2023 Europa League - Sevilla FC vs Roma


What a build up and what a road from how this season developed, culminating to this and us going to Budapest. You could probably write a book about it. I think we have shown and witnessed almost all the good and bad football has to offer and are more than ready to reward ourselves with this Throphy we cherish so much.

I am not a fan of playing against Italian teams and now with Mourinho, AS Roma looks to be the most annoying triggering end boss that you can imagine. Our mental should be stronger to endure their bullshit. When Juve scored, I was afraid playing from behind against them with players like Danilo, Cuadrado, Paredes you bet they will drag and win time at every moment they get to ruin the flow in footbal. But even this we overcame, with the brilliance of Suso this time, but if not him someone else would have I believe we got everything we need and our believe is peaking. So my worry was, don’t get behind against Roma. They will make the game impossible to be played. But even if that happens I believe we turn it around now. I feel Sevilla is unstoppable. I can not wait for the game, Bring it on Roma!


If someone has a spare ticket or two, please let me know!
Thank you :facepunch:


Dear Erik_17,

I do have 2 tickets, Category 1 for sale, if you are interested in it, or anybody else, please let me know.
Its from official source (UEFA ticket lottery) thus my teams are not participating thats why i want to sell it.


Hey guys, sorry the intrusion.
I got 1 tickets for the final in the wrong side of the stadium (i am a roma fan and i have a Sevilla group 3 ticket)
Anyone interested?


Thanks for letting me know - I am very interested, how much are the tickets please?

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Hello from me too. I have 3 maybe for tickets available in sector 314( not sure If IT îs Sevilla ore AS ROma section).If anyone îs interested or knows someone who îs interested…category 3


Hi! Please drop me a mail to
kisgergely986@gmail.com for the details
Yes i have E-tickets from the official UEFA app

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A slight warning - careful when doing business online folks. I don’t want to discourage anyone but would be very disappointed if any of the MM members gets scammed. We may know each other but not everyone else that browses the forums.

Do proper due diligence when buying stuff online - anything like crypto payment request is an immediate red flag.

I have a lot of experience with online transactions and if anyone’s in doubt - shoot me a PM. Better safe than sorry.


Just to comment on the above.

Flippo - IP Address pings to Italy, so probably legit given the message.

The other two comments, one pinged from Hungry, the other from Romania.


I do agree with, the followings are fare enough.
If i were you, i’d have doubt as well (especially nowdays).
Just an FYI i do make sales on stubhub as well (to secure the buyers as well) and i do have the official uefa mail and invoice as well to confirm tickets are valid and legal.
Hats off to taking care of the members!
regards from Hungary, Budapest


Roma playing now on Paramount Plus here in the US if anyone wants to watch. Just gave up a really good goal in the 12th.


Mourinho is the epitome of ugly anti-football. That should be a good enough reason to beat him in the final, among others.


Was sort of hoping for Roma to win…the longer they stay in contention for European positions, the harder for them to rest players next match.

But looks like it was a hard fought tie


If just like us Roma fall out of contention for the European spots. It puts another layer of pressure on the game to save both clubs season and finances and future perspective.


How are we feeling about the matchup?

Does still anyone has one ticket and knows how it is with ID verification? @proba50 @Filippo @FireSky


Also interested. Not going myself but asking for a friend who’s interested to go

Would love to go if last minute plane tickets weren’t so expensive. Don’t want to book a flight in September just for a final I don’t know I’ll be at in may

Dear Jakob

Please drop me a mail to kisgergely986@gmail.com