Copa Del Rey 23/24 - Sevilla FC at Getafe

English announcer was pissing me off so I went to the Spanish.

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Definitely doesn’t seem to be the sharpest announcer.

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They were finally ready for the back post off the corner

Alberto squeeze that shit.


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damn ramos

Oh dear …


Ramos giveth, Ramos taketh away

It was coming though, we’ve been awful since scoring


We are lucky its just their first lol

Ramos should get an assist.

That was lucky they didn’t review that penalty. It was soft, but its also la liga

I hate Getafe so much.


imagine signing a sex offender and then thinking everythings okay


It is probably one of those fake blood pouches. I didnt even see contact

We have zero chemistry. None

Very scrappy and irritating, just as you expect. Let’s not lose ourselves.

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Eveyone just standing around watching Suso struggle. Love that

how’s alberto flores?

Alberto taking a trip somewhere there. Good lord.