2023 Sevilla FC Preseason Friendly Chats

Today SFC has their first friendly against Cordoba at 1pm eastern time. You can stream on SFC’s YouTube or Facebook channels.



Looks like a team for selling to the summer scouts. Players sweating heavily in what is ironically called the warm up.


The first friendly and focus is probably more on getting the minds set on playing football again and getting some distance in the legs, but I’m actually surprised to see Augustinsson and Rafa in the lineup. I thought those two were two of the guys that Mendi already had discarded, but it seems they get a chance to change his mind.


Yeah, that could also be a way of seeing it. A display-window :wink:


Vamos mi Sevilla, Nianzou, Rony Lopes, show us what you can do :grin:

Weird watching Gudelj brother playing for Cordoba, looks like our guy.

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Good stuff from the SAT-guys so far I think. Rony and Rafa with a shot each (and Manu maybe…). Rony and Tecacito tries, but not really much end-product. Not sure I’ve seen much of Oscar. Still get the feeling around Jordan that when the pace picks up, he just can’t keep up.

And as I was writing this Oscar delivered a ball to Rafa that should have scored.

Both Pedro O. and Nianzou got caught there. Almost led to a good Cordoba-chance.

Not sure about the substitutions. I’ve seen Gattoni, Delaney, Papu, Lamela, Oliver. I think I’ve heard them mention Kike Salas and Juanlu. The rest probably SAT-guys.

Fernando also.

And Januzaj apparently…

Isaac looking good with his first goal


Yellow for Gattoni. And straight afterwards a goal!

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Just realized this is broadcast on ESPN+ as well.

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Was about to write that not much had happened, but then Yellow for Gattoni, goal by Isaac and yellow for Lamela. Isaac causing trouble for the Cordoba-defence.

Penalty for the good guys. Nice job by Januzaj forcing the handball.

Lamela scores.


I always hate penalties in these friendlies. They only serve to inflate the score and don’t really give us a clear picture of what we’re actually capable of.

Sevilla superior for 90 minutes despite the weak lineup. These games are just preparation but some things come through loud and clear. Mir stuffed the best chance of the game unable to get his body shape right to finish an easy chance. Oscar did well getting between the goalkeeper and a back pass but stuffed up with his lay off. Otherwise Oscar did not impress. Rony Lopez was quite good on the right and got the ball to the centre on a great deal of occasions and then stuffed up a centre when he moved to the left side, but at least he got the cross in, overall he was useful.

Augustinson was careless with possession and passes, no good. But we knew that.

Gattoni got yellow with his second touch, coming on in the second half. Can’t say much more but expect many yellows in la liga.

Jordan made errors but most of his play well above the quality of Cordoba.and so it should be, but is it enough?

Isaac great coming on in the second half, apart from his goal he was impressive going forward, always there in important places and could have scored 2.

Zanu earned the penalty that Lamela scored to make it 2-0.

The Sevilla Atletico players all aquitted themselves well. it’s a brave trainer that goes with them but they are highly motivated and maybe one or two of them might fit in the mix.