris :-). But I’d stick with “kit” and not “uniform” LOL


haha should have proofread I guess :wink:

Who all is going to the return leg in Sevilla? @Brian @jdecourcey @sevilla_spurs @Grahamed @JakobJarc ?

Would anyone of you like to participate on that same Man U site that I just did an interview with? They are looking for someone in Sevilla.

No, I’m not going, maybe I will go to the Athletic Bilbao away match in the end of the month, but not sure yet. I have to decide where to go between this match and Croatian derby.

Love you for saying this straight to their faces Chris (the Man U fans):

The club is historic but has been riding on history for some time now. I’m sure I will upset many of your readers here, but I don’t really respect the throw more money at it to fix it mentality that clubs like Man U, Chelsea, Man City, Barcelona, and others have employed over the years. I just can’t appreciate that type of management. It’s too easy in my opinion. It is much harder to build a club of modest means and compete against the big boys, win trophies, and maintain a top 25 coefficient in UEFA.

For those who haven’t read it yet… Chris kicked this interviews ass and made me proud.


I am going but not interested in doing some Manc interview, I was going over to Manchester but only just got back last week from there and the flight prices went up to crazy money!
And I hope to see Marcao in the back line which would allow Gudelj to play as a DCM next to Fernando where he can get forward and unleash a rocket into the top corner to win the game in 88th minute tomorrow night!


Thanks @Rene1


Rashford out tomorrow, possibly longer.

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Feeling strangely hopeful for this one. The league table still very close to danger, but I think we will show we are not as weak as many think tomorrow. At this point nobody expects much, we have not much to lose either and I want to believe we get a way with something at Old Trafford after how we scored those two goals a man down last week.


I’m going to try to get tickets to go to the game, but I don’t think I can add anything that you didn’t already cover in your interview. You did a great job with it.

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Have fun! Hoping for a good night.