Champions League 23/24 - Sevilla FC at Lens

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A pretty small squad to face lens, don’t seem to have any actual wingers that will be available.

Ocampos suspended, and Lukebakio out. Speaking of Lukebakio, he apparently suffered a “high grade” sprain of a “lateral internal ligament” which I think is MCL.


It’s crazy to think this could be our last European game for quite a long time if we don’t win this.

We been so used to European football year after year and could be end of an era…

With that limited squad and our low confidence I don’t have much hope here. I guess the pressure is more on lens as they at home and expected to win. Let’s just have a free swing and see.

Pedrosa and juanlu have been our most promising players lately. Rakitic and YEN been decent too. It feels like it’s down to them. I’d probably play oliver here too for more creativity.

We will see. Vamos sevilla!


This feels like Diego Alonso last stand. Simply has to win or it’s probably over for him. I say probably as you never know with this club.


The available lineups will force him to make a formation adjustment no?


Since when do we only ever take 18 players?

i think if diego alonso loses this he will be gone.

if we end up winning it will raise our spirits as we have a good chance of making the uel, but im not sure if diego alonso can actually survive relegation if it ever ends up that bad. maybe if we win it will change his ways and we’ll start being okay in the league have no idea

if we lose and its wraps for alonso, i hope we bring in a good coach lmao. i seriously doubt mendilibar will come back but its a possibility.

it will be a dramatic game overall for on and off the pitch reasons.


If Alonso makes it for the Lens game which I assume he will now, I agree with others that this is his last chance saloon. Win and get us into the Europa and he may get a temporary at least reprieve.

He will be gone with a draw or loss I reckon and won’t make Getafe. Really struggling to see us getting anything at Lens with a depleted squad devoid of confidence and seemingly incapable of winning games of football unless it’s against lower league opposition.

Hoping for the best though!


France interior minister has issued a ban on Sevilla fans for traveling to France for the match.


I hope for a Wonder with Marcao for the rest of the Saison.
He played so good…
I know, just a few games.
But, with him and Ramos/Bade…i would feeĺ better.


Winning this one could also give us some momentum to finish off the year in style. However, not winning it and without EL in the horizon, I doubt we will attract a decent coach to come and save the season.

There is not a lot of challenge in ‘surviving relegation’ and we’ll most likely look for someone short term, half a season with the chance of 1 more if we end up mid-table or something.

It’s really a bad situation to be in and I doubt the current management has the capacity to solve it in the best possible way, with or without luck.


Gerald Darmanin, Minister of the Interior of France, has announced that Sevilla fans will be prohibited from traveling to Lens to support their team. The incessant incidents with radical French fans in recent times have been the trigger for this firm decision.

This stinks to high heaven. When Lens visited Sevilla there were no problems at all with their fans. Is this minister going to reimburse all the Sevilla fans who have already booked flights/hotels and match tickets?

Sevilla FC is taking steps with the Spanish government to try to ensure that this prohibition measure is not applied , since many fans already had flights and trips to France confirmed to watch the match against Lens.
Sevilla FC considers that harm is being caused to its fans and a dangerous precedent is being set in terms of fan movements . Likewise, they will provide them with all the help in their power through the club’s liaison officer.

They will forward a formal complaint to UEFA about the procedure carried out, without prior notice and with practically no room for reaction.

-Finally, Sevilla FC will communicate through its media any official decision that is transferred to the entity, whether by the French or Spanish authorities.

The Lens “ultras” say that Sevilla fans do not have to suffer the minister’s incompetence and that they are willing to help them with everything necessary, even giving up their seats so they can enter the local area.


So, Europa League is on the line. Assuming this isn’t resolved through diplomacy, you have to ask yourself this question?

Is it worth having the players not take the field in order to strengthen both the message to UEFA and your potential legal claims? Seems to me like without Sevilla-supporter specific accusations and/or specific threats for this particular match, this is a really arbitrary decision which is clearly unable to be countered now that Lens fans were already welcomed with open arms to the match in the RSP.

This Sevilla is clearly cursed. Maybe still the curse of the blackface Monchi? Maybe said curse only operates in the fall and winter and we’ll be free from it starting in March like last year?


This is now the official name for this crisis, and nobody can tell me otherwise.



Do or die for our EL aspirations and Alonso his spell at the club.
Respect to the fans who are there to support the boys.

Vamoss mi Sevillaa!


The 3 back finally coming into place.

We don’t have much more on the bench, so these will need to force something.


Last chance Saloon! I’m pleased Oliver starts.

Let’s see what happens. Vamos!


Can’t do much more than that line up with what’s available.