2019-2020 SevillaFC Merchandise Thread

cheers mate - you sound similar to me (albeit Millwall seem to manage to apply theres so they are peeling off before i am back in Essex!)

be so much easier, and shirts look better, without the sponsors

Used to be better back in the day when they used to stick that thick felt like material on as Sponsor logos.

absolutely! bring back 80s/early 90s football and shirts for certain

I got the secondary kit and have washed it. No issues yet; seems the transfer is pretty well done. We wash on cold and hang dry the football kits.

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Thanks for the feedback on the sizes, I’m 5’10 and on the slim side so not sure which size to go for. The thing is I reckon the measurements on the official site and the ones here in Asia are different, I’ve tried the shirts of other nike-sponsored clubs and a medium does the job. Need to compare if the “Medium” here is the same as the “Medium” in the online shop.

Nike class their Medium as a 38/40" chest if that helps?

Ended up buying a few more bits earlier. :unamused: I got the Black training shorts as I didn’t realise the shorts I got weren’t the ones that go with the training top, then the training trousers, and the Black polo shirt with the Orangey Red detailing. :man_shrugging::tired_face:

Shame I doubt the club shop will ever be selling this shirt, I wonder why they changed from the plain one currently on the shop? :tired_face:vaclik_8

New information out that SevillaFC is trying to get Nike to expand markets in the US and Mexico. This makes a ton of since with the arrival of the Mexican star as the article points out. Fingers crossed that we get some new access to merch and can start to avoid the high shipping costs.

What about the UK? :eyes: Just over the road but shipping almost costs as much as an item.