2019-2020 SevillaFC Merchandise Thread

Been wanting to buy Sevilla shirt for a while and managed to get one of the warrior shirts when we won our first Europa League title. However, I want to buya La Liga one and print Navas on the back, as the only fonts available here are shitty generic ones I think the only way is to buy online through the official store. Has anyone have any prior experience of buying a shirt there? Also what size should I be looking for, I’ve taken a look and the size charts on the official site don’t seem to match the Asian sizes.

Any sharing would be welcome!

Hi mate,

Just seen this. I tend to buy through the official store these days. I’ve got shirts from Sevilla with Joma, Warrior, New Balance and Nike. One thing I would say about Nike is if you are sort of in between sizes like me, go with the bigger size. I wear a Small in a lot of clothes but would describe myself as more of a S/M and I find Nike football shirts come up smaller than say Puma or Adidas.

Had no issues ordering from the Online store, usually gets despatched and arrives in pretty quick time, well for me anyway. Love this seasons Home shirt by the way, I would say it is one of my favourite Sevilla shirts.

Yeah the Sevilla store is pretty good. The shipping is a bit steep, but they are pretty good as far as actually shipping quickly. I’m heading to Sevilla in November if anyone in the US wants me to buy them something; I can ship when I get back and save you some loot.

Yes the shipping is steep. Got my eye on the Navy polo shirt. But I refuse to pay €30 shipping to the UK for a €40 Polo shirt.

Ouch 30 euros to ship across the channel? I thought our 35 euro to the US was bad.

I might buy a few bits, like training shirt, jumper, shorts etc too. At least then the €20 shipping it drops to won’t look so bad. :rofl: Tempted by the trackie bottoms too but not sure on the sizing of them.

I caved in. Ordered the Polo shirt, Training Sweater, T-shirt and Shorts, a pair of tracksuit bottoms and a drawstring bag. :grimacing:

Nice haul!

Still waiting! :sweat_smile: Apparently everyone has been going crazy for this seasons stuff so they’ve been struggling to keep up with demand.

Is anyone likely to buy the Away or Third shirt this season? I’m sort of tempted by the Blue Third shirt after seeing us wear it at FC Dallas. The Red one just all feels a little GM Vauxhall Conference (I appreciate not everyone might get what that means! :laughing:).

For Nike-sponsored jerseys, i’m unimpressed. But kits tend to look nice when a team is winning. I might only buy the home kit, although some of the other apparel looks nice as well.

We have definitely been given the cheap cast offs. The Home shirt is one of my favourites in my 13 years as a fan though. The Away is probably the worst Away shirt we have had in a long old time, and that is saying something given how naff last seasons was too.

I don’t like the Home kit this season. I don’t really like any of the kits to be honest. With that said, I did buy the away kit in Dallas since they had them. I also got a sweet dry fit red training shirt. They had the pink practice shirts, but no fat guy should be caught wearing a bright pink shirt. :wink:

Christin (my better half) scored a sweet blue coaches training shirt from one of the staff after I bought them a round of beers in the hotel in Dallas.

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Is it Pink? I thought it was Orange? Guess I will find out when it arrives.

nope; more pink for sure. If you are in shape it will look good.

Yeah… I’m definitely in shape. :eyes::see_no_evil:

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My stuff arrived today. I am going to say we come to some sort of agreement as the training top certainly isn’t pink, but it also sort of isn’t orange either (Salmon is probably the colour I would use to describe it), so let’s call it Porange. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

It’s a bit like the colour that Adidas call Solar Red but a bit more Orangey toned than that. :man_shrugging:

haha I like that Porange/ maybe orangick? :wink:

Just some feed back on the stuff I ordered in case anyone is thinking of getting stuff but not sure what size etc. First off in tops I am usually a Small or Medium depending on my weight etc. Recently I have been dieting to get in shape for my own football season so I went for a Small in the tops although with Nike I often find they fit quite small for size anyway.

Shorts I usually wear a Medium anyway and I went with a Medium for the tracksuit bottoms as they said on the site they fit a 30-33in waist.

Polo Shirt - A bit tighter than I was expecting, and it is a smooth material a bit like a football jersey, I was sort of expecting it to be a rougher material that you usually find on a Polo shirt. I think I will need to tone up a bit before I wear this out, I could have gone with a Medium but a Small will suffice as I say once I am in better shape.

Training T-Shirt - Not as tight as the polo shirt. It fits me ok actually, slightly looser than Nike football shirts in a small. The back is all a lightweight mesh material. I like the badge as it is a thick rubber material so not likely to fall off in the wash like most heat pressed plastic logos tend to do.

Sweatshirt - I got this in a Small. I was umming and ahhhing over it and I definitely feel it was the right choice. I really like it, it fits well, the sleeves fit well which is where I have the most issues with jumpers etc usually, and it is lined inside with a sort of thicker fleece like material so will be ideal in the colder months. Also both sleeves have a little loop to put your thumb through.

Training shorts - Bog standard shorts, fit as most football shorts do, not a lot to say on them.

Tracksuit bottoms - This was another tough one and I went medium due to the waist size and the waist fits fine. The issue I have is I am quite short (5ft 7in) and the legs are a little long. Not too long, but enough that there is a bit of bunching at the bottom of the legs below the knees, but I think a Small would have been too tight on the waist so at least I can get these on.

String bag - What can I say, it’s a Nike string bag with a Sevilla badge printed on it, it’s bigger than I thought when I ordered but I am only using it when I go to my Thursday indoor football to carry my indoor shoes, towel and water bottle so I guess it does the job.


what is the quality of the heat transfers for the sponsor this year? last year was very hit and miss, especially on the white training jumper.

Tempted to order to blue third shirt on the members offer for €30 but don’t want to if the sponsor is poorly applied. May just have to take the hit and wait til i am out there in September to see it in the shop.

Erm seems pretty big standard to be honest. I haven’t worn them or washed them yet. I’m a bit OCD though so I don’t tend to wash my football stuff too hot for that exact reason.