23/24 MD28 - Sevilla FC at Almeria

come on guys

we should have scored but isaac cant finish today


Badé what are you doing?


Bade having a nightmare, at fault for their goal and very nearly gifting them another…
we have to start putting away these chances we keep getting.


What a gift. Luckily unpunished on that one. Lot of imprecision.


We should have scored before Almeria got their lead. Isaac not finishing as well as he has been.

A well taken goal on the counter from them although we were caught out.

They don’t look like a side winless at the bottom of the table.

Need to take our chances in the second half.

They are not a team that can lay back and defend anyway. Not much changes.

We will get more chances. No room for fuck ups tho.

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Very poor defensive play and lack of awareness from midfield on the goal.
Soumare and Sow did not need to bomb forward leaving a huge gap in the middle which was exploited easily on counter-attack. Soumare was just jogging back casually, leaving centrebacks badly exposed there.

Soumare then repeated his can’t-really-be-bothered-to-run-back jog on the almost identical chance for them.

If these players thought they didn’t have to try hard in this game, they’d better have a short sharp shock from QSF at halftime.

I wonder how ready Lamela is for at least the last 30 min - need his energy and tenacity here.

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Soumaré got a knock of some sort as well. I don’t think he’s a 100. And after having gone that deep I don’t think it was reachable. He does rush back quite a bit normally.

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We need to start playing 4-4-2. We play 1 game in that formation, play well, win, and Quique be like “how about we never do that shit again”.

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Really good game for Lamela I think so too.

We can’t defend with this set of CBs. I’d love to see Ocampos push up more, but i’m thankful he’s taking his defensive duties seriously.

Isaac hasn’t been as sharp, but at least he’s never shy to shoot. Still linking up well with YEN, so we may see more chances come thru.

We got this. VMS !

Need to watch young Luka Romero, he’s been their one exciting player after joining Almeria on loan from AC Milan in January.


I had no idea he was here before this game. He’s got talent. I just hope he doesn’t experience loan hell and become a forgotten Alen Halilovic.

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He once again turned up in the Eredivisie almost becoming a new linked player to Ajax even lol.

It made sense tho, Ajax deserves a trophy for most horrible transfer window ever, evaporating about a 100m.

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This game is absolutely painful. I thought Ocampos being back was gonna be the fire the team needed to continue in form but…


Two just recovered players entering the pitch again.

Certainly some interesting substitutions in need of a goal. Love to see both of them back, but I dont know if taking off an attacking midfielder in Torres off for Gudelj, as well as taking off YEN for a winger is certainly a choice. We don’t have any targets in the box.

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How is that not a pen? a yard infront of the ref and he doesn’t even see a foul.

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It’s not even funny how bad this display is.