Changing Name of Podcast - Thoughts?

Hey guys. Something that I have been thinking about. We will never change the name of this supporter’s group. It will be Monchi’s Men forever unless Monchi pulls some weird try to take over the world or I can grab people by the “P” type philosophy.

However, having the podcast named after someone that might have left, not under the best terms, could impose some harm in us trying to grow the show. I’m thinking, would Orta ever come on a show that was named after their predecessor?

Anyway, I wanted to see what your thoughts are. Could we grow the podcast by changing the name? Do you guys have any ideas for names? Generally what are your thoughts?


interesting thoughts Chris… “vamos mi sevilla” feels too bland/obvious. “puta :poop:” could work and yet, what distinguishes you/us is being english speaking, so a spanish title seems weird. maybe: “fuck yeah Sevilla!”? has a nice ring to it.


For tradition : “Orta’s Fellas”, hahaha.
Something new : “Speaking Sevillistas”, “Nervión Noise”, “Biris Babble”, “Sevilla Anglosphere” or whatever.

But I can see your worry. Maybe it is indeed better for the growth of podcast to have a name that is infinitely associated with the club. Some may now come across the podcast and think it’s about Aston Villa…

But then again, Monchi’s Men has kinda grown on me. It would feel weird to change it.


Chris and his band of Monchi’s Men. :joy:


I think you could give the Monchi’s Men forum and such a subtitle, which is then the name of the Podcast.

Just going with plain vanilla for starters, you could do “Sevilla FC Supporters Worldwide Podcast” and then add that tag to all Monchi’s Men branding, eg. Monchi’s Men, Sevilla FC Supporters Worldwide. And then that allows you to start building the recognition and branding around “Sevilla FC Supporters Worldwide” for the eventuality that Monchi goes off the rails and starts selling reverse mortgages and catheters.

Like I said, that’s the plain vanilla version, and maybe that’s what you already had in mind, but figured I’d lay out the idea of having a bit of a dual branding emerge.

Some alternatives off the cuff. Guardians of Nervión (too ripped off, no?), Monchi’s Men and the Navas Nation, Globally Sevilla FC.

And then for kicks, some wrong answers:
Suso is sus. @Edinho
Red, white, and Woot! (Also for @Edinho)

PS - I personally love the term sevillistas but it’s a bit clannish for the uninitiated.


Sevillistas por el Mundo
Sevilla worldwide
Mundo Sevilla or Sevillista
Guiri Biri or Guiri Guiri Biri Biri

First one is taken. I do like the last one, but not sure the Biris would take kindly to us borrowing it. And those are guys I’d prefer not to piss off, lol.

I think the Mundo ones don’t really work because there’s no way to know it’s an English speaking fan group.

I was warming up to one suggested last week of “Sevilla Anglosphere”. I first worried that it sounded too exclusive to all the folks in the group who are neither English nor native English speakers, or in other words, that people would interpret it as “Anglo-Saxon” (i.e. an ethnic group rather than “English speaking”). What is your thought on that front?

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Extranjeros por Sevilla.
Extranjeros seguidores de sevilla

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Agree. I’m not crazy about anglosphere.


Talking SFC


“Linked to Sevilla” — in regards to agent talk every transfer window

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I could be wrong but didn’t we keep “Monchi’s Men” when Monchi left the first time? Why not keep it, he’s still a legend, and it kinda has a nice ring to it anyways.


That would be my input as well. It’s a name, it’s not necessary to change and it’s good to remember where we came from.

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Just a reminder that I think it was understood in Chris’ first message, but bears repeating: No one wants to drop Monchi’s Men, just compliment that base name with a specific name/sub-title for the podcast.

And you’re correct @User1115 , we doubled down on Monchi last time he left. The circumstances were a bit different, but I also agree with everyone that it would be unnecessary to rush to drop Monchi from Monchi’s Men. But I do think it’s important to clarify that this isn’t a Monchi fan group or an Aston Villa fan group, but a Sevilla Supporters group. Lots of potential ways to do that, but I do think it’s important to make that clearer.

Another easy way to think about clarifying that aspect would be to opt for a logo with the Sevilla seal rather than the current image

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Yeah we ain’t changing the name of our group or forum. Just looking at possibly rebranding the podcast to reach a larger audience.

I have ambitions to bring more folks from the team on to interview and it might be difficult saying, hey Del Nido Jr. want to come on a podcast named for the dude that just left you high and dry?

I appreciate all the comments and we will see what happens in the coming weeks. I’m hoping to chat with some marketing folks at SFC to see how we can work together to help spread our Sevillismo.


I personally want to have a super complex Spanish name for the podcast so that we can all hear Chris butcher the name every time he introduces the show when we’re recording late on a Sunday night and are already two drinks in :joy:


Monchi’s Men - A Sevilla FC Podcast

I think something like that is really all that’s needed



Except I don’t introduce the show :wink:


How about:


It is from the chorus of the Himno, so you have your sound clip right there.
It has the name of the team in it, so it will be easier to find for new listeners.
It is delivered with Andalucian gusto and energy.
It´s simple. It´s easy to recognise. It´s easy to remember.
And finally repetition is an important device in speechwriting and advertising:

  1. Tell 'em what you´re going to tell 'em.
  2. Tell 'em.
  3. Tell 'em what you told 'em.
    It weirdly fits the bill for that as well:-)