23/24 MD28 - Sevilla FC at Almeria

Juanlu out with a hamstring problem. I think I heard it should be around a month. Don’t know about Navas. We might not have anyone to play right back for this match


Ouch! That’s not good. Navas was hobbling like crazy after the match. I guess it’s time for Dario Benavides to make an appearance.


Press mentioned that Ocampos may actually be our easiest solution if both Navas and JuanLu end up injured… hadn’t thought about it, but makes sense. He can play anywhere, and not sure I want to experiment with Benavides until we’re a bit clearer from the relegation zone…


Welcome back Lukebakio! Marcao and Acuña también!


Getting the band back together.


What’s up with Gudelj?

What ya mean?

Back from a bad knee injury, he said he’s doing well. Training fully last week with the squad. I imagine he will catch up a bit more next week.

He’s in the travelling squad list, but hasn’t been in game action since January I believe. @Enrico had a good response, hope he’s back in action soon.

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Great to see that bench for tonight.


Lots of firepower! Vamos!

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I wonder how many players we have fasting for Ramadan/were they able to cram in a meal before the game


Almeria to be fair shouldn’t be winless at this point.
They have been getting very close many times, and have gotten some serious results lately. Keep ourselves sharp and not be the one handing their first win to them.


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salas having a bad start :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Ramos must try not to give them a handball in or near our box :wink:

Need to take the chances we will have against this Almeria defence asap.
YEN with his Bambi on ice act early on, but hopefully will score or help Isaac get a goal or two soon. Isaac needs to resume his scoring form asap too.

Isaac new neck tattoo. Gotta start those early on in life.

I believe he got another new one a bit before. I think he will end up covering it all.

Risky shirt pull there from Salas. You know who, would have gotten something there.

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Isaacs finishing has been pretty poor tonight


Got really stretched there and they punished us.

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