CDR - Second Round at Torremolinos

In the second round we have been drawn against Juventud Torremolinos C.F who play in the Tercera División – Group 9.
Being only a hours drive for us it will be an excuse for a couple of days at the seaside, provided we can get tickets… :smile:


Good lord at this stadium:


My school team has a better stadium than that!


The stadium only has a capacity of 1,500 and will need a fair bit of money spending on it updating the lighting for tv coverage.
There is talk of switching the match to La Rosalada ( home of Malaga cf) It’s a no brainer really, spending a load of cash for little return or playing in front of 30,000 paying fans a half hour bus ride away.


I might be able to head down there for the game. It depends on the day they finally decide. Our two oldest are flying here for their university winter break. We are going to use the time to get their wisdom teeth out on the 20th. Hehehehe. Evil parents we are. Dental care is much cheaper here. Assuming the game is the 21st or 22nd and at Malaga’s stadium we would be up for a Monchi’s Men meetup if anyone if interested.


I should do that, just fly there for dental work haha.

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Did you all see this:

Translation of their chant:

“sevillano anyone who doesn’t jump”

At least it’s more creative than the one I remember from a Málaga match at the RSP:

¡Pu** Malaga, Pu** Málaga!



That’s what our Diaspora does here in Kosovo - those living and working in Germany, Switzerland etc. come here for a couple of weeks in the summer and use services like cosmetics, dental etc. that are quite expensive in the West. The best thing is that the quality of those services here is awesome, and although the prices are increasing a bit due to inflation, us using Euro and such - it’s still quite good for the price.


My dentist quotes €32 to take out a tooth, doesn’t differentiate between diente or muela. But charges €199 to repair a broken muela with a titanium screw and filling. They prefer to maintain teeth and then cash in on the repairs, forever. Healthcare is quite good generally.

But (back to the subject) really they should move the game to the Rosaleda for the TV coverage and the money.

We are out in La Algaba and it is pretty cheap. The boys are already established here from when they did their exchange years here so it was easy for us to get them schedule. It will not be a great day for them but better for them to have it done while they are with us then have it done back in the US without us.

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It has now been confirmed. The match will take place in Torremolinos, and not as suggested Malaga.